Benefits of Application Development Using Rigorously Tested by S5P07V


									                  The Benefits of Using Rigorously Tested
                     Routines from Numerical Libraries
                  By Rob Meyer, Numerical Algorithms Group

Executive Summary—This white paper –“The Benefits of Using
Rigorously Tested Routines from Numerical Libraries—Manufacturing
Engineering Edition” speaks to matters at the core of industry—from yield
analysis and process control, quality assurance, and design of automated
systems, etc—that rely on mathematical and statistical methods that ultimately
affect time-to-market. To the extent that industrial engineers’ work involves
significant numerical computation, it is timely to re-examine how
computational frameworks are or are not designed for maximum performance.

Although many manufacturing engineers have long relied on pre-packaged
software for many routine tasks, new areas of research have often outpaced
these pre-packaged offerings. Concomitantly, whether realized or not, nearly
every manufacturing and automation engineer today is working in a
computational infrastructure that employs multicore processors that
significantly SLOW performance of legacy applications originally developed
for single processor computing environments.

Performance gains today, by and large, are no longer accessible through
hardware upgrades—the historic path taken by commercial enterprises of all
kinds through the decades. Now, we have entered a period where investment
in software, not hardware, may matter more. For manufacturing engineers
endeavoring to speed time-to-market and ensure the highest quality
standards, a re-examination of the computational infrastructure at work is
extremely relevant.

“The Benefits of Using Rigorously Tested Routines from Numerical
Libraries—Manufacturing Engineering Edition” will provide a framework
for understanding how commercially available numerical libraries can be a
powerful tool to manage today’s industrial engineering studies, including
discussion of:

-commercially available numerical libraries vs. numerical code developed in-

-commercially available numerical libraries vs. open source code

-quality control— validation and testing issues

-future-proofing— costs of migrating to newer computational platforms such
as GPU or HPC environments

-future proofing—the value of library documentation vis-à-vis an application’s
entire lifecycle and the given of staff turnover

-tips on real-world trials to determine ability of numerical libraries to speed
application development
For more information including answers to more specific questions on the
suitability of the NAG Library algorithms to particular research areas, contact
David Cassell, NAG Library Specialist, at

How would you feel if, after                     latest hardware because they are
devoting weeks or months to                      using applications coded for use on
application development, you found               a single processor when the new
that your application produced                   hardware is equipped with a
incorrect or unreliable results?                 multicore chip. Counter-intuitively,
                                                 hardware that could potentially
The use of rigorously tested                     speed processing time by orders of
routines from numerical libraries                magnitude may be responsible for
has long been a proven way to                    significantly slowing down many
speed application development and                applications. These organizations
performance. Recent                              then experience significant bottom
developments in processor design                 line impact without realizing why
and computational science                        this is occurring. The issue for
suggests that their use should                   which they are unprepared is that
become even more widespread.                     programming a multicore computer
This is because very few                         is more complex than software
application developers have the                  development on a single processor
expertise or time to assess and                  system.
understand the implications of the
rapidly evolving computing                       Numerical libraries have always
infrastructure on their work. As a               been the preferred mechanism by
consequence, they may not obtain                 which sophisticated technical
the best runtime performance or                  application developers could
consistent accuracy from their                   readily incorporate mathematical
codes.                                           and statistical functionality within
                                                 their applications. Today these
We have entered a period where                   libraries offer a new opportunity to
investment in software, not                      organizations in that they provide a
hardware, matters most.                          convenient way to access the true
                                                 power of multicore systems.
The advent of multicore processors
is responsible for this. Traditionally           Why is this so?
performance improvements were
largely attributable to the use of               Custom developed numerical code,
faster clocked processors.                       for use in a specific application, can
However in the multicore                         be incredibly time consuming to
environment the clock speed of                   produce and also the most costly
each core is now slower and hence                strategy in the long term. Such
application performance will                     code may take a long time to
decrease unless more than one                    develop because of the
core can be utilized. Many                       complexities of designing the best-
organizations may therefore notice               match algorithmic approach
degradation in application                       appropriate to the solution of the
performance when they deploy the                 specific problem and the difficulty
of encoding that algorithm in an           to choose between different
accurate and stable numerical              hardware platforms and
manner. Then, the very fact that it        programming languages to best
is being written for one current           take advantage of the particular
application suggests that the              characteristics of hardware and
developers may not consider the            software available but still have
possibility of extended numerical          confidence in any results produced.
requirements and therefore may
not include the flexibility and            The individual numerical methods
documentation vital to enable the          used in diverse fields such as
next advance for the product or the        modelling, research, analytics,
next development project.                  design, exploration, financial
                                           engineering and product
It can be argued that free                 development must constantly
algorithms, available from the             evolve as well. This is because
Internet, can provide an alternative       new, more reliable algorithms that
to commercially available numerical        are efficient generally or on specific
libraries. Unfortunately support,          hardware configurations are
                                                           constantly being
                                                           developed. Indeed
                                                           some routines that
                                                           were considered
                                                           state-of-the-art only
                                                           a few years ago are
                                                           thought to be very
                                                           inefficient by today’s
                                                           Developers of
                                                           numerical libraries
                                                           are constantly
                                                           striving, through
maintenance and rigorous testing                           algorithmic
of these sources is at best                innovations, to provide problem-
unpredictable and therefore the            solving software that is appropriate,
user of such software is, perhaps          efficient and robust on the wide
unwittingly, risking the long term         range of computing platforms used
viability of their application. The risk   at the time by the technical
incurred may be acceptable, in the         computing community. In this way
short term, for non-critical               their work continually replenishes
applications but as new computing          the contents of numerical libraries
architectures emerge this risk             with new material and improved
increases significantly and may            techniques and makes these
prevent optimal, or any, use of the        libraries available on the hardware
code in the longer term.                   of choice.

