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					January, 25 2008

LINGOs Member Agency Planning Documents

Contact Person (s) Completing the Form: Yidnekachew Tessema, Tel. 404 979 9391

Agency: CARE USA

   1. Is it ok to share this with contacts from other agencies? (YES)

   2. Give the context for which you are answering this question; are you representing your
      agency as a whole or simply part of it? If so, which part of it are you representing?

          a. I am representing the Learning and Organizational Development Unit
             of CARE USA which is playing a vital role in the organization as a
             resource of learning especially CARE Academy. Our Unit is global and
             its mission to support Country offices and the Head Quarter Units in critical
             training and development and we can say that we are representing the
             whole organization. However, we have not consult questions with our
             COs and have answer them based on our knowledge and interactions
             with CO and Regional Management Units.

   3. What are the major performance gaps you are trying to address? Please include a
      description of the target audience. Are they field based? Do they work for your agency?
      And how many people are you trying to address?

      Challenges –

          a. Based on our recent report in the year 2007, 3158 employees participated in
             CARE Academy offerings out of a potential audience of 13,000. Still we feel
             that we have learning resource that we can offer to staff and it is not yet fully

          b. With 70 countries to serve, and a relatively small staff, our unit relies on a
             network of CARE Academy Liaisons to gather data, distribute certificates and
             promote and encourage learning. Even if it has been very successful there is a
           challenge as there is high turnover among these liaisons, and some aren’t sure
           about what their role is, or how to effectively promote CARE Academy as a
           learning resource or share best practices.

       c. Technology/internet is a challenge in many of our Country offices and for
          those staff who are working in remote Filed Offices. This hinders them to take
          course on line. Many employees, especially those in the field, aren’t aware that
          eLearning courses are also available on CD-Rom, and don’t know who their
          local Academy Liaison is. They might not turn to CARE Academy first for their
          training needs, relying instead on other resources that don’t offer CARE’s
          unique global perspective.

       d. Still we fear that some Country Directors and Head Quarters Managers do not
           have enough information of our resources and are not giving much attention
           to promote and advise their staff to access courses from CARE Academy. In
           contrast some country Offices are way ahead and utilize it very much. We feel
           we need to work more and communicate more with these Managers who have
           not yet give attention and loose the opportunity of having global standard
           CARE specific course. They are also very crucial as they are the one who lead
           and have a say in the Country Office or Units at the Head Quarter.

   Target Audiences –

       e. Our target Audiences are all staff, however as our CARE Academy staff
          development program addresses three critical areas (Mission critical skills,
          Leadership and CARE Global standards), target groups are determined or vary
          based on these areas. The audiences are all over the world in Country offices
          and Head Quarter. Further we also support and share our recourse to CARE
          partners and learning organizations and students. CARE International has
          more than 13,000 employees around the glob and our resources are open for all
          these staff and external partners.
       f. An important limitation on current content donated through LINGOS, is
          language. Many of our first line staff and managers do not speak English and
          not having donated e-courses on some of the main languages (i.e. French,
          Spanish) hinders their ability to access such great offers.

4. What instructional strategies will you use to address these? (For example, deliver this
   classroom based, etc.) Please include informal and formal learning approaches.

       a. We use three basic approaches. These are instructor lead class room, e-learning
          and CD ROM. We are also adding the option of printing out an entire e-course
               since we have learned that first line staff do not have permanent access to

   5. What are the courses/curriculums that you need from LINGOs in order to address these?
      (Information about curriculums can be found on Sharepoint.)

Curriculum               Vendor                  Current Status          Goal for this year
IT training              Mind Leaders            Staff in COs uses       We will continue to
                                                 these training to       communicate our
                                                 improve their skills.   staff to use these
                                                                         resources as part of
                                                                         our communication
                                                                         strategy that we are
                                                                         planning to develop
                                                                         this year.
                         Microsoft (Digital      -
Instructional Design /   Mind Leaders            -
Training of Trainers
                         Virtual Classroom       Few staff especially    We are planning to
                         Mastery Series          in our unit is taking   send out
                                                 these series.           communication to a
                                                                         wide targeted group
                                                                         of staff in which we
                                                                         believe they have
                                                                         time and can be
                                                                         benefited out of it in
                                                                         the coming months.
                         Training of Training    -
                         Materials from Aeras
Language                 Mind Leaders            -
                         Auralog                 -
                         English 180             Many staff in CO        We would like to
                                                 used English 180        explore more how
                                                 (around 27)             this benefit our staff
                                                                         who are in non
                                                                         English speaking
                                                                         country offices. We
                                                                         are expecting the
                                                                         final out put of the
                                                                         English 180 after the
                                                                         feedbacks that we
                                                                         gave last time. Our
                                                                         plan is to coordinate
                                                                         and work more with
                                                                         English 180 as we
                                                                         have a huge demand
                                                                           from our Cos.
Management Training     Ninth House              -
                        Situational Leadership
                        Ninth House (non         -
                        Harvard Management       A lot of our staff are    We will continue and
                        Mentor Series            using the Harvard         plan to increase the
                                                 courses                   use of the Harvard
                                                                           course by our CO’s –
                                                                           highly utilized by
                                                                           speaking staff
                        eCornell                 Only two staff            Our plan is to
                                                 attended few course.      increase the number
                                                                           of staff who will
                                                                           register and complete
                                                                           the eCornel course.
                                                                           We are planning up
                                                                           to 100 this year.
Finance Courses         eCornell                 -                         Same as above
                        Mindleaders              -
Traumatic Stress        Headington Institute     Staff are taking these    The same strategy
                                                 course and it is in our   that we use for other
                                                 LMS                       course.
Security                Care/LINGOs Safety       It is a mandatory         No future plan but
                        and Security Course      course for all staff in   will communicate
                                                 CARE and staff are        COs to let know their
                                                 taking the course         staff to take the
Project Management      Mind Leaders           On LMS                      Same as above
                        Harvard Management On LMS                          Same as above
                        Mentor Series (1 basic

