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					                          EXPAT WORLD
                              “the newsletter of international living”
                                 BRINGING YOU THE WORLD IN A WAY
                                     YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE

Vol. 21, Issue 06          www.expatworld.net and www.expatworld.org                            June, 2009

     THE BEST OF KOOL TOOLS                                  EXPAT WORLD IS YOUR CONDUIT FOR
                                                            KOOL TOOLS TO A BETTER LIFESTYLE.
       FOR THE PERPETUAL                                    As the "MOUSE MONITOR" used to say in the
         TRAVELER -- "PT"                               old days, Beat the BureauRats at their own
    This month at the end of our 21st year of pre-      game. We here at EW look forward to helping
senting the Expat World newsletter to the world         you find freedom, prosperity and living the good
we are doing something that we have done only           life by keeping the bureauRats out of your life as
once before in our history, giving you the best of      much as possible. So read through this issue,
some aspect of EW.                                      find any kool tools that can help you ( We would
    EW this month is going to give you the best of      recommend the classic Hill CD to start to get you
some of the kool tools that EW has and still is of-     primed, revitalized or introduced to the concept of
fering for Expats, PT's, Earth Wanderers, Interna-      PT, of being a – Perpetual Traveler, Past Tax-
tional Thinking People, Sovereign Individuals and       payer and Prepared Thoroughly.) Once you have
anyone else that wants to live a life free of gov-      decided what you need contact us through our
ernment interference, to beat the bureaucracy in        websites:        www.expatworld.org           and
any little way possible. Remember that small            www.expatworld.net or if you have any questions
steps add up to big miles. Use one, two or any          drop "the chief cook and bottle washer " at Expat
combination of these tools to see and live life in a    World, Gene, an email. Email:               expat-
way you've never dreamed of before.                     world@pobox.com with ATTN GENE as subject
                                                                   LET THE KOOL TOOLS BEGIN
                                                                   THE W.G. HILL CD
•   THE BEST OF KOOL TOOLS FOR THE PERPETUAL                To anyone wanting to know about what be-
    TRAVELER -- "PT"
                                                        coming a PT is all about and also and what the
• PRESS PASS - EXPAT WORLD INTERNATIONAL PRESS          PT philosophy is and it's implementation, the best
                                                        source EW knows is the W.G. Hill CD with 5
• FOR ALL EXPAT WORLD'S DEBT RIDDEN FRIENDS AND         books (reports) This CD in PDF format includes
    ALL OF DEBT RIDDEN AMERICA                          PT I and PT II, the Passport Report, Portable
• TITLES OF NOBILITY                                    Trades and Occupations and the Invisible Inves-
                                                        tor and How to Become an Honorary Consul.
• TEN YEARS OF EXPAT WORLD NEWSLETTER ON CD-            These books are the classic volumes of W.G.
                                                        Hill, one of the founders of the PT philosophy and
• A MERCHANT CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT                        a good friend to Expat World. Anyone serious
• INTERNATIONAL SNIPS AND CLIPS                         about living a life free of government interfer-
                                                        ence, getting the most out of life and living an in-
• ADDITIONAL KOOL TOOLS                                 ternational lifestyle on a hot dog budget should
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                                              EXPAT WORLD • 1
(Continued from page 1)
order this today. It's only US $100 for a CD that in the hard copy printed versions (not available) sold for
over US $2000.

                                  BYE BYE BIG BROTHER
                                      (BBBB) REPORT
   This 3 volume set of books (over 800 pages) now only available on a CD called Bye Bye Big Brother
(BBBB) is really the sequence to the earlier W.G. Hill CD brought up to today's changes in the world
since 911.
   Whether you are a newbie to the PT philosophy, know something about it and need updating or rein-
forcement or you are already practicing the philosophy to some degree, either one or both these CD's
are just what you need.
   To order either the W.G. Hill CD or the Bye Bye Big Brother (BBBB) CD send cash, check or money
order payable to Expat World (US $100 for the Hill CD, $150 for the BBBB CD) via registered airmail to:
Expat World, Attn. Max, Box 1341 Raffles City,Singapore 911745 and we'll get the CD(s) out to you
pronto. Both these CD are an amazing read and will change the way you look at the world. Order today!
   You can also order via credit card on our pay-on-line feature on www.expatworld.net or

                                    PASSPORTS BY MAIL
    One of the best kool tools is the acquisition of a second nationality/passport. There are a host of
countries out there that are willing to offer a second passport based on past nationality history, invest-
ments in a project in the country, meritorious service to the country and a host of other reasons.
    We at Expat World DO NOT sell passports. We act as paid advertisers for immigration consultants in
a number of countries where the opportunities exists for 2nd nationalities. Expat World, in some cases,
collects your data, pics and payment and directs all to the immigration consultants in the country of is-
sue. We do look out for your welfare in seeing that you get what you paid for as a principle of keeping
our advertisers on a straight and honest keel.
    There are two 2nd nationalities that have reasonable fees that we know of and another with much
higher fees but a full white glove government program. If you are interested just drop EW an email:
office@expatworld.net or expatworld@pobox.com

                          INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE
   An International Drivers License "As seen on TV." Honored in over 180 countries including the USA,
Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and more. Four-year validity. Good for Cars, Motorcycles, Light
Trucks, Heavy Trucks and Passenger Buses. Easy application.
   The original premise behind the IDL was, and remains, to facilitate travel in foreign countries where
there is often a language barrier between motorists and police. This is the reason it's written in nine dif-
ferent languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. It is similar in size and
style to a standard passport.
   The IDL is the result of the United Nations Convention on International Road Traffic of 19 September
1949. The United Nations doesn't actually issue the license, they merely determined and wrote the
guidelines pertaining to the issuance of the International Driving Permit (IDP) or IDL as they are called.
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                                             EXPAT WORLD • 2
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Through participation in the United Nations, the United States, as well as all other signatory nations,
have universally adopted, and are in accord with, the IDL procedures. Now, with nearly fifty years since
it's introduction, the IDL is accepted in virtually every country of the world, including all fifty States.
    The IDL covers all types of vehicles from motorcycles to heavy trucks and passenger vehicles. Just
indicate the type of vehicle(s) you want listed on your IDL on the application form.
    The only drawback to the IDL is that, according to the Treaty, the driver is not authorized to drive
within the country of issuance. Therefore, you will not be able to drive in the home country of the Pan
American Travel Associates-which is Nicaragua.
    A very large insurance company (whose name is at the opposite end of the alphabet from 'ZZZ') is-
sues a similar 'Permit' but, theirs requires your state license to be in good standing, and then, as the
Treaty stipulates, you are prohibited from using it anywhere within the USA. And they only issue one-
year validity IDL's. Obviously, PATA (Pan American Travel Association) offers superior conditions - Re-
member, PATA is issued from Nicaragua, this is important because, it means that the local 'authorities'
have no Jurisdiction. They can't (legally) confiscate, suspend, cancel, revoke, or rescind your IDL: They
didn't issue it, they can't take it away!
    The possibilities are endless for the Perpetual Traveler and enterprising people everywhere.

    OUR PRICE IS US $135 for a 4-year validity IDL.
    TO ORDER WE NEED: Just print it out on a white sheet of paper.

