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					                              IB MYP Lesson Plan Outline

Lesson Title:

Unit Question:

Skills Targeted: What state core                Which MYP objectives will be addressed?
objectives will be addressed?

Materials Needed:

Area of Interaction Focus: What fits naturally?

Approaches to Learning        Community and Service         Health and Social Education

Environments                  Human Ingenuity

Approaches to Learning:                         How will we use these identified ATL
Identify Unit ATL Skills:                       skills to facilitate vertical articulation?

Link to Other Subject(s): To which subject(s) does this lesson have a natural link?

Arts             Humanities            Language A                Language B

Math            Physical Education     Sciences                  Technology

Learner Profile: What attributes of the learner profile that could be encouraged?

Thinkers        Open-Minded           Principled          Balanced        Reflective

Risk-Takers      Inquirers            Communicators Caring                Knowledgeable
Assessment: What assessment task will be most appropriate?

Lesson Plan Details: What are you going to teach?

Area of Interaction: How will this lesson     Learner Profile: How will you encourage
teach your chosen area?                       attributes of the learner profile?

Reflection: What opportunities exist for reflection – both on the unit, student learning,
and our own learning?

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