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									How the Celtic Peoples were enslaved by Babylonian Tyrants.

The way Asians view Western history is astounding beyond imagination. We learn that
everything we have been taught is a lie. We learn that we are being manipulated and
herded like sheep by a 'secret elite'. We learn that we live in a matrix of lies designed to
keep us in slavery.

The implications are so vast that it is hard to know where to begin. Ultimately, to really
understand, we must go back to the beginnings of Western Civilization.

At the very dawn of history, humans began farming along the banks of Euphrates river.
People soon started digging canals. The resulting cornucopia created a population boom.
Fights between 'alpha males' escalated into a never-ending frenzy. From these constant
battles for supremacy arose a tyrant who created a system for manipulating and
controlling large masses of people. It was a system of laws combined with a system of
mind control. His name was Hamurabi. His system of mind control was to create a book
combining folk wisdom with propaganda. Because he could not be everywhere at once, he
created the idea of an omnicient, omnipresent being that could see all and know all. In the
book where this idea was introduced, Hamurabi had himself referred to as Abraham. Later
a symbol of that god was created: it was an all-seeing eye on the top of a pyramid.

So, while the Mesopotamian people built on the idea of an almighty God, there also
actually existed, behind the scenes, a bearded man on a throne with god-like powers over
his people. To control and awe his people, great displays of miracles and wonders were

A special sect of slave-drivers was created to control the people on behalf of the god-king.
This was the origin of the 'Freemasons' (or 'Masons'). It took place 5771 years ago.

Later the tribe of the god-king invaded Egypt and the Masons added Egyptian slave-
driving technology to their arsenal.

Thus started, over the millenia, a sort of parallel cultural evolution between a ruling elite
and the unwashed masses. We saw the rise of a group of elite families that keep their rule
over the ignorant through a combination of control over grain supplies (or money
supplies), knowledge, information and finally, control over life and death. People who
learned about this elite were either inducted into it, killed or neutralized by assorted other
means such as bankruptcy or ridicule.

There were many rebellions against these rulers. One notable one was by a person called
Jesus Christ. He talked about things like men being born free and equal, about basic
human dignity, about the duty to protect the weakest members in society. Although he was
executed for treason, his radical ideas spread like wild-fire among the poor and down-

When the Romans invaded Judea and scattered the Jews, the Masons began offering their
services to other kings and despots.

One faction of them eventually convinced a Roman emperor by the name of Constantine to
compile a book that would both encompass the folk beliefs of his people and provide a way
to herd them like sheep ('The Lord is my Shepherd'). This was the birth of the Roman
Catholic church. Over the years it expanded, absorbing ideas from other religions and folk
beliefs along the way. Ideas that were not considered palatable were persecuted
relentlessly in an effort to preserve and maintain a universal mental mono-culture.

Religious Christianity and Judaism, by reflecting the folk-wisdom of the ages, really do

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represent the real God in a scientifically provable manner. They reflect the cumulative
ancient human understanding of the reality of the universe that God created. The ideas
that people found they liked in the Bible were selected by a process of natural cultural
selection. In other words, people responded to the parts of the Bible that reflected what
was in their hearts and what their own experience of the real world told them. Thus the
Celtic peoples were naturally and gradually assimilated into this culture (with a few hold-
outs like Halloween).

The reformation of Martin Luther was a rebellion against the Catholic mono-culture and
the system of thought control originating in Rome.

Later, people with 'persecuted ideas' found freedom in the New World and, as a result,
America flourished as no civilization before.

But, in parallel to this genuine religious feeling of the people, the secret manipulators also
evolved increasingly sophisticated ways to control the masses.

One group of people used an offshoot of the original Hamurabi school of Masonic mind
control technology to create a large kingdom in central Asia. They were known as the
Khazars ('Snake People'). They were defeated by the Rus and Mongol empires and their
elite class fled, with their treasure and their knowledge, into Europe and China.

The ones who fled to China were forced to flee again to Japan after the Mongol Kublai
Khan conquered China.

The ones who fled to Europe curried favor with kings and princes and offered them their
secret Masonic people-herding technology. Eventually a very elite group of them
intermarried successfully with the royalty and became the ruling family of Europe. They
were known as the Rothschilds and their secret rule of Europe continues to this day.
Although they try to stay hidden and their past is filled with great evil, they also deserve
much credit for helping make Europe and European culture so dominant in the World.

One of their secrets was to drive the people into conflict and war, both to strengthen them
through competition and to profit from the sale of arms. Creating war also made the Celts
easier to control because, in times of turmoil, people turn to their kings for protection.

The Rothschilds used money looted from India to finance the American Revolution. Their
aim was to strengthen their hand against the King of England. That is why Freemasonry is
so central to American history. There was true idealism in their American adventure at

However, American Democracy proved to be unruly and hard to control. To keep the
Americans under stricter discipline, they waged a 137-year battle to gain control of their
currency. Control a people’s money and you control their rations. It is the modern
equivalent of keeping control over the keys to the granaries.

