ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                          BILL ALMON
                                       1998 PRODUCTION

             SELLER/BUYER                     DESCRIPTION                 SIDES       AMOUNT
          McDonald's Corporation         2+ acres vacant commercial
01/98                                                                    both sides   #########
           /Butler-Haney, LLC                       land
01/98            LEL/Wood                    Vacated restaurant            seller     #########
                                             Vacant residential
01/98 Thornton-Smith/Rasmussen                                             seller     #########
                                             development land
             D.E.P. Properties,           Vacant professional office
01/98                                                                    both sides   #########
              Inc./Huibregtse                        lot
02/98          Milnor/Vernon             Vacant industrial warehouse       buyer      #########
            D.E.P. Properties,            Vacant professional office
05/98 Inc./Yakima Valley Memorial         lot for children's pediatric   both sides   #########
                Hospital                             facility
                                           Professional office suite
05/98 Shopkeeper/Ultimate Travel                                         landlord
        D.E.P. Properties, Inc./M.J.B.    Vacant professional office
06/98                                                                    both sides   #########
                    LLC                                lot
06/98          Pheasant/Hahn               Used car lot and office       both sides   #########

06/98         Aboulhosn/Butler             Medical office building       both sides   $1,850,000

                                          Vacant professional office
07/98 Hambleton/Internal Medicine                                          buyer      #########
07/98         Baechler/Powell                 Industrial building        both sides   #########

07/98 Plaza II, LLC/Denkor Dental          Professional office lease     landlord     #########

07/98 Abrams/Mutual of Enumclaw            Professional office lease     landlord     #########
            D.E.P. Properties,
07/98 Inc./Yakima Valley Memorial              Vacant land sale            seller     #########
                                            Older medical office
08/98           Allan /Hyatt                                               buyer      #########
           West Yakima Medical           Lease of professional office
08/98                                                                    landlord     #########
         Bldg/Pacific Cataract LLC                  space
                                           Sale of two-story, older
08/98          Alegria /Elich                                              seller     #########
                                               office building
           Plaza II, LLC/Lakeside        Lease of professional office
08/98                                                                    landlord     #########
                 Audiology                          space
                                          Sale of two-story medical
09/98    Dental Centre West/Ingstad                                      both sides   #########
                                         Sale of vacant commercial
10/98      Boyd Land, LLC/Wyatt                                          both sides   #########
                                           Sale of older residence
11/98          King/Weigand                                              both sides   #########
                                             zoned commercial
                                         Lease of professional office
12/98        Plaza II, LLC/ASI                                           landlord     $71,749.80
                                          Lease of pad for fast food
12/98    Owens/McDonald's Corp.                                          landlord

                           ALMON COMMERCIAL
                               REAL ESTATE
                             BILL ALMON, CCIM
                       1999 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
          SELLER/BUYER          DESCRIPTION     SIDES                            AMOUNT
                                Sale of pad for restaurant
01/99 D.E.P. Properties/Pizza Hut                                  both sides   $344,246.50
                                        and office
      Chamberlain to Central WA Sale of vacant commercial
03/99                                                                buyer      $325,000.00
              Storage                       lot
       Yakima Valley Memorial Lease of professional office
04/99                                                              both sides    $90,000.00
           Hospital/Nagle                 space
05/99      Clark/Solutec, Inc.      Sale of industrial warehouse     seller     $830,000.00
                                    Sale of vacant professional
06/99 D.E.P. Properties/Abrams                                     both sides   $1,150,000.00
                                             office lot
        The Vineyard Church to
07/99                               Sale of commercial building    both sides   $1,361,000.00
            Yakima County
                                     Sale of vacant lot, zoned
09/99                                                              both sides   $210,000.00
                                       office, for dental use
                                        Sale of warehouse,
12/99                                                                seller     $680,000.00
                                          2809 Fruitvale

                         ALMON COMMERCIAL
                            REAL ESTATE
              BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                     2000 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
        SELLER/BUYER         DESCRIPTION          SIDES                    AMOUNT
                               Acquisition of operating
03/00                                                                     $800,000.00
                              Brokered 20-year lease of
         Furniture Store in
                                 72,000SF retail for
12/00   Yakima/Providence                                    both sides   $3,628,800.00
                                  transformation to
                              professional office facility

                                 Sale of warehouse,
12/00                                                        both sides   $400,000.00
                              2304 S. 1st Street, Yakima

                            ALMON COMMERCIAL
                               REAL ESTATE
                 BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                        2001 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
           SELLER/BUYER         DESCRIPTION          SIDES                        AMOUNT
                                      Sale of operating pizza
01/01                                                                 buyer       $85,000.00
                                      Lease of office space -
01/01      Non-Profity Entity                                       landlord      $57,600.00
                                           16 B N. 2nd St
                                     Multi-year lease to national
01/01                                                               landlord     $111,000.00
                                            office tenant
        Yakima Valley Memorial
                                     Multi-year lease of medical
02/01    Hospital/Farmworker's                                      landlord
                                      condo-307 S. 12th Ave.
            Yakima Credit             Sale of office building -
03/01                                                               both sides   $290,000.00
         Bureau/Darrell Smart               501 N. 2nd St
                                       Sale of 12,000SF office
                                     building lease to New York
03/01                                                                 seller     $1,050,000.00
                                          Life as investment
04/01      Non-Profit Entity            Lease of office space         tenant      $15,750.00
                                      Multi-year lease of retail
04/01                                                               both sides
                                           space - Harrah
                                     Multi-year lease of 2,026SF
05/01    Better Business Bureau                                     landlord      $84,000.00
                                            office space
                                         Lease with option to
                                              purchase of
05/01                                 retail/warehousing facility     tenant
                                     for purposes of operating a

                                     Brokered multi-year lease of
06/01 National Software Company       8,000SF office building -     both sides   $354,600.00
                                          2803 River Road

06/01     Financial Institution            Multi-year lese          landlord

                                     Brokered multi-year lease of
07/01 National Lending Institution     1,700SF office space -         tenant
                                         3999 Powerhouse
                                      Sale of 45,000SF church -
09/01                                                                 buyer      $450,000.00
                                           221 E. B Street
                                     Brokered multi-year lease of
10/01   Pension Fund Consultant        2,026SF office space -       landlord      $73,645.00
                                           405 N. 2nd St.

