Chapter 4- �I�ve never heard of that!� by K6p19B


									Chapter 4- “I’ve never heard
          of that!”

  Food; recipes; instructions;
  cooking methods
       Warm Up-10 things
 10 things you did last week.
 Anything: I ate breakfast, I slept
 Your partner(s) cannot say anything that
  you said.
        Your Favorite Dish
With a partner, talk about the following:
  1. What is your favorite dish?
   2. What is in your favorite
   3. Why is it your favorite dish?
         Pictures of Dishes
 Where the dishes come from

 What   the dishes are made with
Dish #1
Dish #2
Dish #3
Dish #4
Dish #5
       Follow-up Questions
 Do you know anything about these
 Have you ever tried any of these
 Which ones would you like to try?
 Where  is the mother?
 What is the father making?
 What is the girl’s reaction?
 What do they end up doing for lunch?
        Pronunciation Practice
 Consonant   Clusters

 /r/
 Do  you hear the sound at the beginning
  (B), in the middle (M), or at the end (E)
  of each word?
 Which word of each pair has the /r/
  sound-the first or the second?
    Communicative Practice
 Underline and preview the
  pronunciation of all of the menu items
  with /r/.
 One person has to be the
  waiter/waitress and writes down what
  each customer wants.
    Simple Past vs. Present
 Simple Past- For completed events at a
 definite time in the past.

 PresentPerfect-For events within a time
 period up to the present.
 Have  you ever eaten snails?
Yes, I have. I tried them last month.

Did you like them?
 Yes, I did. They were delicious.
Have you ever been to a Vietnamese
No, I haven’t. But I ate at a Thai
  restaurant last night.
Did you go alone?
No, I went with some friends.
        Sequence Adverbs
 How do you tie your shoes?
 How do you use a cell phone?
 How do you turn on a computer?
         Sequence Adverbs
 When    you are telling people what to do,
  there are certain steps that they must
 Need to give them signal words to tell
  them what to do.
           Signal Words
 First= First step
 Then= Second step
 Next= Third Step
 After that= Fourth step
 Finally= Final step
 Where  did the chef learn to cook?
 What is special about the chef’s
 What ingredients does the chef use or
  not use to make his cookies?
 At what temperature should you bake
  the cookies?
      Listening Vocabulary
 Endure
 Switch
 Entire
 Pinch
 Batch
How to Make a Peanut Butter
Tell me what I need to do in order to
 make a peanut butter sandwich.
Give me the steps that I need to follow.
  Listening-Tempting Snacks
 Listen to people explain how to make
  these snacks. Which snack are they
  talking about?
 Choose one of the recipes you just
  heard about. Can you remember how to
  make it?
         My favorite snack
 Take  turns describing how to make your
  favorite snack.
 Write down how to make the dish.

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