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									Choosing to Pursue a Career in Nursing
Nursing is a growing field, needing more and more people to take the helm every day. Doctors are in
high demand as well, but they take much longer to train, require so much more money to pay and are
dwindling due to a fear of prosecution for malpractice.
The price of a doctor’s education is hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and a minimum of a decade
of training. They don’t become independent doctors until they are well into their 30’s.

In contrast, nursing education programs require a lot less money, a lot less time, and you can help a
majority of the public. Many assume that nurses belong in the hospital, helping the people in dire need.

If you wanted to become one, you’d be stuck in a traditional hospital. Now for some, this might be
exactly what they’re looking for.

Careers in the Field of Nursing
Others though might want something different. The field is extremely diverse and you can be trained to
do the basic medical care for most offices,
relieving the burden off of doctors.
Traditional hospital nursing isn’t the only field
you can specialize in. Nearly every type of
medical care needs a nurse.

Pediatricians, surgeons, family doctors, and
Hospice nurses are just a few examples of fields
that you can learn to specialize in. Many times
you’ll walk into a doctor’s office, smile nicely at
the assistant that takes you into the small
office and sits you on the butcher paper, and
you think nothing more of her.

The Need for Nurses in Non-Traditional Areas
She might take your pulse and take a look at your tonsils with a tongue. You’d be surprised to find in
some doctor’s office that these people can help diagnose a minor issue just as well as the doctor she
In fact, many times, the simple tests she performs on you, combined with an in-depth questioning of the
problem allow her to give a preliminary diagnosis to the doctor. The doctor will then come in himself to
see if it’s right.

Just like anyone else, they make their occasional mistakes. Other times they can’t guess because it takes
a very specialized eye of a doctor to see the larger picture, but oftentimes, they diagnosis it correctly.
The doctor only ends up coming in and confirming it for themselves. The nurses help narrow down the
problem in these cases, making the doctor’s lives a bit easier by making their many appointments faster.

These nurses help their clients just as much as the doctors do. It’s their watchful eye that identified the
problem, allowing the doctor to do what is necessary to fix the problem.

Salaries and Costs Associated with Nursing
It’s true that nurses don’t get paid as much as doctors, but their salaries are nothing to bat your eyes at.
At nearly $66,000 a year, careers from your nursing education make almost double the national average,
allowing you to live comfortably.
You can save up to buy a new car with cash. You’ll qualify for a loan for your house without a problem.
Your student loans get paid off quickly, and the world opens up to you in nursing.

Now, this only explored a nursing career in a doctor’s office. Every medical care facility will offer
different benefits, pay scales and opportunities.

Research the other fields. Find the one that agrees with your preferences most and pursue it with all
your heart.

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