                                     Brokered multi-year lease of
                                     6,200SF retail building with
11/01         Retail User                                             tenant     $510,000.00
                                         option to purchase -
                                           3807 River Rd

                         ALMON COMMERCIAL
                            REAL ESTATE
              BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                     2001 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
        SELLER/BUYER         DESCRIPTION          SIDES           AMOUNT
                           Lease of new 10,600SF
11/01                        industrial facility -   both sides
                             23rd/Ahtanum Rd

                            ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                REAL ESTATE
                  BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                         2002 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
           SELLER/BUYER         DESCRIPTION          SIDES                         AMOUNT
                                     Lease of 44,000 SF(+/-)
01/02                               retail building, downtown      both sides
                                     Specialized wine storage
01/02                               warehouse/retail wine sales    purchaser
        McDonald's Corporation on    Sale of approx. 1 acre of
02/02                                                                buyer        $442,320.00
        NW Corner 16th /Lincoln             retail land

        McDonald's Corporation on   Sale of approx. 40,000SF
03/02                                                                buyer        $525,937.00
         2326 S. 1st St. - Yakima      (+/-) of retail land
                                  Former lumberyard in
04/02                                                              both sides
                                  Sublease of industrial           both sides-
                                 building in Union Gap,           referral from
05/02 Wingfoot(Goodyear)/R.V.
                                 Wingfoot(Goodyear) to               national
                                   R.V. repair business            RE repres.
                                 Sale of small industrial
05/02                                                                seller
                                    facility in Yakima
                               Sale of industrial facility in        seller
                                          Yakima                  (both sides)
                               Sale of former school site to
05/02                             church organization in             seller       $350,000.00
       National Transportation
                                  Lease of truck loading            landlord
06/02 company/Truck loading
                                    facility in Yakima            (both sides)
                                    Sale of commercial facility
06/02 Investor/Mrs. Jackie Snyder                                    seller
                                     in Naches, Washington

                                    Negotiated 5-year lease of
06/02       National Company        office suite within newly-
                                                                  (both sides)
                                       constructed building
                                     sale of triple-net leased
06/02                                medical office facility in      seller       $2,275,000.00
                                     Sale of triple-net leased
08/02                                                                seller       $1,450,000.00
                                    office building in Yakima
12/02 Investor/Mrs. Jackie Snyder    Sale of automotive shop         seller        $87,000.00

                            ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                REAL ESTATE
                  BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                         2003 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
           SELLER/BUYER         DESCRIPTION          SIDES                         AMOUNT
01/03 SP Farms/Yakima County         Sale of light industrial land   both sides   $513,000.00
                                      Sale of office building at -
01/03         Upon Request                                             seller     $165,000.00
                                          301 S. 11th Ave..
        Creekside Business/Liberty
01/03                                 5-yr lease of office space     both sides    $83,781.40
         Schultz/Regional Freight       5-yr lease of 5,300 SF
03/03                                                                both sides   $121,150.00
                   Co.                     warehouse space
                                        Sale of 2,200SF retail
04/03         Upon Request                                             seller     $220,000.00
                                     Sale of 13,000SF warehouse
06/03         Bohlke/Kerns                                             seller     $195,500.00
                                               in Zillah
                                        Sale of industrial/retail
06/03         Upon request                                           both sides   $165,500.00
                                       buildings in Grandview
                                        Sale of 3,300SF retail
06/03         Brogdan/Page                                           both sides   $150,500.00
                                           Sale of 4,036SF
06/03     Peters & Fowler/Eakin       professional office bldg in      seller     $300,000.00
               Affiliated            5-yr lease of 2,500SF retail
06/03                                                                both sides   $150,500.00
        Leasing/Mongolian Grille     space to regional restaurant
                                      5-yr lease of 2,324 office
07/03         Upon Request                                           both sides   $210,721.00
                                      Sale of former 44,000SF
08/03    Sal Zagari/TOPPI, LLC                                       both sides   $1,000,000.00
                                        Nordstrom's building
                                        Sale of leased office
08/03         Upon Request                                             seller     $2,000,000.00
                                         building in Yakima
                                        Sale of vacant land in
                                      Yakima, N. 16th Avenue,
08/03         Upon Request                                             buyer      $450,000.00
                                       construction of medical
                                     8-yr lease of 1,300SF retail
08/03     Mercy/Figaro's Pizza                                         tenant     $180,447.84
                                       5-yr lease of 10,000SF
08/03     Dolsen/Rohm & Haas                                         both sides   $218,570.00
         Schultz/Columbia Trust
09/03                                 1-yr lease of office space       tenant      $15,600.00
                                        Sale of vacant land in
09/03      Peters/Heimmerman                                         both sides    $25,000.00
09/03       Willis/Hernandez                Sale of 8-plex             seller     $190,000.00
                                      Sale 2,882 SF of Medical
10/03          IMA/Cook                                                seller     $150,000.00
             Valley West             5-yr lease of 1,756 SF retail
10/03                                                                  tenant     $140,700.00
        Development/Euro Bagle                   space

                           ALMON COMMERCIAL
                               REAL ESTATE
                 BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                        2003 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
          SELLER/BUYER         DESCRIPTION          SIDES                       AMOUNT
                                  Sale of 9,792 SF Medical
10/03        IMA/PPCW                                             both sides   $600,000.00
                                 Sale of 21,942 SF retail land
10/03     SPS REALTY/RBI                                            seller     $162,500.00
                                       on 16th/Lincoln
11/03       Willis/O'Leary               Sale of 6-plex             seller     $148,000.00
                                 3-yr lease of 3,500 SF office
11/03   Brown/Whitmer & Assoc                                     landlord      $50,400.00
                                   Sale of 28,292 SF office
11/03       DEP/Johnsons                                          both sides   $240,482.00
                                   land on 40th/Castlevale
                                   Sale of 3,410 SF office
11/03       Gifford/McGree                                          seller     $250,000.00
                                 building on W. Yakima Ave

                                  5-yr lease of 2,514 SF retail
12/03        Baker/Maly's                                         landlord     $152,589.00
                                  space on W. Nob Hill Blvd
                                   Sale of 973 SF medical
12/03       Ganie/Sedlacek                                        both sides    $48,500.00
                                 Sale of 1,244 SF of medical
12/03       YVMH/Bossert                                            seller      $65,000.00
                                    3-yr lease of 5,000 SF
12/03 Sinclair/Cervantes & Rosas warehouse space N. 2nd           landlord      $51,030.00
                                  Sale of 6,545 SF building
12/03   Baker/Rutledge-Martin    investment property on W.          seller     $1,025,000.00
                                        Nob Hill Blvd

