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									                          Honors U.S. History I and II: Syllabus

Teacher:       Mr. Eovaldi
Room:          119
E-mail:        beovaldi@cvs.k12.mi.us
Phone:         (586) 723-2519

Purpose of course:

       The Honors United States History Program is designed to provide a challenging
environment for the motivated student. The course curriculum focuses on major themes in
American history, and will be taught thematically according to those themes. Critical thinking,
analysis, synthesis, evaluation, primary-source reading, and writing skills are emphasized. The
course is highly recommended for the college-bound student and the student who plans to take
Advanced Placement United States History during his junior year. Honors history students are
encouraged to enroll in Honors English 10, as well.


       Honors US History will be taught chronologically in a series of two themes:

       I.      American physical and cultural expansion
       II.     The development of republicanism and democracy in America

Grading and evaluation:

Grades are not given out; the student earns them.

        All assignments, quizzes, and tests will be based on specific learning objectives that will be
clearly presented to the students as we encounter them. All assignments have a different point
value. For each grading period (quarterly), grades will be calculated on a straight point scale. More
significant activities such as tests, quizzes, and student binders will be worth more points than less
comprehensive activities such as homework, class work, etc. Each grading period, students’ grades
will be calculated by simply adding the total number of points possible during the marking period,
and dividing it by the total number of points possible for the grading period. For example: if a
student earned 450 points, and there were 500 points possible the student would receive a 90%
(450/500 = 0.9), or an A- for that grading period.
        Final grades for each semester will then be calculated attaching a specific percentage weight
to the earned letter grade for each quarter and the final/mid-term examination, adding the values,
and finally attaching that value to a letter grade. The quarter grades will be weighted as 40%, and
the final/mid-term examination will be weighted as 20%. Letter grades will be attached to numbers
on a four-point scale as follows:
        A = 4.0                                                 C = 2.0
        A- = 3.7                                                C- = 1.7
        B+ = 3.3                                                D+ = 1.3
        B = 3.0                                                 D = 1.0
        B- = 2.7                                                D- = 0.7
        C+ = 2.3                                                F = 0.0
For Example:
       If a student earned a 90% (A-) in quarter one, an 82% (B) in quarter two, and a 70% (C-) on
the final, his/her grade will be calculated as follows:
       3.7(.40) + 3.0(.40) + 1.7 (.20) = 3.02 which is a B on the four-point grading system.

Grading Scale

100%-92% =A                                               77%-72% = C
91%-90% = A-                                              71%-70% = C-
89%-88% = B+                                              69%-68% = D+
87%-82% = B                                               67%-62% = D
81%-80% = B-                                              61%-60% = D-
79%-78% = C+                                              59% or below = F

Homework and assignments:

         Homework and other various assignments will be given to the students throughout the
school year. It is graded using a “check” system that will be clearly explained on the first day of
school. The students are expected to fully complete all assigned activities. If a particular activity is
not fully completed, the student will receive an “Incomplete” for that assignment. The student will
then have one school day to complete the assignment and submit it for reduced credit. If a student
cannot finish an assignment because he/she does not understand the material, it is his/her
responsibility to ask the teacher for help before the assignment is due. Late work, in any way, shape
or form will not be accepted unless the student missed class due to an excused absence. In that case,
it is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her teacher to find out if he/she missed any work.
The student will then be given ample, not unlimited time to complete the assignment. If a student is
in class for part of the day, and misses this class, homework must still be handed in. Students who incur an
unexcused absence will not be allowed to turn in or make up any work; nor will they be allowed to
retake a test. Students who are absent before known test dates are still responsible to take the test if
they return to school that day. If a semester binder is not submitted, the student will earn an
“Incomplete” in the course.
         There will be no extra credit offered whatsoever. The student must earn his/her points on
assigned activities, effort, and class participation.
         Cheating is a serious offense. It will not, in any way be tolerated. The student will receive a
“0” for the assignment and be promptly reported to the administration for disciplinary action.
Cheating includes, but is not limited to: asking another student for an answer or for help on ANY
assigned activity; looking at or copying from another student’s assignment or test; copying
information from the Internet and pawning it off as one’s own work.

Absences and tardies:

       Ten (10) absences in any class per semester are allowed. For more details, refer to the
Student/Parent Handbook. Students will be expected to be inside the classroom when the bell rings,
not on their way down the hall or into the class, but inside the classroom. If they are not, they will
be marked tardy unless they have a hallway pass signed by another staff member. There are no
exceptions! Upon accumulating the fourth (4th) and eighth (8th) tardy, the student will be issued a
detention. Upon the accumulation of the eleventh (11th) tardy, the student will lose credit for this
class in accordance with the Attendance Policy.

Required materials:

        The following is a list of materials that are required for Honors US History I and II. Please
purchase them and bring each to class every day:
              Honors US History binder
              Notebook paper (loose-leaf) – spiral notebook paper is unacceptable
              Writing utensil – black ink, blue ink, or pencil only
If the student arrives for class unprepared, materials will not be provided.

Classroom Expectations and Behavior:

   Students will be treated as young adults, and are therefore expected to display adult-like
behavior. Students will be expected to adhere to the school rules laid out in the Student / Parent
Handbook. In addition to those rules, there are several behavioral expectations worth listing. While
in class, students will also be held accountable to the following standards of behavior:

   1.      All food (including any drinks and gum) is to be consumed outside of the classroom.
   2.      All electronic devices (including cellular telephones; CD, MP3, or DVD players; etc.,
           with the exception of calculators) are not to be used in the classroom. If a cellular
           telephone or any other electronic device disrupts the classroom, the teacher will take it
           and turn it over to the main office.
   3.      Students will respect all school property as well as the property of others.
   4.      Inappropriate language (including any swearing, inappropriate slang, name calling, etc.)
           will be promptly disciplined.
   5.      Students will wear their lanyards and identification cards at all times.
   6.      Students wishing to use the restroom must take the pass.
   7.      Students will sleep outside of room 119.
   8.      Students wishing to contribute to classroom discussion will raise their hand and wait to
           be called upon.
   9.      Others will respect every student as well as his/her ideas.
   10.     Students will arrive to class properly dressed and remain so throughout the school day.
           This is a rule that will be strictly enforced. For a refresher, see the Secondary Schools Code
           of Conduct. Students arriving to class improperly dressed will not be allowed to enter, and
           will be sent to the main office immediately.
   11.     Students will come to class every day with essential materials including: Textbook,
           binder, and writing utensil.
                                     Honors US History Contract

Students: Please go over this syllabus and the Course Outline with your parent/guardian and return
this contract to me no later than September 9, 2011. If there are any questions from either students
or parents regarding this syllabus please feel free to contact me at (586) 723-2519, or, my door is
always open!

Parents/ guardians: I look forward to meeting each and every one of you sometime throughout the
school year. My philosophy is one that stresses parent/guardian involvement in their child’s
education, so feel free to contact me.


I have reviewed and understand the attached syllabus.

Student Name (please print):_______________________________________________________

Student Signature:____________________________________________ Date:_______________

Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________________ Date:_______________

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