    1. Your Name as it will appear on the license (first name) ________________________________
    (middle name, initial - (optional) ____________________________________________________
    Last name) ____________________________________________________________________
    2. City and Country of Birth: _______________________________________________________
    3. Birth date (write out completely, i.e., June 10, 1955) __________________________________
    4. Permanent Address (city and country])--If you plan on driving in the USA, you may prefer to
    request a foreign permanent address. Either you provide or ask us to provide.
    5. Type of Vehicle(s) You Drive--(Circle) motorcycle, automobile, light truck, heavy truck, passenger
    6. Your Mailing address -- where you want your IDL sent. We use registered airmail to send your
    IDL to you. _____________________________________________________________________
    Email address or Tel. number (Optional!! but it does help if we have a problem with your order or
    delivery of same) ________________________________________________________________
    8. Include with the above--Two color or black and white passport-style, photos approximately
    1 and 1/2 inches by 2 inches.
    Send the completed application and photos with US $135 in cash, check or money order (payable to
EXPAT WORLD). We cannot accept a credit card order on this product for our merchant crediti card
agreement doesn't permit it Send application, photos and payment via registered airmail to: Expat
World, Attn. Max, Box 1341 Raffles City, Singapore 911745.
    You can also download the completed application to us and two photo's in a jpeg file. (It must be a
jpeg file), email to office@expatworld.net or expatworld@pobox.com. Then pay by cash, check or
money order sent via registered email to EW, Attn. Max , Box 1341Raffles City, Singapore 911745. De-
livery time from time we receive the order with payment is 10-14 days.
                                                                             Happy motoring --Expat World

                                             EXPAT WORLD • 3
                                       PT GLOBAL WALLET
   Expat World can now offer you a PT Global Wallet atm/debit Visa Card for only US$195 -- the set
up and activation charges. This atm/debit Visa Card is from a UK bank NOT from Yankeeville, so pri-
vacy is much better.
   Online balance checking is available and you can load the card via a bank wire.
   There is up to a US$3,000 per day load and or cash withdrawal ability depending on the atm/bank
the cash is pulled from.
   Here's the good thing about this card. With Ew's connections all it take is the set up fee of US $195,
one picture id and one utility bill and you've got a place to keep your secret stash or private money de-
   If you want to set up an account, you need to do this: Email: office@expatworld.net or expat-
world@pobox.com and verify that you have a picture ID and a utility bill in the same name and want to
apply for the card. We will then give you the details of where to send the set up fee and also send via
jpeg attachment (preferred) the copy of your ID and utility bill. Soon you will have your PT Global Wallet.
Get this quick before the bank is put under pressure by BB to not accept any more clients.

                             PRESS PASS
   If this is for you, read on. Expat World needs you to help in overcoming its challenge of providing Ex-
pat, PT, Travel, Beat the Bureaucracy type material each month for its readers. In return we present
you with the opportunity to go first class, enjoy the privileges of the rich and famous, attend events the
world over free or at a fraction of the normal cost and have more fun then a barrel of monkeys.
                        YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A HEMINGWAY, WOODWARD
                             OR BERNSTEIN TO HOLD A PRESS PASS
   You can enjoy all the benefits I've just described... and many more... without actually becoming a full
time journalist. You don't even have to write well. You can still carry a press pass of your own and enjoy
the many benefits of a card-carrying member of the press. We are offering you the chance to carry the
press pass for the Expat World News International Press Corps.
   My name is Gene, editor and publisher of Expat World and also the president of the Expat World
News International Press Corps. I want to make you a no-lose business proposition. We at Expat World
need to know any and all information important to Expats, PT's, International Travelers, International
Beat the Bureaucracy Tricks and Revelations, etc. In short we need a worldwide army of people, all the
time, to keep us informed on breaking news relevant to our readers. The opportunities are endless, any-
where in the world; riding down the Amazon, on a beach in the South Pacific, in exotic capitals of the
world, crossing Russia on the TransSiberian Express, surfing the internet, just about anywhere, even in
Porchville, USA.
   You don't have to write well for the nature of "news gathering" today in the information age has
changed drastically. We don't need polished articles, just your honest observations and researched
facts. Start enjoying what I have done- travel the world first class, get into events where tickets are
"unavailable", see and experience the unbelievable, live the good life virtually free.
   All you have to do is get one of our press passes and do your thing anywhere in the world. This is a
serious offer for serious people. As a correspondent for Expat World News we expect you to file a report
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                                             EXPAT WORLD • 4
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to us when you use the press pass. We place your reports on file in our in-house system for our writers
to use when and if they need the material for any article they may be writing. They may even use your
article under your name if you give permission. Remember though, you don't just work for us, you can
present your articles to any publisher eager to buy your material. And there is serious money in selling
your article to the 1000's of publications looking for material each month.
    When you get one of our Press Passes you have full support in that we will supply you with an as-
signment letter whenever requested. When you have an idea for a story or a fact finding tour or an event
you want to attend, just contact Expat World, attn. Correspondent Services and we'll write you a letter
certifying that our publishing company (Expat World) has assigned you to research the particular event
or place. Once you have this letter, it's the easy and professional way of approaching the people you
need to get you a "free ride". You may get as many assignment letters as you want, but remember, this
is an exchange. You're obliged to file a report with us on your travels or research when you use the
press pass.
    Unlike other press associations where the ANNUAL fee can be over $400, at Expat World News In-
ternational Press Corps our membership fee is just US $300 for a card with a 10 year validity! Like we
said, we are looking for serious people who will use the card and continue to use the card over the
years for their great enjoyment, free travel and benefits, and skyrocketing status while supplying Expat
World with material for its readers.
    Read the words of one of our newer correspondents about the benefits he received using the press
pass while on an assignment: "Boy, did I use the Press card to the max! I can honestly say my motto is
now "Behold the Power of the Press Card."
    Fill out the application below and get your press pass, 10 starter business cards identifying you as a
correspondent, plus free assignment letters as you request them. Send the application with US $300 in
cash, check, money order (payable to EXPAT WORLD). You can also pay-on-line at our secure server
at www.expatworld.net or www.expatworld.org. Don't forget to include two passport-size photos. Send
to Expat World, attn. Press Corps, Box 1341, Raffles City, Singapore 911745.
                                    PRESS PASS APPLICATION FORM
   YES! I want to enjoy the full range of privileges and celebrity status.....and membership in our world-
wide network of press correspondents with all the privileges thereof. Please rush my Expat World News
International Press Corps package.
    FULL NAME_ __________________________________________________________________

    DATE OF BIRTH (month) _______ (day) ____________ (year) ___________________________

    HEIGHT ______ WEIGHT ________ EYE COLOR _____ HAIR COLOR                   ___________________

    PLACE of BIRTH (city) ____________ (state) __________ (country) _______________________

    COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE(city) _______ (state) _______ (country) _______________________

    CONTACT PHONE AND/OR FAX NUMBER (phone) _________ fax) ______________________

    EMAIL ADDRESS (optional but advisable for business cards) _____________________________

    SIGNATURE ___________________________________________________________________
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                                            EXPAT WORLD • 5
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   Send the application, 2 small photos APPROXIMATELY one inch by one inch (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm) and
membership fee of $300 (cash, check, money order (payable to EXPAT WORLD) or include credit card
details which include the security code or pay-on-line at www.expatworld.net or www.expatworld.org -
SEND ALL VIA REGISTERED AIRMAIL to: Expat World, attn: Max correspondent's services, Box 1341
Raffles City, Singapore 911745.


