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					                                                  out of curiosity, and then there were the

                                                  12 ordinary men who made up the inner

                                                  circle of Jesus’ ministry. All of Jesus’
          Jesus came to Capernaum and
                                                  followers are referred to as disciples, and
was teaching in the synagogue. The
                                                  John writes that upon hearing this
message He taught them that day was
                                                  teaching, many of those who followed
about everlasting life through believing
                                                  Jesus left Him,
in Him. He spoke to them saying,
                                                            “From that time many of His
           “Most assuredly, I say to you,              disciples went back and walked
     he who believes in Me has                         with Him no more.” (NKJV: John
     everlasting life. I am the bread of               6:66)
     life. I am the living bread which
     came down from heaven. If anyone                       Then turning to those 12
     eats of this bread, he will live
     forever, and the bread that I shall          ordinary men, His inner circle whom we
     give is My flesh, which I shall give
     for the life of the world. Whoever           refer to as the twelve, he asked them a
     eats My flesh and drinks My blood
     has eternal life, and I will raise him       poignant question that goes to the heart
     up at the last day. He who eats My
     flesh and drinks My blood abides in          of seeing the kind of movement of the
     Me, and I in him. This is the bread
     which came down from heaven –                Holy Spirit that was present at Pentecost,
     not as your fathers ate the manna,
     and are dead. He who eats this                         “Then Jesus said to the
     bread will live forever.” (NKJV:                  twelve, ‘Do you also want to go
     John 6:47-48; 51, 54, 56, 58)                     away?’” (NKJV: John 6:67)
          When those who were                               The answer, given by Peter, is

following Jesus heard this it disturbed           the first clue to understanding and seeing

them and they responded saying this was           the power of God to work in and through

a hard teaching. Remember there were              us in unimaginable ways. Peter lays out

many who were following Jesus, perhaps            the total and complete dependency that

because of his healing ministry, perhaps          the twelve had on Jesus, and he

answered with a truthful response that        church at Philippi, offers a second clue

needs to be given consideration by those      for how to experience phenomenal

of us who desire to see more people           growth in the ministry of recovery.

experience the healing touch of Jesus in                   Paul begins his letter to the

their lives for their hurts, habits, and      church at Philippi by stating that his

hang-ups.                                     being in chains, under Roman guard, is

           “But Simon Peter answered          for the furtherance of the Gospel. He
     Him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go?
     You have the words of eternal            implores them to accept and understand
     life.’” (NKJV: John 6:68)
                                              that he is a willing disciple of Christ who
            It is only when we come to
                                              considers his chains not as a hindrance,
the realization and willingness to submit
                                              but a furtherance of the message of hope
to this truth that we will see a more
                                              found only in Christ. He even goes so
powerful movement of the Spirit in our
                                              far as to say he considers any physical
ministry. We have no other answer, no
                                              harm, even to the point of death, to be
other place to turn, no other options to
consider when it comes to finding
                                                            “… and some [preach] also
healing for our lives, marriages,                     from goodwill…out of love,
                                                      knowing that I am appointed for the
relationships, addictive behaviors, or                defense of the Gospel. For to me,
                                                      to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”
anything else that interferes with daily              (NKJV: Philippiams 1:15b, 17b,
experiencing, as a growing disciple, the

power of Jesus Christ at work. We need
                                                           Paul understood the second
to recognize, accept, and rest in our total
                                              clue to seeing the power of Christ in
dependence upon Jesus.
                                              “Pentecostal” ways is in having a proper
            Paul, when writing to the
                                              perspective on who he was and what his
calling was.                                   ups, or those in other people’s lives.

           This is seen clearly later in his                What if…we became a

letter to the church when he writes,           ministry at Celebrate Recovery that truly

           “Brethren, join in following        had a complete dependence upon the
     my example, and note those who so
     walk, as you have us for a pattern.       Lord Jesus Christ, to the extent that we
     For many walk, of whom I have
     told you often, and now tell you          have no other place to go, no other
     even weeping, that they are
     enemies of the cross of Christ;”          resource to lean upon than His teachings
     (NKJV: Philippians 3:17-18)
                                               and His power for change?
           The pain in Paul’s soul for the
                                                            What if…we allowed the pain
lost, those who were enemies of the
                                               of seeing others who are enslaved to
cross, was greater than any fear he might
                                               emotional bondage, behavioral or
have had as to what the persecution
                                               chemical addiction, or struggling in
might result in for his life. Likewise we
                                               marriages that God desires to strengthen
also must have this attitude in order to
                                               and make like new – to supersede our
see phenomenal movement of the Spirit
                                               fears of being identified as “one of those
among our church and community as it
                                               people” and motivate us to take action to
relates to the ministry of recovery. Our
                                               be used by Christ to bring His healing
pain for the hurting and the lost must be
                                               hand into their circumstances?
greater than any fears we may have
                                                            I think we would see a
handcuffing the Holy Spirit in our lives.
                                               moving of the Spirit like was seen at
           We must have tears in our
heart that are greater than the fears in our

minds if we are going to be willing to

address our own hurts, habits, and hang-

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