This latter point is important as, at      Going forward a few years another
any given point in time, multiple          widespread shift in the normal
differing computing environments           technical computing architecture is
can be utilized by a single                widely predicted. This shift will
organization. They want to be free         have a similar range
                                             hardware and software systems
of ramifications to the current              and still maintain the efficacy of
migration from single to multicore,          their legacy code, and the many
namely the move to manycore1 or              thousands of “person-hours” that it
GPU2 computing. This scenario                embodies, as they move forward.
vividly illustrates the major problem
faced by organizations –                     Another advantage of selecting
investment in development of                 algorithms from comprehensive

specialist code for a specific               numerical libraries is that when
computing architecture may have a            developers require access to a
short lifespan before it is obsolete.        different technique it may well
In this changing environment most            already be available in a tried and
organizations ought not to try to            tested form that they can rely on.
justify such a cost when there are           This is because numerical library
off-the-shelf alternatives produced          developers are often assisting
by numerical software specialists.           researchers at the cutting edge,
                                             developing methods applicable to
The combination of the above                 one area of research but that, over
factors put organizations that use           time, may well be applicable in the
the tried and tested algorithms from         wider spheres of science,
commercial numerical libraries as            engineering and business
the building blocks of their                 analytics.
applications, at a competitive
advantage. Developers can more               Consider as an example the
readily migrate codes to new                 inclusion, in a release of the
                                             Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
  A manycore processor is one in which       Library, of functions for wavelet
the number of cores is large enough that     transforms. Wavelet techniques3
traditional multi-processor techniques are   are used in image processing and
no longer efficient. It is the generation
beyond multicore.
2                                            3
  A GPU is a Graphical Processing Unit.
General Purpose GPUs are well suited for
running some numerical algorithms.           l22/xhtml/C09/c09conts.xml#C09
for seismology and astrophysics.
Do they come to bear on other
areas of technical computing? Well
yes – they are already used in the
finance industry. Such cross-
fertilization from one engineering or
science discipline to another is a
well-established pattern of how
breakthroughs occur.