                       AND ALL OF DEBT RIDDEN AMERICA.
   Probably, the key ingredient to living a free and happy life is to be free of debt and of course good
health. Then you can really get about the task of becoming a PT, a free thinking individual, a person liv-
ing a free life in an unfree world. Here is one way to get debt free quickly and start a new lifestyle.
   In today's economic climate with job's terminated, hours cut, prices rising for basic transportation,
food and services, falling home prices, kids in college, marriages to be paid for, divorces, and strato-
spheric health care costs, baleouts, rising school, county and state taxes, it's no wonder that even the
most careful and responsible people can end up in serious debt. The average American now has over
$8000 in unsecured debt to service regularly. not including mortgage or rent payments.
   No need to be ashamed, you're just part of the American dream that went bad. It's the odd person
out that never got into debt. But not to fret, for the smart people have found ways to get out of debt,
saving hundreds of dollars a month while doing it and bypassing, legally, the credit card companies,
banks and others who have the system on their side. They are able to legally get you even deeper in
debt by charging interest rates over 30 percent, keeping you in debt or even increasing your debt for-
   For all smart people who want or absolutely need to get out of debt with the least amount of pain and
forking out the least amount of money over the servicing of your debts, then EXPAT WORLD HAS A
   The easy way is just to go to www.ew1.debtfreerights.com and fill in a short form, submit it and you'll
be on your way to getting out of debt -- paying much less than you can image on your total debt obliga-
tion inclusive of the service of professional organization DebtFreeRights. BUT BEFORE YOU GO
THERE, let Expat World give you a little more in the way of information where you can see what debts,
that most people have, where www.ew1.DebtFreeRights.com can help.

    Accounts professionals at www. ew1.DebtFreeRights.com may be able to settle:
      • Credit Card Debt
      • Medical Bills (only if in collections)

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                                             EXPAT WORLD • 6
(Continued from page 6)
        •   Department Store Cards
        •   Unsecured Loans
        •   Overdue Rent
        •   Local Merchant Accounts
        •   Past Due Utility Bills (Only if in collections)
        •   Automobile Repossession Balances
        •   Oil/Gas Cards
        •   Personal Loans (only if in collections)
        •   Gym Memberships

   Many people struggle with the stress and anxiety caused by debt which can lead to bad decisions
and that just make things worse! Some opt for the bankruptcy route when some good advice from the
right people at the right time would have helped solve their problems more quickly, thus preventing fur-
ther hardship and anxiety.
   The attorneys ( Expat World hates that word "attorney") but at times they are necessary and can help
our readers and clients to set manageable debt reduction targets and work towards realistic goals and a
future free of debt.
   NOW YOU CAN GO directly to the website: www.ew1.debtfreerights.com and fill in the simple form
and a representative will contact you OR if you, your friends, relatives or associates aren't so Internet
savvy, then just place a phone call to: 1-888-429-1575 EXTension: a4570, through a4574

  Survive these difficult economic times in America for both you and your family, get on the website:
www.ew1.debtfreerights.com or get on that cell phone or landline phone and call: 1-888-429-1575 EX-
Tension: a4570, through a4574. Expat World thinks you will be glad you did.

                            PRESTIGIOUS MAIL DROP ADDRESS
   No privacy appreciating human would ever be without a mail drop address. Now Expat World is offer-
ing you a prestigious mailing address, mail drop, for less than US 1.00 per day (US $350 per year inclu-
sive of set up charge) We will set up your personal OR business address in the prestigious RAFFLES
PLACE AREA OF SINGAPORE'S BUSINESS DISTRICT. In today's world with the obliteration of one's
personal and financial privacy one needs to get an offshore mail drop/mailing address to protect one's
self from bureaucrats, ex-wives, asset reducers, etc.
   Expat World makes the set up procedure easy and as least privacy intrusive as possible. All we
really need is the personal name OR business name (one only) you want the account in, your email ad-
dress (so you can control the account and the Prestigious Mail Drop can notify you of the mail you re-
ceived) and the address where you would like your mail forwarded to. Start the first step in beating the
bureaucracy with your own prestigious mailing address. Email: office@expatworld.net or expat-
world@pobox.com with the words PRESTIGIOUS MD in the subject heading. We will return you the
complete application and details. DO IT NOW!

   PAINTINGS -- Looking for some paintings for your collection, your home, your
office or for gifts for those special friends. The reknown "Expat Artist" from Singapore
has some really different ones for you. View and purchase at www.expatartist.com

                                                   EXPAT WORLD • 7
                                    TITLES OF NOBILITY
                                 BARON, BARONESS OR EVEN PRINCE
    Expat World has teamed up with a group that can obtain for you Genuine Bygone English Lordship
Titles and Titles of Nobility and Feudal Titles of France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and Italy.
Theses titles are hundreds of Years Old, recorded in English History Books, including Titles once held
by Kings & Queens of England & Titles held by Knights Templars & Hospitallers. Those of you that have
been around with us for a while know we offer a bundle of products and services to our readers that put
them out of the crowd of the ordinary. You also know that before we enter into a relationship with an
firm, we do our due diligence and are sure that they are a reputable firm and above reproach in honesty
and service. Expat World has found that our associate firm offers an unconditional guarantee that is
honored. Their solicitor ensures that the Legal Transfer of Title is completed before dispensing any
money, thus protecting YOU and YOUR MONEY. Furthermore, they offer a range of titles for as low as
£2000 up to the highest of titles for the rich and want to be rich AND famous for £500,000. A range to fit
all pocket books. These titles are insurance backed, guaranteed genuine bygone titles hundreds of
years old, recorded in British history books. Many of these titles were once held by such people in Brit-
ish history as Henry VII, Elizabeth I , James I, Edward III, as well as Knights Templar and Knights Hos-
pitallers. Some come with authentic gold ring seals and other paraphernalia. After you have purchased
your title and the legal paper work has been done by our associates U.K. Solicitors (lawyers for the
American readers), you can add your title to passports, driving licenses, credit cards, etc.
    GUARANTEE -- Buy with Confidence. All our Titles are Insurance backed guaranteed and trans-
ferred through Solicitors/Lawyers. Below you will find a partial list of some of the titles that our associ-
ates have in hand. They are not all that is available or can be found on special request. They come in all
price ranges and the price shown is at time of printing. Most come with no additional fees such as solici-
tor's transfer fee. In other word most have no hidden charges.
    THE ULTIMATE GIFT -- Ok take a gander through the list below and pick out one for yourself and
any you may want to make a gift to a loved one or family member. Then contact Max at email :
office@expatworld.net or Gene at: expatworld@pobox.com and we will confirm that the title(s) you
chose are still available, discuss with you the operation for getting you the title, answer your questions
and finally connect you directly with "Our Title Man" for final preparation, payment and issuance. List of
Titles Presently Available. NOTE: If you don't see what you want in the more high priced, high profile,
highly prestigious titles in the £40,000 and up category, just email us with what you have in mind and we
can see if we can secure something more to your desire.
1. £45,000 - Lordship of Highbury (Arsenal) - Reduced from £70,000, Recorded in Doomsday
   book.Small subdivided Minor Manor of the Main Lordship. Dating from 1086. Right to appoint lady.
   Addressed: Lord and Lady. LONDON.Comes with a 16th Century 22ct Gold Cameo Ring of Queen
   Elizabeth I. Over 400 Years old. Once held by Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Knights Hospitallers, Charles
2. £35,000 - Lordship of Chelsea - Reduced from £45,000. Right to appoint title of Lady. London.
   Comes with 15th Century Emerald {22ct} Gold Ring- {over 500 years old} and the Right to appoint
   title of LADY
3. £12,500 IRISH TITLE - Baron Marshall reduced from £18,000. Dating from 16th Century. From the
   Baronies of Fermoy&Athenry, Cork & Galway, of the ancient Kingdom of Ireland(Eire). Right to ap-
   point title of lady. Addressed Baron. Comes with Baronial Hat, Sword, & Crest of Honour
                                                                                           (Fortsetzung auf Seite 9)

