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					                         Deborah specialises in one to one coaching and group

                         She has worked with a wide variety of industries - most
                         extensively in hospitality, retail, IT and media, and has
                         used coaching in an international business arena working
                         with diverse management cultures in Europe, North and
                         Latin America and Asia Pacific.

                         Deborah’s coaching clients are usually senior managers or
                         functional experts who want to enhance a specific aspect
                         of their performance or develop additional mental skills that
                         will maximise effectiveness.

 Deborah Smith           She works with a goal focused coaching model; helping
                         people to:
  Coaching Profile
                              Become clear on what they really want
                              Gain insights into what they do currently
                              Develop approaches that will accelerate their
Location of Coach - UK        progress to goal achievement

     Contracted by       While Deborah often works with managers to identify and
  Ann Edwards & Co       develop appropriate professional business skills,
        Suite 1          experienced managers often already possess the skills
 110-112 London Road     and knowledge to achieve their goals. They know what
    East Grinstead
                         they want to achieve, but not always how to make it
      W Sussex
      RH19 1EP           happen. What may be holding them back is some type of
          UK             “stuck” mental state such as procrastination or limited
ann@ann-edwards.co.uk    flexibility in style. There may be unresolved internal
www.ann-edwards.co.uk    conflicts and the necessity to break the unwanted bad
                         habits that hold them back.

                         Deborah encourages coaching clients to understand how
                         they can utilise their Will Power to provide the momentum
                         to move forward. Coaching clients diagnose their own
                         strengths and limitations in relation to the Qualities of the
                         Energy, Discipline, Attention, Resoluteness, Endurance,
                         Patience & Courage
Examples of her coaching style

 Performance coaching: Has recently worked with the
   senior management team of a large Japanese IT
   company helping individuals improve their coaching and
   facilitation skills & techniques.

 This included positioning these skills as part of their
   influencing capability to improve ownership of business
   objectives and quicker more accurate decision making
   within the team.

 Transitional coaching: Worked with a highly “expert”
   senior functional manager who had gained promotion to
   a more “generalist” Director role. Identified areas of
   working that could be transferred and aspects of
   personal style that would need to be changed or
   learned. One priority aspect of this change was the
   necessity of working through people, so the benefits
   and consequences associated with this personal
   transition were emphasised and re visited regularly.

 Transformational coaching: Has done extensive one to
   one coaching work with a work/life emphasis, most
   recently in an organisation where a number of
   operational managers were required to work overseas
   for extended periods of time.

 Worked with individual managers to identify potential
  work life balance issues, how to prevent them where
  possible, or where/how to adjust the investment of time
  and energy across professional and personal lives.

 Deborah regularly facilitates a well respected personal
   development programme that provides people with the
   tools and techniques to accelerate personal
   performance & goal achievement

 Currently working with a government funded business,
   helping the team to collectively identify aligned vision,
   values and behaviours, and helping individuals
   understand the personal impact of adopting new ways
   of working.

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