   6. What are the courses/curriculums that you are planning to build this year in order to
      address these needs?
           a. We are developing e learning course includes
                   - CARE’s Approach to Ending Poverty 2nd module
                   - Emergency preparedness plan
                   - Safety and Security
                   - Knowledge Sharing

           b. We are working and in a final stage to have a multi -language more interactive
              face of CARE Academy website. The website will have a Spanish and French
          version our aspiration is to make the CARE Academy a global learning portal
          for CARE where COs and Regions could use to publish learning materials and
          experiences as well as publish local and regional events so others would be
          able to see them and explore participation if appropriate
       c. We are also planning to develop a toolkit for Project Management Program
       d. We have also other instructor lead courses to be delivered in the coming
          months. Please refer our CARE Academy web site for detail course catalogue.

7. What courses/curriculums currently exist that your agency would be willing to share with
   other agencies?
       a. We are open to share the resource that we have and any Agency is welcome to
          contact us if they want either to get resources or plan to work with us. All
          CARE e-courses are available to the public and sister NGOs can customize any
          content as long as the necessary credits are given to CARE

8. What are the courses or curriculums you would like other agencies to share with you?
       a. Project Management course that they have developed internally. We are fully
          aware of the efforts LINGOS is leading to have this done across many
          organizations and expect to play a more active role in the coming phase.

9. What are the key metrics that you will use to measure if you are successful:

   Currently exploring a series of metrics that will be used globally – to measure COs
   effectiveness in areas related to Staff and organizational Development and
   effectiveness of L&OD in supporting COs and RMUs. Among the different metrics
   that are being consider we have:

      Access to Learning Portal (CARE Academy)
      Staff Development Budget as a percentage of total budget
      Training & Development Hours per Employee
      Training & Development Investment per Employee
      Training & Development Cost Factor
      Training & Development Investment Factor
      Training & Development Investment per Hour
      Voluntary Turnover due to inadequate development programs
      Effectiveness of L&OD interventions defined by served customers
   10. What are the key technologies that you will need to support this plan:

Tool                             Current Status of tool in       Goal for this year
Elluminate                       In use                          To use this frequently to
                                                                 communicate our staff in the
                                                                 Field offices and to specific
                                                                 task force or team work or
                                                                 group of common interest
Outstart Trainer                 In use                          To introduce these for
                                                                 program staff even if many
                                                                 do not feel that it is easy to
                                                                 use. We appreciate if we get a
                                                                 new version
Articulate                       Not in use                      -
Sharepoint                       In use                          To use more space for teams
                                                                 working in same agenda

Intralearn LMS                   In use                          -
Camtasia                         Not in use                      We may use this for future

   11. What does your agency need in the area of support and training from LINGOs to be
       successful with your plan?

             a. In regard to our LMS - In the past Connected Learning used have a
                developer to work customized functionality for the LMS. Since this
                person is not any longer with them and Connected Learning did not
                replace the person with the same skills, we could not get an effective
                support. We have been in direct contact with the former employee of the
                company. However Connected Learning will not be responsible to for
                this person’s work. We would like bring to this to your attention so that
                LINGOs to find an organizational approach and support us and get a
             b. To work with eCornell so that we can a maximum seat based on our plan for
                this year.
12. What are the types of volunteers that you hope we can recruit for you over the next year?
    (this does not have to be specific.) For example, instructional designers who know
    Articulate, mentors in the area of management, etc.

       a. Do you have volunteers that could quickly learn what L&OD does and then
          help CO managers to figure out what the best way to use L&OD’s resources?

13. What are the key milestones that you hope to achieve this year? Please include your
    target dates.

                -   To introduce eCornell to staff. At least 100 staff will take the training
                    by September 2008
                -   To increase the use of our CARE Academy e-course by double from
                    3180 as of December 2007 by December 2008
                -   To strengthen more our CARE Academy liaison links with Country
                    offices and create a good link with our unit by June 2008
                -   To work with all Country Directors and Regional Directors to
                    increase at least double to use of all resources including those of
                    LINGo’s by staff

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