                                             EXPAT WORLD • 8
4. £48,000 - Scottish Barony of STRATHDALE CAIRNS in the the County of Caithness in SCOTLAND.
    Right to appoint title of Lady. Comes with a sword and seal ring. Comes with 2 acres of land.
5. £45,000, Italy. Feudal Baron of STREHLEN -Reduced from £55,000. Right to appoint title of Baron-
    ess. Comes with sword and seal ring.
6. £15,000 Lordship of Sunbury. Reduced from £25,000. Dating from 962. Recorded in the Doomsday
    Book 1086. Right to appoint title of Lady. Comes with Original 16th Century Lordship Seal Ring of a
    Horse. Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I , Elizabeth I, James I. Once held by the following family sur-
    names: Yetswiert, Butler, Stratford, Lake, Bunyan, Philips, Guiquet, Hudson, Boehm, Berney,
    Fletcher, Weeding, Allison, Park and Chester family.
7. £500,000, Italian Title. Prince of Brieg - The Noble Title. Reduced from £600,000. Right to appoint
    title of Princess. Comes with Sword, & Crest of Honor.
8. £10,000 Lordship of Henley - Dating from 1066. Recorded in the Doomsday Book 1086. reduced
    from £15,000. Right to appoint title of Lady. Once held by Henry VIII. Wilthire-Comes with Lordship
    Seal & Seal Ring.
9. £10,000, Lordship of Long Stanton- Reduced from £ 35,000. Dating From 1066. Right to appoint title
    of Lady. Once held by Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.
10. £10,000 Lordship of Laughton - Dating from 1086. Reduced from £19,995. Right to appoint title of
    Lady. Once held by Edward IV, Richard II, Henry VIII,
11. £10,000 Lordship Aston-Upthorpe - Dating from 964. Reduced from £25,000. Right to appoint title of
    Lady. Comes with Desk Seal & Seal Ring. Once held by Queen Elfthryth -Henry I, Henry VIII, Eliza-
    beth I.
12. £5,000 Lordship of Pall or Homer - reduced from £8,000. Right to appoint title of Lady .Once held by
    Henry VIII.
13. £5,000 Lordship of Goldbeaters - Dating from 1086. reduced from £8,000. Right to appoint title of
    Lady. Comes with Seal Ring
14. £4,750 Lordship of Crowle -Dating from 13th Century. Reduced from £7,995. Right to appoint title of
    Lady. Worcestershire -Comes with Seal Ring. Once held by Henry VIII.
15. £7,500 Lordship of EYE or Ebury - Reduced from £10,000. Right to appoint title of Lady. LONDON -
    Once part of Hyde Park & Mayfair.Once held by HenryVII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I, James I.
16. £7,300 Lordship of Kilburn Priory - Reduced from £10,500. Right to appoint title of Lady. LONDON -
    Comes with original 12th Century 24ct Knights Templar Crusader Gold Ring. Once held by Knights
    Templar, Henry VIII.
17. £3,000 Lordship of Wangey or Wangie - Dating from 13th Century reduced from £6,995. Right to ap-
    point title of Lady. Essex - Comes with Seal Ring. Once held by Henry VIII, Edward VI.
18. £3,000 Lordship of Heene Bavant - Sub-infeuded from Broadwater Manor Dating from 12th Century.
    Reduced from £6,995. Right to appoint title of Lady. Sussex - 1795 Vellum Document refers to
    Broadwater Manor. Once held by the following family surnames: Bavant, Richardson, Baker,
    Winston, Shirley, Graves, Braose, Clough, Butler, and Norton.
19. £4,000 Lordship of Bradley or Knight - Reduced from £6,500. Right to appoint title of Lady. Worces-
20. £4,000 Lordship of Priors Byne - Reduced from £5,995. Right to appoint title of Lady. Sussex. Once
    held by Henry VIII, Knights Hospitallers.
21. £3,500 Lordship of Sextens Croft or Pednor - Dating from 12th Century. Reduced from £5,995.
    Right to appoint title of Lady. Bedfordshire. Comes with Seal Ring. Once held by Henry VIII.
22. £3,000 Lordship of Vent - Dating from 14th Century. Reduced from £5,500. Right to appoint title of
    Lady. Oxfordshire
23. £SOLD RECENTLY - Have a Lordship. We buy and sell. Contact Gene: expatworld@pobox.com.
24. £2,700 Lordship of Banister's Court - Dating from 1346. Reduced from £4,500. Right to appoint title
                                                                                        (Continued on page 10)

                                           EXPAT WORLD • 9
(Continued from page 9)
    of Lady. Hampshire. .
25. £3,000 Lordship of Erbar - Reduced from £3995. Right to appoint title of Lady. Sussex. Once held
    by Henry VIII
26. £4,000 Lordship of Charlton - Dating from 939. 1068 years old. Reduced from £6,500. Right to ap-
    point title of Lad .Gloucs. Once held by Edward III, Henry VIII.
27. £2,500 Lordship of Mainsbridge or Townhill - Dating from 15th Century. Reduced from £3,995. Right
    to appoint title of Lady. Hampshire. Once held by Henry VIII. SOLD RECENTLY.
28. £2,500 Lordship of Bruce - Dating from 1066. Reduced from £3,995. Right to appoint title of Lady.
29. £2,000 Lordship of Bock Hampton - Dating from 1278. Reduced from £3,000. Right to appoint title of
    Lady. Sussex.
30. £2,300 Lordship of Stretcholt - Dating from 13th Century. Reduced from £3,500. Right to appoint ti-
    tle of Lady. Somerset.
31. £2,000 Lordship of Camps or Camp - Dating from 1486. Reduced from £3,500. Right to appoint title
    of Lady. Cambridgeshire. Once held by Elizabeth I. SOLD RECENTLY.
32. £2,500 Lordship of Littlebury's or Gimber's - Reduce from £3,500. Right to appoint title of Lady.
33. £2,000 Lordship of Little Baldon - Dating from 1086. Recorded in the Doomsday Book 1086. Re-
    duced from £3,500. Right to appoint title of Lady. Oxfordshire.
34. £2,500 Lordship of Salford - Dating from 13th Century. Reduced from £2,995. Right to appoint title
    of Lady.Worcestershire. Once held by Henry VIII
35. £2,500 Lordship of Sheltwood - Dating from 15th Century. Reduced from £3,000. Right to appoint
    title of Lady. Worcestershire. Once held by Henry VIII.
36. £2,000 Lordship of Warres - Dating from 13th Century - Reduced from £2,750. Right to appoint title
    of Lady. Berkshire.
37. £2,000 Lordship of Smithick - Dating from 13th Century. Reduced from £2,500. Right to appoint title
    of Lady. West Sussex.
38. £4,000 Lordship of Denmead Molyns - Dating from 1272. Reduced from £6,500. Right to appoint ti-
    tle of Lady. Hampshire. Once held by Henry VIII. Also held by the following Families: Molyns, Knight,
    Cope, Fareham.
39. £2000 Lordship of Geles -Dating from 16th Century. Reduced from £3,000. Right to appoint title of
    Lady. Middlesex.
40. £2,200 Lordship of Barmby - Reduced from £2,500. Right to appoint title of Lady. Yorkshire.
41. £2,000 Lordship of East Standen - Dating from 13th Century. Reduced from £2,200. Right to appoint
    title of Lady. Hampshire.
42. £2,500 Lordship of Milton - Dating from 14th Century. Reduced from £3,500. Right to appoint title of
    Lady. Hampshire.
43. £1,800 Lordship of Hornbeamgate - Dating from 14th Century. Reduced from £2,000. Right to ap-
    point title of Lady. Hertfordshire. SOLD RECENTLY.
44. £2000 Lordship of Holdfast - Dating from 11th Century. Right to appoint title of Lady. Worcester-
45. £3,000 Lordship of Rowton - Right to appoint title of Lady. Yorkshire. once held by Henry VIII.
46. £2,000- Lordship of Spillman's Court - Dating from 13th Century, Right to appoint title of Lady.
47. £2,500 Lordship of Little Sutton - Dating from 15th Century, Right to appoint title of Lady. Wiltshire.
48. £2,000 Lordship of Hemsey - Dating from 1240. Reduced from £3,000. Right to appoint title of Lady.
                                                                                          (Continued on page 11)