                              ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                  REAL ESTATE
                    BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                           2004 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
DATE      SELLER/BUYER                DESCRIPTION                SIDES       AMOUNT
                                    3-yr lease of 5,300 SF
01/04    McAllister Field/FEI     warehouse space at 2201        Landlord    $76,500.00
                                        Ahtanum Road
                                 Sale of 20,684 SF retail land
01/04       SPS/Elite Corp.                                       Both      $156,500.00
                                       on 16th/Lincoln
                                  Sale of 1,532 SF building
02/04         Smith/Lee          of retail investment property    Seller    $357,000.00
                                      at 613 N. 1st Street
                                    3-yr lease of 3,120 SF
                                    warehouse & 2,000 SF
03/04     Connell/Woodward                                        Both       $43,200.00
                                   office space at 10 N. 6th
                                 Sale of 43,533 SF of multi-
03/04        Worden/Page                                          Buyer     $120,000.00
                                 family land on N. 9th/D St.
                                 10-yr 9 Mo. lease of 23,971
          Staples(Staubach)/       SF retail space at 2660
03/04                                                            Landlord   $1,374,858.00
             Dollar Tree            Yakima Valley High-
                                  5-yr lease of 1,950 SF of
         Alegria/Regence Blue
03/04                            Class A Office 601 N. 39th       Both      $121,875.00
                                 2-yr lease of 5,190 SF office
04/04      SEBCO/Horizon                                          Both       $76,800.00
                                  building at 402 N. 2nd St
                                   Sale of 2,617 SF retail
04/04                            building at 505 S. 1st Ave.-     Both       $80,000.00
                                   Sale of 2,244 SF retail
05/04      Shields/Bergeron            building at 3418           Buyer     $194,900.00
                                      Summitview Ave.
                                   Sale of 1,270 Acres of
05/04       Layman/Imrie           Timber land, South of          Seller    $336,000.00
            Schultz (West
                                  1-yr lease of 900 SF office
05/04    Properties)/HCI Steel                                    Both       $7,800.00
                                  building at 8 S. E 1st Ave
                                       lease of 7,695 SF
        Connell/Yakima School
06/04                             office/warehouse space at       Both      upon request
                                         10 N. 6th Ave
        Bank of America/Golden     Sale of 5,872 SF retail
07/04                                                             Seller    $225,000.00
                 Moon             building at 1406 N. 1st St
                                   Sale of 30,607 SF office
08/04   DEP/Baker Boyer Trust                                     Both      $275,463.00
                                   land on 40th/Castlevale

                               ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                   REAL ESTATE
                     BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                            2004 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
DATE       SELLER/BUYER                  DESCRIPTION                SIDES       AMOUNT
                                    Buyout of lease on 127 W.
08/04      Schultz/Wells Fargo                                       Both      $2,287,386.00
                                            Yakima Ave
                                     Sale of 5,068 SF building
08/04         SEBCO/Brink             investment property on         Both      $305,000.00
                                         402 N. 2nd Street
                                     5-yr lease of 1,910 SF of
           Alegria/Benefit Port
08/04                               Class A Office 601 N. 39th       Both      $119,374.80
                                     5-yr lease of 2,735 SF of
10/04        Butler/Morales         Class A Office Space 1200        Both      $144,000.00
                                      Chesterley Dr. Ste 180
                                    4-yr lease of 2,600 SF retail
10/04       Wells Fargo/Hapo        building 5802 Summitview         Both      $209,046.96
                                    3-yr lease of 4,000 SF with
11/04        Schultz/Lincare          warehouse/office space        Landlord    $60,012.00
                                        1928 Rudkin Road

                                     Sale of 27,443 SF office
11/04    Basin Inv./Triplett Ent.                                    Both      $159,500.00
                                    land on 39th Ave/Kern Rd
                                  Sale of 5,686 SF restaurant
                                      building investment
11/04       YARC/Schneider                                           Both      $620,000.00
                                   property on 19 E Yakima
                                 6 mo. lease of 274 SF office
12/04   Richliddy/Royal Greenland space on 107 W. Naches             Both       $2,760.00
                                   5-yr lease of 1,600 SF of
        Carlton Ventures/Advance
12/04                             retail space at 2401 W Nob        Landlord   $116,591.32
                                            Hill Blvd
         Summitview Tenancy-in-    5-yr lease of 1,222 SF of
12/04        Common/Mickel            retail space at 1519          Tenant      $67,210.20
                Enterprises             Summitview Ave
             THD-Iron Horse        5-yr lease of 1,053 SF of
12/04       Lodge/Community       office space at 111 S. 33rd        Both       $77,526.84
                Foundation                    Street
                                    Sale of 6,000 SF warehouse
12/04         Doyle/OSU's           & 1,200SF office space on        Seller    $275,000.00
                                     506 W Valley Mall Blvd

                                 ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                    REAL ESTATE
                      BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                             2005 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
DATE       SELLER/BUYER                   DESCRIPTION               SIDES       AMOUNT
                                    5-yr lease of 4,000 SF office
         Genesis Development /
01/05                                 space at 1240 Ahtanum         Landlord   $249,793.92
                                              Ridge Dr.
                                         Lease of 10,000SF
02/05        RQT/Wycoff                                              Both       $26,400.00
                                    5-yr lease of 2,297 SF office
         917 Triple Crown Way/
02/05                                space at 917 Triple Crown      Landlord   $160,740.00
        American Home Mortgage
                                           Way Suite 100

        Dunn, Eglin & Jundt/Yak
                                3-yr lease of 1,800 SF office
02/05     ACQ-Consulting &                                          Landlord    $74,737.74
                                 space at 1221 S. 40th Ave.
        Pharmaceutical Services
                                      Lease renewal of office
2/05     Abrams/National City                                        Both       $26,352.00
            Sunnyside Farm            Sale of 42,170 SF office
02/05      Venture/MedTech               land on Allen Rd -          Buyer     $210,850.00
              Sunnyside                      Sunnyside
            Temple, Birk &
03/05                               1406 W 5th St.-Grandview         Seller    $290,000.00
03/05   Banner Bank/Mclaughlin        3605 W Nob Hill Blvd           Seller    $300,000.00
        Ahtanum Ridge Business
                                      Sale of 56,036 SF office
04/05    Park./Butler Medical                                        Buyer     $266,170.00
                                       land on Ahtanum Rd
            Butler Medical           10-yr lease of 10,560SF
04/05     Building/Physician        building at Ahtanum Ridge        Both      $2,170,946.51
           Management Corp                 Business Park
                                      5-yr lease of 1,780SF of
        Whitetail Capital/Fitness
04/05                                retail space at Chalet Mall    Tenant      $81,000.00
             Centers Inc.
                                     on 56thAve/Summitview.

