Migration from sysbase to oracle by sayannayas


									Migration from Sybase 9 to oracle 10 g

Required:    1.sybase 9 preinstalled
             2. Oracle 10g preinstalled
             3. ASE ODBC driver installation
             4. SQLways4.0


    1. Installing ASE ODBC

     a) Open the Sybase 9 installation package and click on setup type custom.
     b) Select ODBC under ASE Data Providers and deselect others.
     c) Follow the installation steps to complete.

    2. Install SQLways4.0

    3. Setting up the datasource

     a) Run Sybase ODBC data source administrator.
     b) Select userDSN tab.
     c) Add new (in the new window select adaptive Server Anywhere 9).
     d) Specific service name, database name, userid, password and other details.

    4. Migrating to oracle

     a) Got to SQLways wizard

     b) Select a project directory (no dependency so free to choose any dir)

     c) Choose a source database

         i) Select the datasource name (DSN) you just created
         ii) Username and password to connect to the db
       d) Choose the target database

       i) Select target as "oracle" version "10"
       ii) Service name "OSGPROD"(the database name)
       iii) User name and password for the schema to migrate
       iv) Click on advance and check the executable "sqlldr" and "sqlplus" in
proper oracle bin directory path.

Note: The schema name for both the database server should be same if Sybase we are
mentioning schema name as "so-owner” replicate the same name in oracle.

e) Specify the objects (tables, view...Etc) to be migrated.

f) Select a export directory of the exported scripts if required.

g) Keep others default till the message "click next to execute".

h) It will export the required script.

i) Click on start Import to start importing to Oracle.

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