                                            EXPAT WORLD • 10
(Continued from page 10)
49. £2,000 Lordship of Lealey - Dating from 14th Century. Right to appoint title of Lady. Shropshire.
50. £3,000 Lordship of Carton - Reduced from £4,000. Recorded in the Doomsday Book. Right to ap-
     point title of Lady. Worcestershire.
51. £2,000 Lordship of Shortsfield - Dating from 13th Century. Right to appoint title of Lady. Sussex.
52. £2,000 Lordship of Pinners or Pinners Greenor Pyenest - Reduced from £3,000. Right to appoint ti-
     tle of Lady. Essex.
53. £2,000 Loordship of Putte or Put - Dating from 1448. Right to appoint title of Lady.Hampshire.
54. £2,000 Lordship of Bouldnor - Dating from 1428. Right to appoint title of Lady. Leicestershire.
55. £1,700 Lordship of Esseho - Dating from 1086. Reduced from £2,000. Right to appoint title of Lady.
56. £2,000 Lordship of Pole - Dating from 13th century. Right to appoint title of Lady. Shropshire.
57. £3,700 Lordship of Stanley - Reduced from £5,000. Right to appoint title of Lady. Wiltshire. Once
     held by Henry III.
58. £3,000 Lordship of Ashe - Dating from 1086. Reduce from £4,500. Right to appoint title of Lady.
     Hampshire. Once held by Henry VIII.
59. £4,000 Lordship of Gatewick (In Steyning) or Gotwick - Dating from 1503. Reduced from £6,000.
     Right to appoint title of Lady. West Sussex.
60. £3,000 Lordship of Hall Park - Dating from 11th Century. Reduced from £4,000. Right to appoint title
     of Lady. Hampshire.
61. £3,000 Lordship of Harting - Reduced from £4,000. Right to appoint title of Lady. Sussex. Once held
     by Henry VIII.
62. £2,500 Lordship of Thrupp - Dating from 1066. Reduce from £4,000. Right to appoint title of Lady.
     Oxfordshire. Once held by Henry VIII. RECENTLY SOLD.
63. £3,500 Lordship of Bushby or Rusper Prior - Reduced from £5,000. Right to appoint title of Lady.
     Sussex. Once held by Henry VIII.
64. £2,500 Lordship of Naunton - Dating from 12th century. Reduced from £4,000. Right to appoint title
     of Lady. Yorkshire.
65. £3,000 Lordship of Landguard or Lengred - Dating from 1066. Reduced from £5,000. Right to ap-
     point title of Lady. Hampshire.
66. £3,000 Lordship of Thurnby - Reduced from £5,000. Right to appoint title of Lady. Leicestershire.
     Once held by Henry VIII.
office@expatworld.net or Gene at: expatworld@pobox.com (put TITLE in the subject heading) with your
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    Buy through Expat World where we have special arrangements to offer you discounts. An example
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                      A MERCHANT CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT
                         A MUST FOR EVERY BUSINESS
    Worldwide, new businesses are starting up in great numbers every day. And in the age of credit and
debit cards your business has very little chance of surviving without the ability to process credit/debit
card transactions. If you have a store front, you can usually arrange for a credit card merchant account,
but the trick today is to find an organization that can provide these merchant accounts for internet or
home based businesses.
    Expat World has been at the internet business from the start and we could tell you stories, probably
that some of you have already heard, on how difficult it is to get a credit card merchant account so that
your business will prosper. Truth is, VERY few firms representing the majors: Visa , Master Card,
American Express, Discovery, Diners Club want to take on merchants who don't have a storefront. Very
few will even consider a small internet business. But you our readers are in for a treat.
    After literally two years of searching we found a company who can get you the account you need, at
competitive market rates. They are flexible in considering all fields of businesses excepting the ones
that the credit card companies themselves limit. They can be creative.
    Another thing Expat World likes about them is that, although they are US based, they have ways
that international companies like Expat World or other worldwide companies can get an account, par-
ticularly if you have a net based business and your internet provider is a US based business. What else
is nice is that you don't have to be terminal based or have any fancy equipment or add-ons to your com-
puter, it's all web based on your personal PC or Mac.
    Let me talk more about the Internet gateway, for many of those who read Expat World, NEED a mer-
chant credit card provider for you are or will be doing business through the internet and your computer.

                                HOW INTERNET MERCHANTS ACCEPT CARDS
   Internet merchants obviously work in a different environment than over-the counter retail merchants.
The transaction is not done face-to-face, but is done without the actual card present. You yourself may
be familiar with shopping online; you arrive at a merchant's site, browse the online store and add some
items to your virtual shopping cart. When done, you check out and are guided to that part of the mer-
chant's site where you enter your card information and the transaction is completed - that system is
called a Gateway.
   Instead of swiping the card, you enter your card number, expiration date, your billing address and the
security code on the back of the card. All the transaction information is at this point captured by the
Gateway and sent to the processor for Authorization. The Gateway automatically closes the batch at
night and sends all the transactions to the processor for settlement, much like a POS terminal. A Gate-
way is usually hosted on the servers of the company that provides the Gateway services. The secure
card information usually does not touch the merchant's site, but is directly entered into an encrypted
page served up by the Gateway provider. Larger companies have the resources to handle this secure
information themselves, thus they collect the transaction information on their site and subsequently
hand it off to the Gateway provider. A security audit must be performed and passed before a company
can collect its own information. Most merchants prefer that the Gateway provider takes care of this as
they are already certified to handle this type of secure information, saving the merchant the hassle of
going through the certification process.
   Another method in which a Gateway is used is called a Virtual Terminal. Some merchants take or-
ders via phone or fax instead of, or in addition to, their web site. Instead of the cardholder entering the
card information online, the merchant logs into their Gateway and is able to enter the sale and card in-
formation himself. Since this is very similar to manually entering or keying in a transaction on a POS ter-
                                                                                          (Continued on page 14)

