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support of any wizard if you take help of new add-on application known as

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									Suppose there are some photos and documents which
 you do not want to keep in your computer and want to
    transfer those pictures to your ipod touch. This is
usually done when your computer is not having enough
  space in its disk drive then it is beneficial to use ipod
        touch or iphone as a portable hard drive.

iPod Touch untethered jailbreak
  When you are about to transfer your files you generally face a problem that
the device is not possessing explorer interface which enables you to drag and
drop certain files from your computer to your ipod touch It does not need the
support of any wizard if you take help of new add-on application known as
iphone explorer established for iTunes eight and nine
 This add-on will enable you to use iTunes in the form of explorer window
which helps in searching for required files from your computer and it also allow
you to select and drop files to your ipod touch jail break iPod touch is also
needed at this point in which you are basically voiding the warranty of phones
  It enables you to transfer files from your computer to your device so it
generally have large hard drive (from 7 GB all the way to 60 GB) Incase you
aspire to restore some specific files but lacking in flash drive, a blank DVD or a
series of CDs at hand then you can make iPod Touch untethered jailbreak use
of your portable media device as your next option
 While using this handy device you have to modify the software that comes
with the device and this is process which is known as jail breaking If you are
interested in jail break ipod touch then you must know that you are voiding
phone's warranty according to Apple
 Due to this restriction there are less people who want to go for it with the
greed of gaining extra functions
  Those who aspire to jail break iPod touch can use applications from
unofficial installers like Rock App, Cydia, and Icy
They can even use pirated applications
iPod Touch untethered jailbreak

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