Dear Patron,

We welcome you to the wonderful experience of being a franchise partner with
the “Delhi College of Catering and Hotel Management.”

The Institute was established in 2009 which was a joint effort of young,
professionals with extensive experience in the hotel industry which includes
domestic and international stints.

The Institute (DCCHM) has one aim and that is to establish institutes which offer
world class teaching standards. The students from our institutes will be trained in
all aspects of the trade and we will ensure a smooth transition from being a
student to an industry professional.

Our strength lies in our contacts with some of the most renowned International
and national chains in the country. On completion of the course we send our
students for interviews with these clients and get them placed.

We expect our partners to adhere to very strict policies and procedures as laid
down by the parent company. A memorandum of understanding between the
parent company (DCCHM) and the franchise (Partner institute) will be signed and
all the terms and conditions will be mentioned there in.

DCCHM has set certain goals for itself in the field of hospitality education and
expects every member of the DCCHM fraternity to join hands for a better future
for all students that come under the wing of DCCHM.

Franchise Fee and DCCHM Obligations:

      Franchise will pay a franchise fee of 95,000 rs to DCCHM
      100% of the fee will be charged at the time of signing the
       contract/agreement. The Payment shall be made in the form of DD or
       bank a/c transfer.
      The contract will be for a period of Five years at the end of which the
       franchise will have to apply for renewal of the contract.
      The fee for renewal will be as per fresh terms and conditions. The partner
       institute will have to sign a fresh agreement and the terms and conditions
       will be renewed as per the new agreement.
      The franchise fee will give the franchise the right to operate an institute
       under the banner of Delhi College of Catering and Hotel Management.
       The management from the Parent company will help in the setting up of
       the institute as per specified standards. The course and curriculum will be
       set the DCCHM which will be followed without any changes.
      DCCHM will help the partner institute start its operations under the
       guidance of the operations team sent by it.
      The opening team can help in the selection of the faculty for the institute.
      DCCHM will provide two Emails ids for the Franchise on their domain
       name for example:
      Name of franchisee will be shown on the official website of DCCHM i.e
Royalty Fee

    DCCHM will charge a royalty fee from the partner institute. This will be on
     the number of admissions for the particular batch.
    The royalty fee will be 20% of the total fees collection for the batch or 20%
     of the fee of each student.
    The royalty paid by the partner institute makes it eligible to receive support
     in the form of I-Cards, Bill Books.
    The number of diplomas to be awarded will be on the basis of the total
     fees collection as it will give the number of students enrolled.
    At the beginning of every new batch when admissions close the franchise
     will send the royalty fees.

PAYMENT: Terms and Procedures
All payments shall be made in the form of demand draft or crossed cheque
drawn in New Delhi or Transfer in the account of DCCHM in New Delhi on or
before 15th of Every Month.

All cheque will be made in the name of DCCHM and DCCHM will refund the
share of the franchisee through cheque.

   DCCHM will help in the setting up of the Franchise Institute.
   The Partner institute will feature in the advertisements of DCCHM, through
    local promotions and advertisements will be taken up by the partner at its
    own expense.
   DCCHM will prepare the curriculum for the institute and guide the faculty
    and hold training sessions for the faculty to train them as per their own
   The partner institute will strictly adhere to the syllabus set by DCCHM. No
    charges are allowed at the franchise end without consent from DCCHM.
   All prospectus and admission forms will be provided by DCCHM.
   Student ID cards will be the responsibility DCCHM within fifteen days of
    enrolment of students.
   DCCHM will give specifications for the uniform that is to be worn by all
    students of DCCHM including partner institutes. These can be ordered
    from of DCCHM at cost to the students.
   Every semester a team from DCCHM Officials will visit the partner Institute
    to monitor the progress of the students.
   A workshop on one of the main subjects will be conducted by the DCCHM
    visiting faculty during the visit.
   During this visit the team will also conduct a workshop on one of the
    subjects for the students and the teachers.
   Special workshops at extra cost from students can be arranges on time to
    time basis. This can be organized by the partner institute as and when
    required and can be on important subjects such as personality
    development and communication and developing special skill sets.
   DCCHM has a placement cell in place which helps place students in
    hotels, restaurants etc. DCCHM will also try arrange for campus interviews
    at the end of the course.

   Partner institute will do all interiors and exteriors of the building for
    operations and will set up the institute as per the guidelines provided by
   The partner institute will appoint an official who will co-ordinate with
    DCCHM office for all communications.
   The franchise will maintain proper records of all students admitted for the
    program. The roll numbers for students at the college will be provided by
    the partner institute.
   Roll numbers for the purpose of providing diplomas will be provided
    through DCCHM.
   All advertisements for the promotion of the institute will be borne by the
   The team from the company will visit the franchise as per contract to
    oversee the operations and audit them. Any differences will be dealt with
    and will be put in order.
   Accommodation and food of Visiting team from DCCHM for
    marketing/auditing will be borne by franchise. Traveling expenses will be
    borne by DCCHM.
   For training of the staff and visiting faculties, franchise has to bear all the
   The staff of the partner institute has to co-operate with DCCHM officials
    during their visit. Access to all information and record financial or
    otherwise has to be made available for the purpose of audits.
   The partner institute will share the same goal as of DCCHM and that is to
    spread education and skills across all strata of society.
   The partner institute has to try and place students locally and try to invite
    organizations to conduct campus interviews at the end of each batch.
   All payments will be made on time.
   Franchise will not share any information as is agreed between DCCHM
    and the partner institute any other competitor/ franchise of DCCHM.
   The franchise is legally bound by the agreed terms and conditions and
    shall adhere to the same at all times.
Terms and Conditions:
    Once the franchise agrees to the mentioned terms and conditions he/she
     will approach DCCHM for a formal agreement. Signing of the agreement
     will take place in the New Delhi office of DCCHM or other place as per
     mutual agreement.

Please feel free to contact for any other queries you might have.
We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Govind Singh Rawat

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