                                            EXPAT WORLD • 13
(Continued from page 13)
minal, this component of a Gateway is called a Virtual Terminal.
   Two of the preferred gateways BCE provides are Authorize.Net and IntelliPay. Let's take a closer
look into these two gateways and additional internet products that we highly recommend:

   Authorize.net is one of the first gateway providers to hit the bankcard industry. Authorize.Net offers
several methods for connecting web sites and point-of-sale (POS) systems to its payment gateway for
submitting transactions.
   Web merchants can choose the method that is right for them, according to their customization re-
quirements. Retail and mobile merchants integrate to the payment gateway via third-party hardware and
software solutions that have been certified to Authorize.Net's security and performance standards. Addi-
tional value-added products of Authorize.Net eCheck.Net -- This product allows merchants to accept
and process bank checks online. This is an excellent value-add product as it reduces costs while offer-
ing your merchants (and their customers) an additional payment option. Check information is entered
onto a secure page on the merchant's web site and is then converted into an electronic payment. Fraud
Detection Suite (FDS) -- Identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent
transactions with Authorize.Net's exclusive customizable, rules-based Fraud Detection Suite.
   The Authorize Net Fraud Detection Suite (FDS) is a set of customizable, rules-based filters and tools
that identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions. The mer-
chant can customize FDS filters and tools to match their business needs and control how suspicious
transactions are handled, including the ability to approve, decline or hold transactions for manual re-
view. Credit card fraud exposes Web merchants to potentially significant and ongoing costs; this product
is a must for high-volume merchants. FDS includes multiple filters and tools that work together to evalu-
ate transactions for indicators of fraud. Their combined logic provides a powerful and highly effective de-
fense against fraudulent transactions.
   Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) -- Save time and increase productivity by letting ARB handle re-
curring billings, or "subscriptions," according to the billing interval and duration you set. Authorize.Net's
Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) is a convenient and easy-to- use tool for managing recurring trans-
actions. Merchants can take advantage of ARB's flexible features to enhance customer service and
build customer loyalty, while reducing authorization declines and overall administrative costs. Merchants
simply create a subscription that includes the customer's payment information; billing amount, interval,
and duration. ARB does the rest, generating the subsequent recurring transactions based on a set
   Intellipay's gateway was developed by US Merchant Service in 1998. It was subsequently rolled out
as its own company and later acquired by Pacific Webworks, Inc, a technology firm located in Salt Lake
City. Besides being a gateway for MOTO and Internet transactions, merchants are also able to swipe
cards using IntelliPay, thus retail merchants can use it as well. A real advantage of IntelliPay is that it
seamlessly integrates with Pacific Webwork's amazing suite of online store building products called Vis-
ual WebTools. These tools allow merchants with little or no web programming experience to simply put
together their own unique internet store, complete with shopping cart, marketing tools, inventory man-
agement, shipping and card acceptance.
   It is impossible for us, Expat World, to give you the complete package of what our Merchant Credit
Card provider can do for you as a web based user to enhance your sells after you both determine
what's the best option for you to get started.
   Expat World has been concentrating on giving you the merchant account story for web based busi-
nesses for we see this area as the great need today. BUT, we don't want to short the merchant account
                                                                                            (Continued on page 15)

                                             EXPAT WORLD • 14
(Continued from page 14)
provider in their ability to offer the highest quality, business enhancing, technically superior POS (Point
of Sale) options for those of you with fix business locations, storefronts, or rotating POS.
    Now here's something that is hard to believe in these times of credit crunch. "You can actually get im-
mediate cash in seven days of up to $150,000 based on your business credit card sales". Use this abil-
ity wisely and you have capital to expand your business. EW won't mention more here, but if we've got
your attention introducing you to the most advanced, creative credit card merchant account provider in
the business today, you have to act NOW.

                              SO EXPAT WORLD WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?
    It's simple! If you want a credit/debit card merchant account and the many additional products and
services aligned with the merchant credit card business or know anybody that does NEED this -- and if
you are in business, you won't be for long without a merchant account -- have them go to:
    There you'll find a telephone number and ID. Give them a call, quote the ID number and tell them Ex-
pat World sent you their way. You can even request more information via email, but nothing's better
then talking directly to the provider. PS: Don't be confused about their web site only mentioning "getting
immediate cash for your business based upon business credit card sales." If Expat World had built the
site, it would have included all the great things on actual merchant accounts they include in the package
they will send you after talking with you and finding out exactly what YOU want and what they can do for
    So let me repeat. To get started growing your business go to: www.bankcardempire.com/amsi516
then telephone them at: 888-900-9666 (in the USA), give them the ID code amsi516. This may be the
best business decision you may ever make. Do it now! Cheers, the boys at Expat World

                                  GRANDPA'S RESOURCE LIST
    Expat World has finally convinced our great friend and associate (Grandpa), a major developer of the
PT concept, to release his resource list to us so we can get it out to the whole world of expats, PT's in-
ternationally thinking people, studs, duds and players everywhere. Today, we're going to give you a few
pages of hard to source resources mostly free for your use. Now, once you see the type of things this
list is full of, you'll want to get our newest CD -- GRANDPA'S RESOURCE LIST -- from the mouth of
the world's most famous PT, international consultant, the mother of all internationalist, known by
Grandpa to all in the know.
    Here's the skinny, we're sure you'll want Grandpa's Resource List after seeing the samples taken
from it. For a mere USD $75 Expat World will provide the CD that is made up of of over 75 pages of re-
sources that Grandpa collected for his personal consultant clients. In most cases it takes a yearly
$10,000 consultancy with grandpa to even see this list. What a deal!!!!!!! You couldn't comprise such a
valuable list in month's of work. If you did it would cost you thousands of dollars in time even being paid
a Mc Donald's wage. To get your Grandpa's Resource List, just drop us a US $ cash, check or money
order, payable to Expat World. Send via registered airmail to: Expat World, Box 1341 Raffles City, Rep.
Of Singapore 911745. Also, you will soon be able to pay-on-line at www,expatworld.org and
www.expatworld.net. This item is so new it will take some time to get it up on line with our pay-on-line
facility. But you can do it immediately on line by using the "special services" sector and entering the
amount ( $75) and in comments put Grandpa's Resource list. Order today, This is really a great re-