5/05     Properties West/SAIA        Lease of warehouse space        Both       $76,320.00
                                       Build to suit lease of
05/05   Medtech/Renal Treatment                                     Tenant     $2,388,300.00
                                        medical building

                                  ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                     REAL ESTATE
                       BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                              2005 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
DATE        SELLER/BUYER                   DESCRIPTION               SIDES       AMOUNT
 5/05       THD/Yakima Fresh             Lease of office space        Both      $396,056.00
                                        Sale of 54 unit condo
06/05          TJW/Deerfalls           project at 2500 Racquet        Seller    $450,000.00
                                       3-yr lease of 5,100SF of
          Properties West/Yakima
06/05                                 warehouse space at 2001        Landlord   $74,315.00
                                            Ahtanum Road
                                      Sale of 2,400SF building
               Trans America
07/05                                  investment property on         Buyer     $213,000.00
         Glass/Reinhart Enterprises
                                         1107 W Yakima Ave
                                        3-yr lease of 10,750SF
07/05   Gammie Trust/Code Correct office building on 2803            Landlord   $252,000.00
                                               River Road
                                      Sale of 4,516SF medical
07/05                                 office building on 208 N.       Both      $340,000.00
                                                3rd Ave
                                         2-yr lease of 5,200SF
         McAllister Field Industrial
08/05                                 warehouse space on 2007        Landlord   $51,000.00
          Park/FMC Technologies
                                             Ahtanum Rd
8/05      YVMH/Yakima County             Lease of office space        Both      $13,008.00
                                     Sale of 51,463SF retail land
08/05        Pence/McDonalds                                          Buyer     $260,000.00
                                            at 2326 S 1st St
                                     5-yr lease of 1,684SF retail
           Schultz/Wine Country
08/05                                 space on 501 W Lincoln         Landlord   $99,356.00
                                              Ave-Suite C
            Summitview #4100         Sale of 5,691SF retail/office
08/05                                                                 Buyer     $490,000.00
             Trust/Saltymore         blding at 4100 Summitview
09/05         Wright/Safeway            Lease of office space        Tenant     $99,972.00
                                       10-yr lease of 5,091SF
09/05         THD/Sage Fruit         office bldg at S. 33rd Street    Both      $668,940.36
                                             behind IHL
                                     5-yr lease of 2,159SF office
09/05 THD/Pacific NW University                                       Both      $172,706.50
                                        space at S. 33rd Street

                                  ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                     REAL ESTATE
                       BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                              2005 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
DATE        SELLER/BUYER                   DESCRIPTION               SIDES       AMOUNT
                                        Sale of 1.99 acres of
09/05      Min-Tie Marina/Eiler        Commercial/M1 land on          Both      $112,690.00
                                      Longfiber Rd - Union Gap
                                      Sale of 8,287SF net leased
          Genesis Development /
09/05                                 medical building at 1221 N.     Seller    $2,050,000.00
                                               16th Ave.
                                       3-yr lease of 1,740SF of
09/05          Heiser/Biehl           office space at 305 S. 11th    Landlord    $54,000.00
                                             Ave. Ste 3
         Hammond-Fiore/Walker         Sale of 60,000SF warehouse
10/05                                                                 Seller    1,100,000.00
             Bay Boats                   at 717 Butterfield Rd

                                      Sale of 10,600SF net leased
        McAllister Field Industrial
11/05                                   industrial warehouse at       Both      $574,400.00
                                           2201 Ahtanum Rd
                                         Sale of multi-family
11/05     Chestnut Grove/Picatti                                      Buyer     $563,000.00
        THD/Hahn Business Forms, 5-yr lease of 1,524SF office
11/05                                                                Landlord   $135,999.00
                 Inc.               space at S. 33rd Street

                                       3-yr lease of 2,559SF of
11/05    Vander Pol/Four Truckers     Office/Warehouse space at      Landlord    $92,727.00
                                          1889 N 1st Street
                                         Sale of 944SF medical
11/05        YVMH/Kamath               condo at 307 S. 12th Ave.      Seller     $40,000.00
                                          Sale of 1.20 acres of
         Johnson Mechanical/Tim
11/05                                 Commercial land at 910/918      Seller    $225,000.00
                                              N. 16th Ave.
                                      7-yr lease of 4,354SF office
12/05        THD/Dex Media                                           Landlord   $441,937.48
                                         space at S. 33rd Street

                                 ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                    REAL ESTATE
                      BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                             2005 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES
DATE       SELLER/BUYER                 DESCRIPTION                  SIDES      AMOUNT
                                     5-yr lease of 5,100SF of
12/05   Properties West/Giro Pack    industrial space at 2001        Landlord   $123,000.00
                                           Ahtanum Rd
                                     5-yr lease of 3,337SF of
12/05         Bowen/Licht            medical office space 315        Landlord   $217,612.20
                                    40.8 acres of agricultral land
             Temple, Birk &
12/05                                  with small vineyard on         Seller    120,000.00
                                     McCreadie Road-Prosser
12/05       Code Correct/PFI          Lease of office space           Both       2,657.00
                                    Sale of 24-unit apartments
12/05                                  at 210 Bolin Drive-            Seller    500,000.00
                                        Sale of .20 acre of
12/05        Switzer/Nelson         Commercial Land at 916 N.         Seller    107,000.00
                                             16th Ave.
                                    Sale of 2,520 Commercial
12/05       Keiser/Lindberg          Building on 1.67 acre at         Buyer     375,000.00
                                      2310 Terrace Hts Dr.
                                    Sale of 4.62 acre(s) Vacant
12/05         Owens/Page                                              Both      350,000.00
                                    R2 Land at 1100 E. Viola

                                 ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                    REAL ESTATE
                      BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                             2006 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES

DATE      SELLER/BUYER                  DESCRIPTION                 SIDES      AMOUNT

        Chesterly Building/State   5-yr lease of 2,513 SF office
01/06                                                               Landlord   $171,181.83
                 Farm               space at 3611 River Road
                                     Lease renewal of office
01/06    Abrams/National City                                        Both      $52,704.00
                                      Sale of 0.71 acres of
01/06     McDonalds/Schultz        Commercial land at 2326 S.        Both      $118,852.00
                                    First Street - Union Gap
                                        Sale of 38,375SF of
02/06        Carson/Babu           Commercial land at 1519 E.        Buyer     $145,000.00
                                           Nob Hill Blvd
                                        Sale of 29,185SF of
        DEP Properties/Triple J.
02/06                                   Commercial land at           Seller    $262,000.00
                                       40th/Castlevale lot 4
                                          Sale of 1,666SF
        Community 1st/Systems        office/1,512SF modular
02/06                                                                Seller    $349,500.00
              West                 office on 1.5 acres of land at
                                         1800 Presson Pl.
                                     3-yr lease of 11,000SF
               Damon &
03/06                              industral property at 1908       Tenant     $126,468.00
        Assoc./Stonehenge West
                                   Lilac Lane-Union Gap, Wa

                                   Sale of 953SF professional
03/06         Tekel/Besel                                            Seller    $90,000.00
                                   condo at 1021 S. 40th Ave.
                                        Sale of 14,000SF of
03/06      Barnecut/Stewart             Commercial land at           Seller    $45,000.00
                                           6 E. Chestnut
                                    Sale of 2,800SF of heated
04/06      Time Oil/Leadon          warehouse at 1113 N. 6th         Seller    $99,000.00
                                     Sale of 30,928SF of R3-
04/06       Jarms/Sevigny           Multifamily land @ 41st          Seller    $129,500.00
                                           St./Nola Loop
                                     Sale of 8,584SF of retail
04/06    Needham/Ackerman           building @ 2802 W. Nob           Both      $645,000.00
                                             Hill Blvd.
                                       3-yr lease of 5,300SF
05/06   McAllister Field/Moore       industrial warehouse @         Landlord   $78,040.20
                                         2201 Ahtanum Rd
                                        Sale of 68,130SF of
05/06         DBH/MBM                   Commercial land @            Buyer     $545,040.00
                                      61st/Summitview Ave.
                                      Sale of 43,977SF of
05/06        THD/YVCU              Commercial land on s. 33rd        Seller    $329,827.50
                                     Street-Terrace Heights

