EWING GIRLS SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION
                         DIVISION 1 (T-BALL) RULES
                                 March 2008
Mission: Division 1 softball is for instructional purposes and for fun. Division 1 softball is non-
competitive and designed to develop the hitting, fielding, throwing and baserunning skills of
girls while teaching the basic game rules.

1. Regularly scheduled games will start at 6:00 p.m. No inning may start later than 1 hour after
   the start of the game. Two full innings must be played to constitute a complete game.

2. All games are for instructional purposes and for fun. Outs will be recorded in all games,
   however, runs will not be recorded. Game scores and league standings will not be maintained
   during the season.

3. A game shall be played if at least six players per team are available. A game that has not
   proceeded at least 2 full innings, before being called for whatever reason, will be

4. All players must play in the field every inning. A player shall only play one position per
   inning, except in the case of an injury. No player will play the same position two
   consecutive innings. A maximum of six players can play the infield during each inning,
   including the pitcher and catcher. No player will be positioned in the outfield for two
   consecutive innings.

5. A consecutive batting order will be used which includes all girls present and able to play.
   The maximum number of batters per inning will equal the number of girls present that day.
   No out shall be recorded when a batter does not bat in turn due to an injury or early

6.    The team at bat will be retired when the maximum number of batters has batted. If three
     outs are recorded in a single inning, the bases will be cleared and the remaining girls in the
     lineup allowed a turn at bat.

7. The batter will be allowed to advance only one base on a batted ball that does not reach the
   outfield grass in the air. No advances are permitted on an overthrow. Runners may advance
   as far as possible on a batted ball that reaches the outfield grass in the air, until the ball is
   returned to the pitcher. An attempt to return the ball to the pitcher, even if not completed,
   will be sufficient to halt the runners’ progress.

8. No sliding, stealing or bunting will be allowed. The infield fly rule will not be in force.

9. The coach serving as the pitcher will be the umpire. In a close play, the benefit of the doubt
   shall be given to the team at bat.
10. The coach shall pitch to his or her own batters. No balls or strikes are to be called, i.e., no
    batter will be retired by strikeout nor reach base via a base on balls. After 5 pitches of
    swinging strikes are taken, the ball is put into play by hitting it off the tee. A base is not
    awarded to a batter hit by a pitch.

11. If a batter throws a bat, she will be warned. If that batter throws a bat after the warning, she
    will be called out.

12. All batters and base runners must wear a helmet.

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