Is Nokia Maps a Game Changer?

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					Is Nokia Maps a Game Changer?

Industry experts predict that with the many choices for tablet PCs, people will not hesitate to sell used
iPads if given the chance. There are more affordable choices already available in the market, giving the
consumers the power to choose the best tablet PC fitting their preferences. These more affordable
tablets are able to do most (if not more) of the things the iPad could do. Swapping an iPad for these able
and cheaper tablet PCs would make perfect economic sense, given the budget limitations among a lot of
people these days. Amazon is one company offering an affordable device that could give users the
convenience they want comparable with those using the iPad.

Recently, Amazon shocked the industry when it announced that it would ditch Google Maps and go for
Nokia Maps instead. Google Maps is a formidable character in the industry, as it is usually the top choice
for Android-based devices. As expected, the news sent ripples of doubt all over the industry. Just when
everybody thought that Nokia Maps was already on the brink of collapse, Amazon came to the rescue.
On the side of Google, Amazon is the second tablet PC manufacturer that has dumped the Google Maps
app, after Apple decided and announced it would discontinue having Google Maps as a pre-installed app
on all its device as well a few months ago. It seems that Apple users who want to sell iPads to switch to
a Kindle Fire won’t be missing Google Maps after all.
Currently, there are four popular companies that provide mapping services for mobile devices. With the
new deal sealed between Amazon and Nokia, the ailing company has beaten the odds and has been able
to stay afloat for the past three years, given that most manufacturers today have Google and OSM as
their more preferred companies. In the short-term scheme of things, this Amazon picking Nokia Maps is
a victory for the company, which has recently found itself to be irrelevant, if not left behind by the
competition. Even Microsoft, which partnered with Nokia with its mobile phone line, eventually dropped
the company when it decided to manufacture and market its own line of tablet PC. But then, we never
know what can happen as industry giants like Apple and Microsoft can suddenly flex their muscles and
decide to buy any of these smaller companies. Recent developments have also seen Nokia close facilities
and cut on manpower, which could be harbingers of worse things to come.

Amazon may have partnered with Nokia in order to make use of UpNext, maker of 3D maps of cities and
structures like stadiums, which is one of the former’s recent purchases. This can also be a move to
distance itself from Google who is already starting to enter the tablet PC market. Whatever the reasons
Amazon has for partnering with Nokia Maps, at the end of the day, it is still the consumers that win
because they can now sell old iPad and buy more affordable tablet PCs.

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Description: Industry experts predict that with the many choices for tablet PCs, people will not hesitate to sell old iPads if given the chance.