                                 ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                    REAL ESTATE
                      BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                             2006 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES

DATE       SELLER/BUYER                  DESCRIPTION              SIDES       AMOUNT
                                      Sale of 41,818SF of
06/06      Westfarm/Schultz         Commercial land on N. 5th      Seller    $210,000.00
                                           Ave/A St
                                       Sale of 32.21 acres of
         THD/Pacific Northwest
06/06                               Commercial land on S. 33rd     Seller    $5,650,801.46
                                     Street/Terrace Heights Dr.
                                      5-yr lease of 18,500SF
        Yakima Properties 1/First
06/06                                office building at 212 N.     Both      $737,053.00
            American Title
                                           Naches Ave.
                                    6 1/2 Mo. lease of 9,600SF
        McAllister Field/A1 Tri-
06/06                                 industrial warehouse on     Landlord    $22,464.00
              City Taxi
                                          2101 Oake Ave.

                                    Sale of 2.75 acres of CBDS
06/06 Lopez, Rigoberto/Page, Paul                                  Both      $325,000.00
                                     land at 1402 E Beech St
                                   3-yr lease of 2,696SF of
07/06                             industrial space at 225 S.      Landlord    $64,800.00
         Machine Tool & Supply
                                           2nd Ave.
         McGuire/Temple Bldg    Sale of 87,065SF of R1 land
07/06                                                              Seller    $152,363.75
                 Assoc.                  at 24th/Mead
                                Sale of 65,340SF of R1 land
07/06   McGuire/Jehovah Witness                                    Seller     $83,375.00
                                      at 24th Ave/Mead
                                Sale of 10,780SF net leased
07/06      Gammie/Ginochio          office building at 2803        Seller    $896,000.00
                                          River Road
                                   5-yr lease of 5,190SF of
08/06     Brink/A Child's Place   office space at 402 N. 2nd      Landlord   $203,569.68
08/06         Riebe/Rucker                Sale of land             Seller     $45,000.00
                                   2-yr lease of 1,860SF of
08/06      Shrader/JJJA LLC      retail space at 1105 S. 24th     Landlord    $38,784.00
                  DBH                Sale of 64,570SF of
08/06    Associates/Summitview   commercial land at 61st &         Buyer     $548,845.00
               MOB, LLC                  Summitview
                                        Sale of 27.3 acres
             Recreational            w/251,094SF of buildings
08/06                                                              Both      $6,700,000.00
           Holdings/Benaroya           (6 bldgs)at 3401 W.
                                         Washington Ave

                                      3-yr lease of 10,360SF
09/06 RQT, LLC/Boise Packaging                                    Landlord   $108,000.00
                                    warehouse at 2013 Ahtanum

        LCS Investments/Bimbo         5-yr lease of 8,000SF
09/06                                                             Landlord   $203,870.82
               Bakeries             warehouse at 1910 McNair
         THD/Pacific Northwest
10/06                                  Lease of office space       Both      $117,413.00

                                  ALMON COMMERCIAL
                                     REAL ESTATE
                       BILL ALMON, CCIM and BILL ALMON, JR., CCIM
                              2006 PRODUCTION EXAMPLES

DATE       SELLER/BUYER                   DESCRIPTION               SIDES     AMOUNT

                                     Sale of 1.8 acres on Vintage
10/06   Zillah Oakes/Tran-Nguyen                                    Seller   $160,000.00
                                     Valley Road in Zillah, WA
                                     Sale of 1.27 acres @ 2421
10/06         McGuire/Kim                                           Both      $94,000.00
                                              W. Mead
                                      Sale of 30,000SF former
10/06         Hyatt/YWCA                                            Both     $1,000,000.00
                                           nursing home
                                        Sale of 5,103SF bank
12/06      AmericanWest/Hapo                                        Both     $550,000.00
                                      facility in Sunnyside, WA

         First State Investors/Uba   Sale of 27,240SF building
12/06                                                               Both     $1,400,000.00
                 Tuba, LLC             in downtown Yakima

             Sunnyside Farm          Sale of 2.24 acres of vacant
12/06                                                               Buyer    $410,000.00
             Fair/Thompson                land in Sunnyside
           Barker, Cook &
                                  Sale of 8.52 acres in Terrace
12/06 Lewis/Crystal Four Limited,                                   Both     $1,058,000.00

                                                                                  Almon Commercial Real Estate
                                                                            Bill Almon, CCIM Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                                                                    2007 Production Examples

DATE       SELLER/BUYER                DESCRIPTION               SIDES       AMOUNT
1/07     Abrams/National City            Lease renewal            Both        105,408
        DEP/Yakima Community      25,513 SF Lot on the corner
2/07                                                              Both        $229,600
         Federal Credit Union      of Castlvale and 40th Ave.
                                     4,750SF commercial
2/07     Halverson/Buenrostro       building @ 13 S. Alder,       Seller      $57,000
                                        Toppenish, WA
                                   Lease renewal of 5,000SF
3/07      McAllister Field/FEI                                   Landlord     $102,000
               Genesis              10,880SF Class A office
3/07                                                              Seller     $2,206,140
         Development/Fletcher      building @ 1236 Ahtanum

3/07        Gardner/Forsee        Sale of commercial acreage      Seller      $579,016

3/07    Lindeman Trust/Matthews    4.55 acres on S. 1st Street    Both      $1,255,753.00
4/07      Pac Fruit/ASAP SM            Sale of office bldg        Seller     $235,000.00
                Big Hill
4/07                              1,216SF Duplex on Willow        Seller      $60,000
                                  24-unit apartment complex
4/07        Ruark/Godinez                                         Seller      $840,000
                                      in Toppenish, WA
                                   .80 acre lot at Chestnut &
5/07         Roose/Nelson                                         Seller      $280,000
                                   2,760 SF office building at
5/07      Vasquez/LOAP, LLC                                       Buyer       $130,000
                                         1409 Fruitvale
            Hodge Podge,           12-unit apartment building
6/07                                                              Seller      $613,507
            LLC/Rohrbach               on 9th & Chestnut
                                     2-2.5 acre lots on Blue
8/07         Zarley/Russell                                       Seller      $230,000
                                           Crane Lane
                                    Former Petco Building:
                                     10,140 SF commercial
9/07    Street/Edwards(Mach V)                                    Seller      $950,000
                                    building, 211 E. Yakima
10/07    McAllister Field/FMC     Lease of 5,000SF warehouse      Both        $53,500
                                       28.15 acres off N.
10/07     DEP/Toscanna, LLC                                       Both       $1,850,000
                                  406 N. 2nd Street, 4,161SF
10/07   Garandy, LLC/Matthews                                     Seller      $290,000
                                    Commercial Building
                                  Lease of a pair of 70,976SF
11/07     LeeLynn/Prime Hay                                       Both        $822,000
                                    Sale of 40,000SF office
12/07   Toth/Lady Liberty, LLC                                    Buyer      $1,000,000

