Creating Note cards by 5G3SdE


									     Creating Notecards
Every Teen’s Favorite Pastime
Format for your source card:
1. Create a source card for every source you use.

2. Record the source using MLA format for cited source

3. When creating the Works Cited Page, use the first word on
   each source card to alphabetize your list of sources.
      (more notes to come later in Works Cited Page)
Example for a book                    Source #
      (with one author):

      Santos, Lewis. The Life and Times of Cody Wilson.
            Phoenix, AZ: The Oryx Press, 2004.

      Author Last, First. Title of Book. Place of Publisher:
            Name of Publisher, Date Published
Internet Source:

Name of Creator Last, First. Title of Website. “Title
       of Article.” Date Site Created (or Viewed).
       url for Website

Peasee Weezee Fasheezee, Emily. The Great Alexa
     Pullen. “Flipping Made EZ.”28, Jan.2008.
        How to Make Notecards
      keep these points in mind when recording
• Use only one idea/piece of info. per card
• Give each card a specific topic heading or title
• All information researched should relate to the topic or idea
        • (ie: Catalyst for Change)
• Accuracy is crucial, especially with quotes and statistics
• Place the source # at the top right hand corner, identifying the
  source’s informational card that provides the bibliographic
  information needed to create the Works Cited Page.
• Identify direct quotes with quotation marks around the phrases
  or sentences. In the lower right hand corner of the note card,
  write the page number(s) where the quote was located in the
   Format for the Notecard:

                                     Source #
Title of Card (specific topic or idea)

Take notes from source here- be sure to
identify direct quotes with appropriate quotation
marks and page number identified in lower right
hand corner of card.

                            page number(s)
*The number of note cards needed to write a research paper is
different for every student.

*Do not cram too much information on one card; this will be difficult to
organize when it comes to making an outline.

*Research all aspects of your topic thoroughly.

*After you have gathered all your information, you will sort your cards
by specific titles.

*Arrange them into a logical format.

*This will become the outline to use in writing the research paper.

*Students who had between 30 and 50 note cards were able to
construct an excellent research paper of 4 to 6 pages in length (typed
and double spaced).

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