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					                                   Applying for Post Secondary Education
       Develop your résumé for employment or educational experiences. This is your chance to sell yourself!
       Many applications require an essay. Begin your outline and develop your essay. Remember, your English
        teachers and counselors are here to help.
       Think about your career plans and interests and decide which school is right for you.
       Narrow your post secondary choice list to 3 – 5 schools. Pick your dream school as well as a safety school.
        Always have a backup plan.
       Start visiting school campuses.

                                          SAT/ACT Comparison Chart

                                        SAT                                                    ACT
(for regular      $47                                                 $48 (with writing section)
                  Available to students who demonstrate financial
                  need. You can receive up to 2 waivers, which
FEE WAIVERS                                    th
                  are available for use from 11 grade to
                                                                      2 hours and 55 minutes
TIME              3 hours, 45 minutes                                 OR
                                                                      3 hours and 25 minutes (with writing section)
                                                                      215 questions divided into 4 multiple-choice
                  140 questions divided into 10 short sections:       sections that cover English, science, math and
STRUCTURE         one 25-minutes writing section, followed by         reading with an additional 30-minute writing
                  sections in English grammar, math and reading       section that has become necessary for the
                                                                      scores to be accepted at most Florida colleges
                  ¼ of a point subtracted for each wrong answer
                                                                      No penalty for wrong or skipped answers. Each
                  from the number of correct answers to produce
                                                                      section receives a score from 1 to 36. The four
SCORING           a raw score for each section (800 for a perfect
                                                                      sectors are averaged to give a composite
                  section, 2400 for an overall perfect score). No
                                                                      number from 1 to 36.
                  penalty for skipped answers.
                                                                         English
                   Critical Reading                                     Math
SUBJECTS           Math                                                 Reading
                   Writing                                              Science
                                                                         Writing (optional)
                  Reading passages with questions pertaining to
READING                                                               4 passages, 10 questions per passage
                  comprehension and sentence completion
                                                                      Science (analysis, knowledge, problem solving)
SCIENCE           N/A
MATH              Arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and algebra 2        Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry
ESSAY             Required                                            Optional (final section)
                                                                      1/4 English
                  1/3 Math
SCORE                                                                 1/4 Math
                  1/3 Reading
COMPOSITION                                                           1/4 Reading
                  1/3 Writing
                                                                      1/4 Science

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