                                            EXPAT WORLD • 15
                  SNIPS AND CLIPS

                  DATELINE BERLIN
    It did not take long for the world financial crisis
to affect the world's oldest profession in Ger-              Berlin's Pussy Club has attracted media at-
many.                                                     tention with its headline-grabbing „flat rate“ - a
    In one of the few countries where prostitution        70-euro admission charge for unlimited food,
is legal, the industry has responded with an eco-         drink and sex between 10am and 4pm.
nomic-stimulus package of it's own, including                Said manager Stefan who requested his sur-
modern marketing tools, rebates and gimmicks to           name not be published: „You've got to some up
boost falling demand.                                     with creative solutions these days.
    Some brothels have cut prices or added free              Our offer might sound like it's too good to be
promotions, while others have introduced all-             true, but it's real. You can eat as much as you
inclusive flat-rate fees.                                 want, drink as much as you want and have as
    Free shuttle buses, discounts for seniors and         much sex as you want.“
taxi drivers, as well as „day passes“, are among             Other novel ideas include loyalty cards,
several marketing strategies designed to keep             group sex parties and rebates for golf players.
business going.                                                                 •••••
    Ms Karing Ahrens, who manages the Yes, Sir
brothel in Hanover, told Reuters that revenue had            Some people insist the martini can be made
dropped by 30 percent at her establishment while          either gin or vodka. To me that's like saying the
turnover had fallen by as much as 50 per cent at          woman who lives next door could stand in for
other clubs.                                              my wife. Does vodka have a rightful place in a
    Clients are being tight with their money... You       real martini? - A.S., Sarasota, Florida.
can't charge for the extras any more and there is            Repeat after us: The martini is made with
pressure to cut prices. Everyone wants a deal.            gin, not vodka. There are vodkatinis, sketinis,
Special promotions are essential these days,“             appletinis and chocolatinis. Let the tiniboppers
said Ms Ahrens.                                           have their sugary vodka cocktails. Only a gin-
    Added Ms Anke Christiansen, manager of the            based martini offers the level of smoothness
GeizHaus brothel in Hamburg: „The regular cus-            and rich, complex flavor that an individual of
tomers who used to come by two or three times a           wealth and taste such as you deserves. The
week are coming by only once or twice a week              proper gin martini – and its sipper – is in a class
now.“                                                     by itself, says Moreland. „It's the sexiest drink in
    Germany has about 400,000 professional                the world,“ he asserts. „It says a lot about the
prostitutes, both female and male. In 2002, new           people who order one. There's something inter-
legislation allowed prostitutes to advertise and to       esting about them – they're just wired differ-
enter into formal labour contracts.                       ently.“
    Annual revenues are about 14 billion euros                                  •••••
($27 billion), according to an estimate by the
Verdi services union.                                                                       (Continued on page 17)

                                               EXPAT WORLD • 16
              ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT                       man a lamp, he receives bagpipes.“
   Washington, D.C. - In mid-September the FBI              France, „A dealer in onions is a good judge of
released it's annual Uniform Crime Report, re-           leeks.“
vealing that arrests for marijuana offenses hit a           India, „The man with nostrils is Mr. Nose
record high in 2007 at 872,721. Amazingly, nearly        among the noseless.“
90 percent of those arrested – 775,138 – were               Iraq, „Women are the whips of Satan.“
charged with possession only. In addition, almost                             •••••
three quarters of those arrested were under the
age of 30. „These numbers belie the myth that               Rank of Barack Obama's election among the
police do not target and arrest minor cannabis of-       „biggest day(s) ever in the history of marketing
fenders,“ said NORML executive director Allen St.        according to an Ad Age columnist: 1
Pierre. „This effort is a tremendous waste of crimi-                            ••
nal-justice resources that diverts law enforcement         Rank of Guns 'N Roses' Chinese Democracy
personnel away from focusing on serious and vio-         among „music's most anticipated album(s) ever,“
lent crime, including the war on terrorism.“             according to its ad campaign: 1
   The number of marijuana-related arrests in                                   ••
2007 dwarfed the number of all violent-crime ar-             Rank the album held on the Billboard charts in
rests combined in the same year.                         the first and second weeks of its release respec-
                                                         tively: 3,18
   „I tried to rip the ball out of wide receiver J.J.       Amount for which TV Guide was sold in Octo-
Stokes's hands. I didn't get the ball, but I got his     ber: $1
testicles in my hand, and I became a human nut-                                 ••
cracker. He jumped up, woofing, 'That's bullshit,          Year in which Bhutan's king instituted „Gross
Romanowski! That's dirty!' And for some reason I         National Happiness“ as a leading indicator: 1
was like, 'Who the hell are you?' And without                                   ••
thinking, I just spat in his face. Splat!“                 Percentage of Bhutanese who are currently
                       •••••                             happy, according to the country's new pilot sur-
                                                         vey: 68
         APPEAR BOTH WORLDLY AND WISE                                           ••
        Obfuscation can be so illuminating                   Pounds of ice, sculpted into the word
    In cocktail-party conversation nothing wows          „economy,“ that artists used last fall to create a
like an exotic aphorism applied to the events of         „literal meltdown“ in Manhattan: 1,500
the day. It doesn't even matter whether you use                                 ••
the old saw correctly – your audience will be               Estimated total value in December 2007 of the
amazed regardless. Here are a few handy ones             family fortune of Thomas Friedman's wife:
we learned from Peculiar Proverbs by Stephen             $3,500,000,000
Arnott. Preface each with „As they say in....“                                  ••
    China, „You cannot buy honorable rice from a           Percentage change in the value of that fortune.
dead uncle.“                                                                    ••
    Scotland, „Cripples are great doers. Break              Minimum number of Americans since January
your leg and try.“                                       2008 who have purchased stem-cell therapy for
    Denmark, „It's a foolish woman who blames            their dogs: 1,196
her cabbage.“                                                                   ••
    West Africa, „It's no use trying to sell a ring to       Chance that an American over 65 has no natu-
a leper.“                                                ral teeth: 1 in 4
    Japan, „If you throw cakes at a man, he'll                                  ••
throw cakes at you.“                                       Percentage by which chewing gum reduces
    Germany, „When a deaf man gives the blind                                              (Continued on page 18)

                                              EXPAT WORLD • 17
(Continued from page 17)                              fatuous by Muslim clerics), but the country's first
anxiety during conditions of mild to moderate         goat beauty pageant was held last fall in Riyadh,
stress: 12                                            with the distinctive Najdi breed, featuring high
                            ••                        nose bridges and silky, shaggy hair, taking top
   Percentage of U.S. School districts that have      prizes. In fact, most of the goats in the competi-
banned bake sales due to anti-obesity regula-         tion had the same father, Burgan, whose progeny
tions: 29                                             typically fetch the equivalent of $25,000 and up.
                            ••                        Still, prize-winning show camels can bring 10
  Number of applications submitted last fall for a    times that amount for the greater status they con-
$10,000 collegiate „blogging scholarship“: 1,902      vey to their owners. Burgan himself did not ap-
                            ••                        pear at the pageant because his owner feared
    Number that turned out to be spam: 557            that a jealous competitor would have an „evil eye“
                            ••                        cast upon him.
    Well behaved women seldom make history.                                   •••••
                                                                COLO. MAN ON HORSE TICKETED
                   PUBIC AFFAIRS                                    FOR RIDING WHILE DRUNK
             FASHION HITS THE G SPOT                     Arvada, Colo. (AP) – A man in a cowboy hat
   For Euro eyes only. Readers of British Vogue       who rode a horse through a Denver suburb has
were recently treated to a graphic new ad for         been eited for riding an animal under the influ-
Gucci. While official lips are sealed as to whether   ence. Police say Brian Drone was given a US$25
the Gucci coochie was shaved of Photoshopped,         traffic violation ticket in a strip mall parking lot Fri-
there is talk of selling a waxing kit. Should make    day. Drone told a Denver TV station that he was
for a nice box.                                       out for a „joyride“ in Arvada with his horse,

                                                        ORANGUTAN ESCAPES HER ENCLOSURE AT ADE-
                                                                    LAIDE ZOO IN AUSTRALIA
                                                         Adelaide, Australia (AP) – A zoo in Australia
                                                      was evacuated today after an „ingenious“ 137-
                                                      pound orangutan short-circuited an electric fence
                                                      and hopped a wall surrounding her enclosure.
                                                      The ape, a 27-year-old female named Karta,
                                                      jammed a stick into wired connected to the fence
                                                      and then piled up debris to climb a concrete and
                                                      glass wall at the Adelaide Zoo.