                                                                                            Page 18
                                  Almon Commercial Real Estate
                            Bill Almon, CCIM Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                    2008 Production Examples

DATE       SELLER/BUYER                 DESCRIPTION                SIDES       AMOUNT
                                    2.01 acres of SCC Zoned
             Crystal Four,
1/08                               land at 39th St./Terrace Hts     Both        $450,000
         Abrams/National City        Lease renewal of office
1/08                                                                Both         $52,704
              Mortgage                        space
                                    Former 20-unit apartment
             Midland Loan
1/08                               complex at 414/416 S. 2nd        Seller      $125,000
       AmericanWest Bank/Valley    9,954SF former bank
2/08                                                                Seller      $540,000
           Alcohol Council      building, sold for $54.25/SF

              River Bluff          10-yr. Lease of 15,732 SF of
3/08    Enterprises/State of WA,    professional office/medical     Both       $3,461,040
                 DSHS                   bldg in Ellensburg
                                    2-yr lease of 335SF retail
3/08         Brown/Smith                                           Landlord    $11,025.00
                                    space at 18 N. 2nd Street
               First State
                                        Sale of SF bldg in
3/08      Investors/Wenatchee                                       Both        $480,000
                                         Wenatchee, WA
              BOA, LLC
            Lady Liberty,       Lease of 1,515SF space in
3/08                                                                Both        $24,318
       LLC/Cashmere Valley Bank   the Liberty Building

             Meadowland             Lease of 4,025SF space at
3/08                                                                Both       $28,898.98
         Investments/ESD, 105        501 W. Lincoln Avenue
                                 Sale of 2,169SF leased
4/08         Hodge/Reeder      medical building at 1114 W.          Seller      $210,000
                                 Sale of 2,760 SF office
4/08   LOAP, LLC/Suarez-Farias                                      Seller      $185,000
                                bulding at 1409 Fruitvale
       Lady Liberty, LLC/Team Lease of 1,343 SF space in
4/08                                                               Landlord    $32,880.84
                Child             the Liberty Building
                                   5 yr. lease w/2 5-yr options
              River Bluff
                                   of 2,500 SF of professional
4/08      Enterprises/YVMH                                          Both        $243,105
                                      office/medical bldg in
                                    Sale of .64 acre lot off of
4/08      DEP/Dr. Reep, DDS                                         Seller      $271,909
                                       40th & Castlevale
            Otis Vineyards,         Sale of 14.37 acres of B-2
5/08                                                                Both      $2,259,088.65
           LLC/Matson Fruit        land on N. Park Dr. in Selah

                                   Sale of Mini-Storage facility
6/08      Quesinberry/Tyrrell                                       Seller      $595,000
                                        in Sunnyside, WA

                                                      Page 19
                                  Almon Commercial Real Estate
                            Bill Almon, CCIM Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                    2008 Production Examples

                                     Lease of 3,300SF space in
6/08     Lady Liberty, LLC/YVRL                                        Both       $30,360.00
                                        the Liberty Building
         Butler Medical Building,   Sale of 1.8 acre lot in Zillah,
6/08                                                                   Buyer       $295,000
           LLC/Binham Tran                       WA
                                    Sale of 19,000SF retail pad
        HBD, LLC/Myers Orchard
6/08                                in the Orchard's Shopping          Buyer       $400,000
           Properties, LLC
                                     Center (72nd/Tieton Dr.)
                                     5-yr lease renewal in Iron
6/08         THD/ATV, LLC                                              Both        $245,643
                                            Horse Lodge
                                    Sale of 27,878SF lot located
7/08      McGuire Estate/Taylor                                        Seller      $201,000
                                         at 82 W. Nob Hill
                                      Sale of 12,600SF office
8/08     SR Associates/Schneider     building located at 120 N.        Both        $910,000
                                          Naches Avenue
                                      Sale of 1.14 acre lot on
9/08           THD/HAPO                                                Both        $364,124
                                      Terrace Heights Drive
9/08        Wells Fargo/HAPO        Lease renewal of bank space        Both        $350,848

        Lady Liberty, LLC/Yakima Lease of 2,735SF space in
10/08                                                                  Both      $183,670.20
        County Community Services    the Liberty Bldg.
                                   Lease renewal of retail
10/08       KSKD/JJJA, LLC                                             Both       $19,968.00
         Lady Liberty, LLC/Steve Lease of 460SF space in the
11/08                                                                  Both       $5,064.00
                Altmayer                Liberty Bldg.
                                  Lease of 1,600SF office
12/08   Heimerman/Yakima Nation space at 220 W. 1st Ave,              Landlord    $6,743.37
                                       Toppenish WA
        McAllister Field, LLC/A-1    Sale of 9,600SF industrial
12/08                                                                  Seller    $912,848.00
              Tri City Taxi            bldg on 1.61 acre lot
                                    Lease of 590SF retail space
12/08         Brown/Smith                                             Landlord    $15,600.00
                                         at 16 N. 2nd St.
          Uba Tuba, LLC/Critical     Lease of 1,093SF of office
12/08                                                                  Both       $30,480.12
                Path, Inc.           space at 101 N. 2nd Street
           The Grand Hotel,               Sale of 3,300SF
12/08                                                                  Seller      $250,000
             LLC/Badillo              freestanding retail bldg.
         DEP/HAPO Community
12/08                               Sale of 52,495SF vacant lot        Both        $484,950
             Credit Union
                                    Build-to-suit on one acre for
12/08     Carnevali/Sonic Burger                                       Both      $1,795,386.58
                                         Sonic Drive-Thru

                                                        Page 20
                                       Almon Commercial Real Estate
                                 Bill Almon, CCIM Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                         2009 Production Examples