When their agents got control of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board in 1913, they immediately
began preparations for war. Armed with American wealth, they triggered World War I.
They conned the peace-loving Americans into the war by sinking the Lusitania. They were
also able to subdue their long-term nemesis, Imperial Russia, by creating the Soviet Union.
When Germany was defeated they demanded, and got, punitive tribute payments.

World War II was staged for several reasons: to reduce the World’s population, to gain
profits and to scare the Jews out of Europe and into Palestine. The Baron Rothschild (Adolf
Hitler) got a little bit too ambitious and got off the long-term script of ruling the world
from Mesopotamia, and tried for an instant global empire with headquarters in Germany.

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At the end of World War II, the Masonic cabal tried to cement their control of the World by
creating the United Nations. At the time, they controlled all 5 permanent Security Council
members. They have since lost China and Russia.

In America, the Rockefellers and their fellow robber barons began a long-term program to
complete their enslavement of the American people. They quietly and systematically
gained control of the media, the text-book publishing companies and, by spreading their
wealth liberally and strategically, were able to distort education.

Their biggest con-job was to promote the so-called science of economics. Their so-called
economics is Babylonian slave-driving technology. It is essentially a mechanism for looting
the people of their money. For example, Americans have had a certain mantra drummed
into their heads nearly constantly for decades: government is bad, business is good. Think
about it: government represents the people, business represents the rich. Maximizing
shareholder value means increasing payments of tribute to the slave-driving class. Middle-
class incomes have been driven down and both parents in a family are being forced to
work in order to maximize tribute payments from the masses. It also forces parents to
send their children to communal brainwashing institutes at an earlier, more receptive age.

A big turning point in the enslavement of the Americans was the radio broadcast of the
'War Of The Worlds' in 1938. What they learned from that is that if people will believe in a
space-alien invasion based on a radio play, they can be made to believe in practically
anything. The age of television became the age of mass-brainwashing. A few would-be
liberators, like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, were assassinated in order to
prevent the Americans from regaining their freedom.

Today the empire of the Babylonian slave-drivers is now under threat like never before.
First of all, large masses of humanity freed themselves from a form of Masonic slavery
known as Colonialism. These people then began to gain both economic and intellectual
power. The biggest threat now is the rise of China and India.

The 10,000 illuminati ('Brotherhood of the Snake') are now outnumbered by the humans
they want to enslave by a ratio of close to 700,000 to one. With non-controlled humanity
gaining in economic, military and intellectual power, the illuminati feel extremely scared
and vulnerable. Cultures not under direct illuminati control now account for 83% of the
World’s population and over 60% of its wealth.

To deal with this situation, David Rockefeller and the descendants of J.P. Morgan and
Averil Harriman (including the Bush family) cooked up an incredibly horrendous scheme
to slaughter billions of the World’s free people, and then take advantage of the trauma of
slaughter to enslave the rest.

The plan calls for an artificial armageddon to be launched that would start with a never-
ending 'War On Terror', followed by plagues, famine and possibly even a fake, and very
lethal, alien invasion fleet.

The plan was so evil that it provoked a split in the illuminati ranks. A rebel group,
centered around Jay Rockefeller and most of the Rothschilds, tried to take power from
David Rockefeller and his clique with a so-called 'War On Global Warming'. The plan was
to neutralize one of the David Rockefeller clique’s main sources of power: their control
over OIL. The Rothschilds also refused to finance the war in Iraq. Since their headquarters
are in Europe (the BIS), they decided instead to try to turn the EU into a Babylonian-style
'World Monarchy'.

To finance David’s insane campaign, the Japanese people have been forced to work harder
for lower pay. To maximize tribute payments from the Japanese, David Rockefeller also

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forced the Japanese government to hand him control of their entire banking system. The
Japanese government tried to refuse and were threatened into submission with a new
array of high-tech weaponry, including, if you can believe this, a weapon that caused an
earthquake in Niigata, Japan.

However, despite Japanese money, the plan is coming apart at the seams and threatening
to end the entire illuminati long-term campaign to enslave humanity. The war in Iraq
turned into a disaster. People caught on that '911' was an inside job. Vladimir Putin kicked
them out of Russia.

The David Rockefeller faction now only really control North America and England.

And now that the Chinese secret societies have found out about race-specific diseases
being aimed at them, they will start assassinating the entire David Rockefeller faction,
unless this criminally insane plan is called off.

What the whole World really hopes for is that the American people will free themselves
before this madness can proceed any further. All they would have to do is arrest about a
dozen of the most senior members of the David Rockefeller faction, starting with the old
man himself.

My sources for this account include a broad array of extremely senior Japanese, Chinese
and Russian government officials.

Benjamin Fulford.



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