Prepositional Phrases by 65AKdK


•A phrase is a group of related
words that functions as a single
part of speech.
•A phrase does not have a subject
or a verb.
  I. Prepositional Phrases
• Begins with a preposition and ends
  with a noun or pronoun
• There are two types of prepositional
  I. Prepositional Phrases
1. Adjective Phrases
• A prepositional phrase used to
   modify a noun or a pronoun
  I. Prepositional Phrases
• Adjective Phrase Example

Single      Did you see the shuttle
Adjective   launch?

Adjective   Did you see the launch of the
Phrase      shuttle?
  I. Prepositional Phrases
• A single adjective and an adjective
  phrase answer the same questions:
  Which ones? and What kind?
Which     Did you read the article about
one(s)?   the space shuttle?

What      The launch was the first since
Kind?     the Challenger disaster.
   I. Prepositional Phrases
• An adjective phrase usually modifies
  the noun or pronoun directly in front
  of it. Occasionally, that word will be
  the object of the preposition of
  another phrase.
Standard The new part for the shuttle
         has been installed.
Object of Some of the controls in the
P.P.      cockpit had been damaged.
  I. Prepositional Phrases
2. Adverb Phrases
• An prepositional phrase used to
   modify a verb, an adjective, or an
  I. Prepositional Phrases
• Adverb Phrase Example:

Single    The space shuttle soared
Adverbs   upward.

Adverb    The space shuttle soared into
Phrases   the stratosphere.
  I. Prepositional Phrases
• A single adverb and an adverb
  phrase answer the same questions:
  Where? When? How? To What
  Extent? and To What Degree.
   I. Prepositional Phrases
Where? The Chinese government is building
       a dam across the Yangtze River.
When?   During the last ten years, many
        people have protested the building
        of this dam.
How?    The construction of the dam
        continues at great expense.
Why?    (Because) of the annual floods,
        the Chinese government feels the
        dam is justified.
  I. Prepositional Phrases
• An adverb phrase modifies the whole
  verb phrase
• More than one adverb phrase can
  modify the same verb


Before long, large ships will move up
 the dammed river.
  I. Prepositional Phrases
• Although most adverb phrases
  modify verbs, some modify
  adjectives and adverbs.
Modifying   Not everyone was happy with
an          the plan.
Modifying   The effects of the dam will be
an Adverb   felt far across China.
    I. Prepositional Phrases
•   Adverb Phrase Punctuation

1. No comma: With their help we finished
   early. (less than four words)
2. Comma: According to the latest news
   release, butter is better for you than
   margarine. (four or more words)
3. Comma: In 1879, Dr. Sylvester Graham
   invented graham crackers. (ends with a

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