Renaissance newspaper by QRvnDw


									              Renaissance Newspaper Project

The Project: You and your group will be creating a five page
newspaper. Each member of the group will be responsible for
one of the first four pages of the newspaper, and all members
will share responsibility for the last page.

Individual requirements: Each individual page must contain the following:
-1 Feature Story (3 paragraphs minimum)
-A picture, with caption that explains its significance, to go with feature story
-1 Biographical Story (2 paragraphs minimum)
-A picture with caption to go with Bio
-Headlines for both stories
-Work Cited (all facts and pictures must be properly cited)
-Whoever creates the Front page of the paper must also include a banner with the
newspapers name and a publication date (appropriate to the time period)
 -Extra Credit for a political cartoon of your own creation making fun of a
prominent person or idea from the Renaissance.

Group Requirements: Everyone in the group must contribute to the last page of the
newspaper. You must decide amongst yourselves what each of you will do. Your
options are as follows:
-2 obituaries of famous people from the Renaissance era
-2 advertisements for items or services which would have been used in the time
-An advice column with at least two letters explaining problems people might have
had in that time period, and two letters responding with advice
-A crossword or other puzzle with Renaissance era words
Writing Requirements: You are writing on people, ideas, events, and places which
were important during the Renaissance era. However, you are to write news stories
about these topics. They need to be interesting stories, and not just a recitation of
your researched facts.
-Write as if you are a reporter who is alive during the Renaissance, at the same
time all these topics are taking place.
-be sure your stories contain appropriate dates of when the topic occurred
-write from an objective third person point of view (report what happened without
using the word “I”).
-include, but do not limit your articles to, the 5 W’s: where, what, when, who, and
-include quotes from eyewitnesses to events, or experts on the topic (be creative
-the articles must be based on facts you researched, but the article can be fictional
in terms of the story you create around the facts. For example, you might need to
invent eyewitnesses or experts, along with their quotes
-Remember you are writing as if the story has just occurred - it is news!

          Be Creative - Have fun - Use your imagination
Work Cited: All facts you obtain from the internet or a book must be put into your
own words on a 3x5 card. The back of the card must contain the title of the book
or article, the name of the author, the publisher if it is a book, the date it was
published or created, the name of the journal or website if it is from the internet,
and the URL. These are required to create your Work Cited which will be placed
on your individual page.

All written parts of the newspaper must be typed, minimum 12 point font. Pictures
must be taken from the internet or copied from a book.

Topics: You will sign up for your individual article topics in class. For the group
page you must decide within your group what each member will contribute.

Grading: Each individual page will receive a separate grade out of 40 points. The
group page will receive a group grade out of 10 points, for a total of 50 points.

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