01/09     Heimerman/CT        Lease renewal       Landlord    $15,600
                            Sale of 46,200SF
         McAllister Field
2/09                       lot located at 2204     Both      $127,050
                                 Oak Ave
                            Lease renewal of
2/09                        4,025SF of office      Both       $40,240
           Properties       Lease renewal of
2/09                                              Landlord    $81,600
         West/DirectTV      warehouse space
                          Lease of small retail
3/09       Brown/Hill                             Landlord    $8,100
          Lady Liberty,
                            Lease renewal of
4/09     LLC/Cashmere                              Both       $25,048
                               office space
          Valley Bank
          Lady Liberty,    Lease of 1,340SF at
5/09     LLC/USA-Army       32 N. 3rd Street,     Landlord   $112,920
        Corp of Engineers.     Suite 304.
                             Sale of 13,500sf
                              warehouse and
        Pacific Realty/Noel
5/09                        1,960sf office on 1    Both      $185,000
                            acre at 1001 S. 3rd
                             Sale of 5 acres of
6/09      Almon/YVMH                               Both      $1,903,800
                             commercial land
               Lady          Lease renewal of
6/09                                               Both      $130,824
          Liberty/YVRL         office space
                            Lease of 1,220SF
6/09    Heiser/ Stephenson office space at 305    Landlord    $43,200
                           S. 11th Ave, Suite 2
           THD/Yakima       Lease of renewal of
7/09                                               Both      $309,120
            Fresh, LLC           5,430SF
           Dunn, Eglin,      Lease renewal of
7/09                                               Both       $26,796
          Jundt/Yak Acq        office space

        611 W A Bldg Joint Lease of 3,000SF of
7/09      Venture/Apple    office space at 611    Landlord    $49,200
         Valley Counseling     W. A Street

        917 Triple Crown,
                             Lease renewal of
8/09      LLC/Advance                              Both       $26,206
                               office space
                                      Almon Commercial Real Estate
                                Bill Almon, CCIM Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                        2009 Production Examples

        Fletcher Ventures, Lease of 4,000SF
9/09        LLC/L&M        office space at 1240   Landlord   $285,000
            Companies      Ahtanum Ridge Dr.
                            Lease renewal of
9/09    Dolson/Rohm Haas        10,000SF           Both       $47,299
           McAllister      Lease of 5,000SF of
9/09                                               Both      $112,454
           Field/FMC            warehouse
          Lady Liberty,     Lease of 1,044SF
9/09     LLC/The Nature     office space at 32     Both      $67,199.88
          Conservancy         N. 3rd Street
                           Lease of 2,017SF of
10/09      Vargas/Roth     office space at 1215   Tenant     $139,210
                             S. 40th Avenue
           Englewood         Lease renewal of
10/09                                             Landlord    $77,355
           5/Gallagher         office space
                            Sale of 3 acres at
10/09     THD/YVFWC        University Parkway      Both      $750,000
                           and Iron Horse Ct.
                              3-yr lease of
        Koury Family/Wal- 2,345SF space at
10/09                                             Landlord   $82,661.28
         Mart Stores, Inc. 1400 Lakeside Ct,
                                 Ste 105
                              4-yr lease of
                            2700SF space at
10/09      THD/Neiffer                             Both      $159,326
                             111 University
                           Parkway, Ste 100
                            Lease renewal of
11/09   KSKD/JJJA, LLC                             Both       $40,735
                               retail space
                              5 -yr lease of
12/09                      2,471SF at 218 E.       Both      $181,945
                                 A Street
                                      Almon Commercial Real Estate
                                Bill Almon, CCIM Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                        2010 Production Examples

                            5-yr lease of
         Brashen Yakima,
1/10                     6,000sf at 1220 S.       Tenant     $252,303.72
                             1st Street
           Parsec/NW        3-yr lease of 658sf
1/10                                              Landlord   $30,297.96
           Protective         at 8 S. 1st Ave
                               1-year lease
01/10                           renewal of         Both      $24,286.00
                             4,025SF office
                               5-yr lease of
1/10                          9,295sf 3911        Tenant      $810,649
                             10-year lease of
2/10                        9,656SF at 120 N      Landlord   $1,018,600
                            Sale of 8.93 acres
2/10        Business                               Seller    $3,379,479
                              of retail land
              Wells         7-yr lease of bank
3/10     Fargo/Cashmere      building at 5802      Both       $431,048
           Valley Bank         Summitview

                            Sale of 20,000SF
3/10                        warehouse at 401       Seller     $720,000
                                E "S" St
                               2-yr lease of
            Properties        1,022sf office
5/10                                               Both       $21,300
           West/Glover       space at 2 S. 1st
                            20-yr retail pad
        Cle Elum Gateway/
6/10                      lease in Cle Elum,      Tenant     $1,315,680
         McDonald's USA
            Carlton           5-year lease
08/10     Ventures/Adv      renewal of retail      Both       $121,200
            America              space
                              5-yr lease of
        North Third Street
                             5,220sf office
8/10     Properties/Ready                         Tenant      $190,400
                           building at 414 N.
             By Five
                               3rd Street
                            Lease renewal of
08/10   Dolson/Rohm Haas       10,000SF            Both       $48,245
                                     Almon Commercial Real Estate
                               Bill Almon, CCIM Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                       2010 Production Examples

                         4-yr lease of 927sf
8/10    Lady Liberty/OAH office space at 32     Both       $44,324
                              N. 3rd St.
                           Lease of 2,680SF
8/10     Ventures/Hokus                        Landlord    $161,000
                             retail space
          Pokus, LLC
                           Lease renwal of
09/10   KSKD/JJJA, LLC      1,860SF retail      Both       $20,760
                          Sale of .35 acres
10/10                       of commercial       Buyer      $92,500
             rs Clinic
                          Sale of 1.12 acres
10/10     Regence/Hyatt     of commercial       Buyer      $350,000
        Winkelword/Jackso Lease of 1,200SF
10/10                                           Both       $81,180
            n Hewitt       of retail space
                           Sale of .84 acres
11/10     AFI, LLC/Tew                          Both       $364,320
                            of office land
                           Lease of 353SF
11/10   Lady Liberty/Kelly                      Both        $5,064
                             office suite
          Global Credit    Sale of 5,700SF
12/10                                           Seller     $210,000
          Union/Ramos         warehouse
                                         Almon Commercial Real Estate
                                   Bill Almon, CCIM/Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                            2011 Production Examples
DATE     SELLER/BUYER            DESCRIPTION                SIDES           AMOUNT
         Perry Tech/Copiers      Lease of 1,376SF
01/11                                                      Landlord         $44,070
                NW                  office suite
                               Lease of 2.75 acres of
01/11      Copp/Soracco         industrial land with     Tenant/Buyer       $372,438
                                 option to purchase
                               Lease renewal of
01/11     Schultz/Gyropack 5,000SF of warehouse             Both            $73,800
                               Lease renewal of
01/11        RQT/Boise           10,160SF of              Landlord          $151,200
                               warehouse space
                               Lease of 1,350SF
01/11   Hurson/Face Forward                                 Both            $43,200
                                 office space
                              Lease of 4,000SF of
01/11   LLC/Bellevue Health                               Landlord           $9,600
                               warehouse space
                              Lease of 2,734SF of
01/11      THD/Greenburg                                   Tenant           $42,377
                                 office space
                             Lease of 364SF office
02/11    Lady Liberty/Miller                                Both             $5,280
                               Sale of 3,100SF office
02/11   Hilgendorf/Bourgeois                                Both            $200,000
                                 at 621 S 3rd Ave

