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									Respected Sir/Mam,
        We find your data of BCC and ITBC exams but we find some problems regarding
result excel sheet & SQL database file so we point out some corrections. We request you
please check data carefully then send GCVT.

1. Import students database in given format (user.csv).

           Enter Username.

                 o Username must be in below given format.

                           Exam code, Institute code, Exam No, Student Number
                           Exam code is 1 For BCC and Exam code is 2 for ITBC
                           Write your Institute Code ( 3 or 4 digit)
                           Exam No. must be 3 digit long. Set Exam No as per exam taken in your
                            Institute. Like “001” for First Exam and ”002” for Second Exam and so
                           Student Number must be 3 digit long eg.001,002 and so on
                           For each Exam student number must start with 001.

                        Example for BCC
                           1            101          001            001
                        Exam Code Institute Code Exam No.         Student No.

                        Example for ITBC
                           2            101          001            001
                        Exam Code Institute Code Exam No.         Student No.

             Student Related information must be enter in Capital latter only.
             Enter “GEN”, “SC”, “ST” or “SEBC” in Caste Field.
             Enter “M” or “F” in Gender Field for Male and Female Respectively.
             Enter Conduct field as “GOOD”.
             Enter valid and proper only one Exam date in user.csv file.
             Enter valid and proper only one in Course start date and course end date.
             If Model is 5 then add “DIRECT EXAM” in Course starts date field and Course
              end date leave as blank as it is.

2. Exam Type:

       Please take BCC exam In Bcc software and ITBC exam in Itbc software. In result
       Excel sheet you cannot change manually Exam Type.
3. Add One Extra field “Result”:

      In Result Excel file Please add manually one extra field “Result”.

         In this field you enter data just PASS and FAIL
         If student grades is less than 40 then add in “FAIL” Result field
         If student grades is greater than 40 then add in “PASS” Result field

4. Result Excel and Database:

      Please send us Result Excel proper format and database in Sql format of
      respectively both exams BCC and ITBC. And give proper naming of every files
      which you send Gcvt.

5. Software Training:

          o We have already given training for how to install software to Nodel GI.
          o KVK coordinator gets software from your nodel ITI and takes training of
            software from Nodel GI.

We put software in Our website WWW.GCVT.ORG with installation Kit and Help file

Further quarry you can call on 9429563982.


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