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					                                    QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

                                          August 1, 2008

                            MARKET SURVEY: DTFAAC-09-R-00001


1. QUESTION: There is some confusion on the number of resumes the RFI requires. Do you
require one resume for a Senior Program Manger and one resume for a Project Manager? Or, as
listed in the Labor Category and Location Matrix, do you require a total of two resumes for Senior
Program Managers and six resumes for Project Managers?

  ANSWER: We would need a resume for each position. Since there are 2 Senior Program
Managers we need two resumes (1 resume from each individual). For the 6 Project Managers,
we need 6 resumes (1 resume per individual).

2. QUESTION: Is there any font size restriction on Tables and Diagrams – as long as they are

    ANSWER: Question 9 on the posted Q&A dated 18 July 08 answered this question. "The
Business Capability Statement should be no more than 10 pages. Additional pages can include
your Business Declaration Form, Resumes, and SBA Certification letter, which have no limit." It
is stated in the Market Survey that "No font size less than 11 points may be used". If the
diagrams and tables are part of the Business Capability Statement than the font size is 11 points.

3. QUESTION: Given the broad range of support services that are required under the scope of
work, FAA may require additional expertise that does not fall directly within the current labor
category descriptions. For example, specific expertise may be needed in a wide range of
specialized areas, such as statistics, feasibility/cost benefit analyses, performance management,
communications and stakeholder management, business process improvement, acquisition
management, and other areas. We respectfully request that FAA consider expanding the Subject
Matter Expert categories beyond their current engineering focus to allow for flexibility in providing
the most qualified resources to address the work areas that may be required by FAA over the life
of the contract.

   ANSWER: The FAA has reviewed this request for additional labor categories and determined
those currently identified by the market survey are sufficient in addressing the scope of work for
the contract period.

4. QUESTION: Are you looking for a market survey response that only addresses a single area
or do you only want a comprehensive response to all areas? Do you anticipate multiple awards
assuming you proceed to a procurement? Would the FAA consider an award to a small company
in a limited area of the SOW such as weather?

   ANSWER: This is not a multiple award contract. Only one contract will be awarded that will
present numerous subcontracting opportunities. We are looking for a comprehensive response to
all the areas of NextGen addressed in the draft SOW.

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