                               Sale of office building
02/11      Ballew/Lewis                                     Seller          $460,000
                                 at 213 S 12th Ave
                                 Lease renewal of
           Lady Liberty,
02/11                            1,343SF of office        Landlord          $34,893
          LLC/Team Child
           Lady Liberty,         Lease of 884SF of
03/11                                                       Both            $55,035
            LLC/Nagle               office space
                                  10-year lease of
           Lady Liberty,
03/11                            1,667SF of office          Both            $153,873
           Lady Liberty,        Lease of 3,163SF of
03/11                                                       Both            $254,807
            LLC/DOC                 office space
                                 Lease of medical
04/11   Shinstine/NW Spine                                  Both            $170,000
            Properties            1-year lease of
05/11                                                       Both            $11,100
            West/Lopez         1,267SF office space

           Properties           3-year lease renewal
05/11                                                     Landlord          $90,000
          West/DirectTV         of warehouse space
                                  5-year lease of
05/11    Carnevali/Williams                               Landlord          $142,000
                                          Almon Commercial Real Estate
                                    Bill Almon, CCIM/Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                            2011 Production Examples
                                   5-year lease of of
05/11     Schaake/Safeway                                  Both              $156,000
                                 2,371SF office space
                               Sale of 2,000SF
06/11                       freestanding fast food
         Arctic Circle/Politte                             Seller            $205,000
                             Sale of 3.21 acres of
06/11    Vaughn Bay/Pollock                                Buyer             $375,000
                               commercial land
            Lady Liberty,   Lease of 609SF office
06/11                                                    Landlord             $37,562
             LLC/Dixon                space
                               Sale of 26,000SF
06/11      Uba Tuba/Filer    office bldg leased to         Seller            $1,735,000
                            Sale of 4,600SF office
06/11       Hurson/Lally                                   Seller            $420,000
            Lady Liberty,     Lease of 1,738SF
06/11                                                      Both              $127,654
              LLC/WF              office space
                               Lease renewal of
07/11       Schultz/FMC     5,000SF of warehouse           Both               $57,428
                              Sale of 123,000SF
08/11     Costco/CeterCal                                  Both              $4,200,000
                             former Costco bldg
                               Lease renewal of
08/11      Brink/ACPELC                                  Landlord             $91,200
                                  office space
                               Sale of 11,000SF
08/11                       mixed use commercial           Seller            $570,000
                               Sale of 19,600SF
09/11       Rankin/Baxter                                  Seller            $960,000
                               Lease renewal of
09/11      Heimerman/CT                                  Landlord             $16,000
                                  office space
                              Lease of 1,860SF
09/11        Shrader/Ali                                 Landlord             $51,480
                                  retail space
        Dittmar/Farmworkers Sale of commercial
09/11                                                      Buyer             $105,000
               Clinic                  land
                             Sale of commercial
09/11     Vaughn Bay/Peru                                  Buyer              $90,000
                               Lease renewal of
09/11        KSKD/JJJA                                     Both               $20,784
                                  retail space
                               Sale of 4 acres of
10/11     Congdon/HAPO                                     Both              $2,200,000
                                   retail land
11/11   Lady Liberty/Fielding Lease of office suite        Both               $1,500
                                  Lease of 30,295SF
11/11       Schultz/HMA                                    Both              $624,319
                                 Lease with option to
11/11         Lieb/John                                    Both              $100,000
11/11    Dolson/Rohm Haas           Lease renewal          Both               $49,000
                                        Almon Commercial Real Estate
                                  Bill Almon, CCIM/Bill Almon, Jr., CCIM
                                          2011 Production Examples
12/11                          Lease of office suite   Landlord            $10,000

12/11   Carnevali/Sport Clips Lease of retail space      Both              $140,400
           Apple Valley
                              Sale of 9,800SF office
12/11    Broadcasting/Akin                               Both              $789,000
                                Sale of 12,371SF
12/11       ECCU/Eglin                                   Seller            $307,000
                               commercial building
                               Lease of 2,990SF of
12/11    Carnevali/Verizon                             Landlord            $233,401
                                   retail space
DATE     SELLER/BUYER       DESCRIPTION          SIDES               AMOUNT
                              Lease of 2,200SF
 01/12   Halverson/TAT, LLC                           Landlord          $24,000
                                 retail space
             Summitview      Lease of 5,673SF of
 01/12                                                  Both            $382,928
          Investors/Verizon      retail space
 01/12       Almon/Riley        Sale of 3,300SF bldg       Both         $270,000
 02/12                           Lease of retail suite    Landlord      $15,000
            Sisters, LLC
                                  Lease of 3,113SF
 02/12   Goodwin/Love, Inc.                                Both         $46,740
                                     office suite
              Investors,          Sale of 10,880SF
 02/12                                                     Both        $1,300,000
           LLC/Washington          retail building
 03/12         Hall/Ash         Sale of industrial land    Seller       $180,000
                                  Lease renewal of
 03/12     THD/Greenburg                                  Tenant        $43,437
                                    office space
                                 Lease of warehouse
 03/12    Carnevali/Blueline                               Both         $692,000
 03/12                          Lease of group home        Both         $24,000
                                  Lease renewal of
 04/12       Schultz/BB                                    Both         $86,400
 05/12   Richliddy/Sandoval          Retail lease          Both         $14,400
                                  Lease renewal of
 05/12   Chesterly/State Farm                             Landlord      $145,750
                                    office space
                                 Sale of commercial
 05/12     Lindeman/Maza                                   Both         $650,000
                                 Sale of commercial
 06/12    Haney/Chesterley                                 Both         $375,000
                                  Lease renewal of
 06/12    Alegria/Gallagher                               Landlord      $78,912
                                    office space
 06/12      KSKD/YVMH           Lease of retail space     Landlord      $33,936
                                  Lease renewal of
 06/12     Koury/Wal-Mart                                  Both         $93,835
                                    office space
 07/12     Meadowland/Lee       Lease of retail space     Landlord      $450,704
            Summitview            Sale of 19,792SF
 07/12                                                     Both        $1,665,000
         TIC/Summit16, LLC       retail strip building
 07/12   Brown/Lookout Point Lease of retail space         Both         $19,200

                                Ground lease renewal
 08/12    AutoSpa/Orchard's                               Tenant        $216,000
                                   of retail land
                                 Sale of commercial
 08/12       Solarity/Hull                                 Both         $69,645
                                 Sale of commercial
 09/12     Solarity/Connell                                Both         $70,000

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