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									Dear friend,

Eloquery contains informations about all players recorded in the
ICCF-Ratingsystem (dated from 1.10.2011). The system consists of
three packages. At least you need PACK-1 to see players' names,
titles and ratings. PACK-2 gives information about the development
of the ratings during the last 18 years. PACK-3 contains all
evaluated tournaments including the single results (crosstables).

The programm is running with the DOS-Interface under most systems
including Windows Vista Business. I heared about problems with the
64-bit-edition of Vista and Windows 7, sorry but this is a problem
to clarify with Microsoft.

To install the program and the data on your harddisk

- copy all downloaded files to a new directory
- unzip the zipped files in that directory
- start the program by typing at the DOS prompt: eloquery

After first call the program will build the necessary index files.
This step may cause a little problem with some Windows versions due
to the need of temporary files. If so you should insert the following
line into your "config.sys" or "config.nt": FILES=50

As in former releases of Eloquery you may go through the data by using
the UP-/DOWN-arrows or the PAGE-UP/PAGE-DOWN-keys. The sorting order
is determined by ignoring all accents or other diacritical marks.

You can quickly find a special name by typing the first letter in the
basic screen and then further letters to navigate in the shown table.
One of the new features is invoked by <F4>. It allows you to type any
part of the name you like (e.g. a forename or a second surname) and
the program will show you names matching with the given string.

As it used to be you may change the order from "ratings" to "names" by
<F5> or the selection criteria by <F8>. It is possible to limit the
selection to a range of ratings. For example: increase your own rating
by 1, insert the value into the "from" field and press <F10>. The answer
shows your position in the current selection (world, country, ...).

If you have downloaded PACK-2, pressing <F3> will inform you about the
rating history of the player currently shown on the basic screen.

With PACK-3 you have full information about the tournaments included.
Press <F2> to see an overview for the shown player, select the line you
like and press <F2> again. A crosstable will appear in the order of
starting numbers. Other orders are possible, how to get them see <F1>.
Results evaluated for the last period are shown in yellow colour.
This feature is also available for the tournaments in Silli system.

The most interesting feature may be the "forecast" facility - an
interactive rating calculator. Called by <F6> you see a list of your
running games - as far as known to me. Insert one or more assumed
results and immediately you can see the effect on your rating. You may
also add games which are not listed by going to the end of the list.
If you are doubtful about the calculation of the program, see <F1>.
The calculation already uses the recently changed rules. The difference
of ratings is limited to 350 and the significance factor was removed.
There is also a feature to get information about the calculation for
the last rating list. Try it - with <Shift>-<F6>.

Most of the screen informations may be printed on lists, too. Look at
the description of all valid keys by <F1> or see the bottom line.

More? Try to find out it yourself! Further wishes? Let me know!

And now still a kind but urgent request:
I know that it is rather reckless to publish all these informations.
It would be blue-eyed to believe that there would be no errors in more
than 760,000 results, collected by hundreds of different people.
Clearly, errors happen and must be corrected but - please - if you
find something wrong in the data then comply with the following way:

- Don't write any annoyed messages or letters to me.
- Spool a crosstable of the tournament in question, send or mail it
  to the concerned TD and ask him to send a correction message to me.
- Don't worry about errors which concern results from 5 or more years
  ago. The correction of such errors will affect your current rating
  only insignificantly. But, of course, also such errors should be

Last not least I can assure you that there is no virus in the program.
May you have much fun with it!

Gerhard Binder
ICCF Ratings Commissioner

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