The extent to which numeric
libraries provide extensive
documentation also confers a
competitive advantage to users of
these libraries, especially when one    provide a simple mechanism by
considers the full lifecycle of the     which this can be achieved. For
technical application being             example, the NAG Library
developed. For example, there are       documentation employs a decision
often numerous ways that,               tree structure, a tool familiar to
superficially, appear to give a         computing professionals, to
developer some means to solve a         establish the precise definition of
                                        the problem to be solved. This
                                        leads the user to routines most
                                        appropriate to the actual problem.

                                        In some areas of numerical
                                        computation, though, it is not
                                        possible to identify just one method
                                        that is most suitable for the solution
                                        of a problem. In these areas the
                                        best solution is arrived at via an
                                        iterative process whereby different
                                        techniques are applied to the
                                        problem and the best selected from
                                        the experimental evidence. Having
                                        access to a range of algorithmic
                                        techniques, using similar
                                        interfaces, to enable this
particular problem. In practice not
                                        experimentation can therefore be
all of these potential approaches
                                        critical. The best numerical libraries
are effective, accurate or efficient
                                        provide these facilities to cater to
when applied to a specific problem.
                                        this development paradigm.
The ability to select an appropriate
algorithm for the task in hand is
                                        Finally, of course, the quality of the
therefore vital if the developer and
                                        routines provided by a commercial
his organization wants timely
                                        numerical library remains
results that can be relied upon. The
                                        paramount. As an example, a good
detailed and refined documentation
                                        quality local optimization code,
associated with well-established
                                        especially one that enables
commercial numerical libraries
                                        constraints on the variables, is
dauntingly long and tricky to write         engineering support to some of the
and can run into thousands of lines         world’s leading high performance
of code. If that were a custom              computing centres.
source then the initial development
constitutes only a small part of the        Researchers worldwide,
overall cost. Other factors, such as        collaborating with the NAG
testing, error correction and               technical team, help provide
general support, which can be               regular updates and in-depth
guaranteed when using a                     support for the NAG Library. This
commercial offering, must also be           activity provides valuable insight
taken into account.                         into emerging requirements for new
                                            research in computer science and
One highly regarded library, the            numerical methods. The result is
NAG library4, is continuously               one of the world’s most reliable
maintained and expanded by the              collections of numerical algorithms,
Numerical Algorithms Group                  including well over 1600 user-
(NAG). The Numerical Algorithms             callable functions.
Group (NAG,, is a
not-for-profit numerical software           General purpose numerical
development organization, with              libraries, such as the NAG Library,
offices around the world, founded           contain proven routines that
four decades ago that collaborates          provide access to unrivalled
with world-leading researchers and          functionality covering a broad
practitioners in academia and               spectrum of numerical and
industry to, among other projects,          statistical methods on a wide range
create a rigorously tested set of           of computing platforms. Users can
mathematical and statistical                readily utilize these techniques
routines.                                   from their own programs and have
                                            complete confidence in the results
The routines in the NAG Library             returned enabling them to speedily
can be called from a wide range of          develop sophisticated applications.
programming languages and are
relied on by those working in C++,          It is a straightforward task for
C#, F#, FORTRAN, MATLAB, R,                 organizations to investigate the
Maple and other environments.               potential benefits offered by
NAG routines are also tuned for             reputable numerical libraries. For
use on multicore and parallel               example, the mathematical and
systems by employing standard               statistical library of the Numerical
conforming techniques in order to           Algorithms Group can be used on a
provide high performance while still        trial basis. Simply get in touch with
maintaining the best algorithmic            NAG
accuracy and stability. In addition,        (
NAG’s wealth of knowledge in the            p) to find out which components of
high performance arena is                   the NAG library will most help your
recognized by the fact that it is           work.
contracted to provide
computational science and
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Rob Meyer is CEO of the worldwide Numerical Algorithms Group
( The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG,, is a
worldwide not-for-profit numerical software development organization founded
four decades ago that collaborates with world-leading researchers and
practitioners in academia and industry. With offices in Manchester, Chicago,
Tokyo and Taipei, and a worldwide distributor network, NAG provides high-
quality computational software and high performance computing services to
tens of thousands of users, from Global 500 companies, major learning
academies, the world’s leading supercomputing centers, numerous
independent software vendors and many others.

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