                                                         Some co-workers and I were discussing how
                                                      the martini got its name. One guy insisted it was
                                                      named after Dean Martin. Is he right? - L.T.,
                                                      Mamaroneck, New York
                                                         We'll give Dean Martin a credit for a lot of
                                                      things, but we have to draw the line when it
                           •••••                      comes to giving the martini its moniker. No one is
              BEAUTY PAGEANTS                         absolutely certain where the name comes from,
  Saudi Arabia is host to several camel beauty        but most cocktail connoisseurs seem to agree the
pageants each year (condemned as religiously                                                 (Continued on page 19)

                                             EXPAT WORLD • 18
(Continued from page 18)                                    ale a malty masterpiece, except the brewery bal-
martini is a descendent of the martinez, a sweeter          ances all that luscious sweetness with a boatload
sibling made with sweet vermouth, Old Tom gin, a            of hops. A Colorado legend.
little maraschino liqueur and a dash of bitters. A              Expedition Stout, Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo,
plaque commemorating the birth of the martini               Michigan Michigan winters beg for big, potent, in-
can be found in, yes, Martinez, California. You             your-face stouts like this. Expect to be bowled
might impress your co-workers by informing them             over with flavors from espresso to port to raisins
that Martinez is also the birthplace of Joltin' Joe         and a big, warming finish.
DiMaggio.                                                       The Mad Elf Ale, Tröegs Brewing Company,
                           •••••                            Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Tart cherry taste?
                                                            Check. Belgian-esque spiciness? Check. Rich
   What's the story behind the water used to                depth of flavor? Check. Potent, soothing alcho-
make Bombay Sapphire? Does it come from In-                 hol? Check. A rebuttal to the misconception that
dia? - W.S., Topeka, Kansas                                 all fruit beers are girlie.
   Good question. In fact, the water hails from a
craggy corner of ales called Lake Vyrnwy, a pic-
turesque nature preserve dotted with spectacular                Year that the U.S. Stock market first regained
waterfalls and dense forest. At the heart of the            its 1929 pre-crash peak: 1954
preserve is a reservoir that's reinforced with a
stone-built dam. It is from there that the water for          Profit that the federal government made in
Bombay Sapphire is extracted. Lake Vyrnwy is                1983 on stock obtained in its 1979 bailout of
popular with hikers, cyclists, bird-watchers – and          Chrysler: $311,000,000
fans of the finest gin in the world.
                           •••••                              Projected percentage change in the number of
                                                            U.S. New-auto dealership this year: -8
   Five Limited Editions Worth The Splurge                     Percentage of Americans who say they wuld
   Around this time of year our grocery and liquor          not buy a car from an automaker in bankruptcy:
stores entertain some interesting visitors. They're         94
called seasonal brews, winter stouts, Christmas
ales and the like, and no matter how much you                  Amount that GM's car loan business lost dur-
stare at their festive labels you can't tell if they will   ing the first nine months of 2008: $2,700,000,000
actually taste any good.
   We asked beer expert Stephen Beaumont to                   Annual percentage interest rate that Vene-
pick some reliable yuletide specials.A bit of gen-          zuela charged Argentina for a &1 billion loan last
eral advice: These are beers for sipping and sa-            August: 15
voring, not guzzling.
   He'brew Jewbelation Twelve, Shmaltz Brewing                 Date on which Venezuela and Russia con-
Company, San Francisco Twelce malts, including              ducted a joint naval exercise in the Carribean:
two kinds of rye, combine with 12 varieties of              12/1/08
hops to create this 12 percent alcohol monster of
a Hanukkah beer.                                              Percentage of Russians who say one goal of
   Our Special Ale, Anchor Brewing Company,                 U.S. Foreign policy is „the complete destruction of
San Francisco Although different each year, this            Russia“: 43
classic Christmas beer is usually spiced and al-                                 •••••
ways beautifully balanced. A moderately strong
and perennially tasty treat.
   Hibernation Ale, Great Divide Brewing Com-
pany, Denver You could call this rich toffee-ish

                                                 EXPAT WORLD • 19
                                ADDITIONAL KOOL TOOLS
                                           FROM   EXPAT WORLD

   Anonymous OFFSHORE Bank Accounts - We have available from time to time different banks
which will set up an account for you anonymously through a "pen name" with little to no ID. typical char-
ge for set up is US $1200 -$1500.

   Various Privacy Reports - We have a bundle of "privacy" reports we call the BBB's - Beat the Bu-
reaucracy Brochures-on a variety of subjects. Priced from US $20, but much cheaper by the bundle.

  Passports by Mail Report- Our large format book on the ins and outs outs of getting a second legal
passport via the mail. Anyone considering getting a second legal passport should read this. it could
keep you out of the "pokey". Information includes applications and countries available for quickstep
passports by mail. $39.95 gets the 70 page book airmailed to you.

  Offshore Corporations - We can help you do this in a few different ways and places. Our bargain
country, barebones incorporation and highly recommended is Panama at about US $1200.

  Consultancy Service - We have a staff of experts who can help you with most any of your internati-
onal, personal or business privacy, PT or Beat the Bureaucracy concern. Our charges are US $400 to
answer a reasonable request pertaining to your problem. If our experts at EW can't provide the soluti-
ons, we will either refer you to an expert who can, who is usually the Grandpa of the PT philosophy.

    International Investing and Structures Specialists - We can give you a referral to what EW thinks
is the best firm offshore dealing in asset enhancement while protecting your privacy, secrecy and provi-
ding the bureaucratic shielding one needs to keep his investments and profits out of the hands of all as-
set reducers. Email us about our Panama asset protection specialists.

    Non-Traditional University Degrees - Better men than most have succeeded without a college de-
gree, but most must have this door opener. Trinity College and University working under a U.K. law
which permits them to issue degrees offers a non-traditional "University of Life" approach to granting
degrees. The basis for your degree is on past courses taken, seminars, and your real life work experien-
ce. Degrees are granted in most fields excepting medical doctors and rocket scientists. The fees start as
low as US $250 for a Bachelors Degree to US $600 for a Doctors Degree. Degrees available on Bache-
lors, Masters and Doctors levels. For full information on degrees obtainable and full costs email of-
fice@expatworld.net or expatworld@pobox.com and ask for Trinity University and College information.

   Ordination - Need a new lease on life, another ID, eligibility for travel discounts, possible tax savings
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   The Electronic Edition of Expat World newsletter - Expat World has gone into the 21st century by
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enjoy sitting down on the "pottie" and reading a hard copy version of Expat World newsletter you can
                                                                                           (Continued on page 24)

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READER WARNING -- While Expat World has endeavored to ensure, to its satisfaction, the legitimacy and ac-
curacy of the advertisements included in the Expat World newsletter and it‘s other publications at the time of
publication, it cannot accept liability for loss or damage that an> of its readers may directly or indirectly suffer or
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