Have YOU Experienced a Traumatic Event by U0Q6nW


									       What can Happen?                 Physical Symptoms*                              Emotional Symptoms
 Traumatic event: any event that        chills                 twitches                 fear              intense anger
  causes unusually strong emotional/     fainting               thirst                   depression        apprehension
  physical reactions which can           fatigue                dizziness                guilt             irritability
  potentially interfere with your        vomiting               nausea                   anxiety           denial
  normal day-to-day living.              weakness               chest pain               grief             agitation
 These reactions can be immediate       headaches              elevated BP              panic
  or delayed depending on severity.      edgy                   sweating                 emotional shock
 It is NORMAL to have a stress          shock                  grinding of              emotional outbursts
  reaction to a traumatic event.          symptoms                teeth                    feeling overwhelmed
 A stress reaction can be physical,     vision                 muscle                   loss of emotional control
  cognitive, emotional and/or             problems                tremors                  inappropriate emotional response
  behavioural.                           trouble                rapid heart              etc.
 Having understanding and support        breathing               rate
  from loved ones can help reduce the    etc.
  length of the reaction.                                                               Behavioural Symptoms
 Sometimes professional assistance                                                      withdrawal
                                        Cognitive Symptoms                               antisocial acts
  may be useful. This does not mean
                                           confusion                                    difficulty relaxing
  you are crazy or weak.
                                           nightmares                                   intensified pacing
                                           uncertainty                                  erratic movements
                                           heightened sensitivity                       change in social activity
                                           suspiciousness                               change in speech patterns
                                           flashbacks                                   loss or increase of appetite
                                           blaming someone                              hyperalert to environment
                                           poor problem solving                         increased alcohol/caffeine/nicotine/etc.
                                           poor decisions                                consumption
                                           distractible                                 etc.
                                           poor concentration/memory
                                           disorientation                              Children
                                           lowered alertness                              repetitive play themes
                                           etc.                                           regression in skills
                                                                                           bedwetting
                                        *                                                  more clingy
                                          Any of these symptoms may indicate the need
                                        to consult your physician.
How to Take Care of Yourself                    For Family and Friends
 WITHIN THE FIRST 24-48                    Do say you are sorry and you want
  HOURS: periods of appropriate              to understand and assist.
                                            Don’t say “lucky it wasn’t worse”.
  physical exercise, alternated with
  relaxation will help some of the          Listen carefully
  physical reactions                        Spend time but respect their need                   You
 Structure your time; maintain as           for privacy
  normal a schedule as possible             Offer your assistance and your                  Experienced
 Eat well-balanced and regular              listening ear
  meals (even if you don’t feel like it)
 Don’t numb the pain with
                                            Reassure that they are safe
                                            Help with everyday tasks
  alcohol/drug use
 Try to get plenty of rest
                                            Don’t take anger or other feelings
 Do things that make you feel good
 Recognize the stress
 Give yourself permission to feel
  rotten                                             Who to Contact
 Don’t think “I’m Crazy”                  If your symptoms persist and are                  Some Examples Include:
 Don’t try to fight reoccurring           affecting your daily life you may need      Automobile accident
  thoughts, dreams or flashbacks-they      professional assistance.                    Sexual assualt/abuse
  are normal and will decrease with         Family Physician                          Physical/mental abuse
  time and be less painful.                 Colchester Regional Hospital              Severe injury/death to a child
 Talk to people                               Mental Health Services (in              Suicide of family or co-worker
 Spend time with others                       Colchester/East Hants)(902)893-         Homicide/s
 Reach out to others; share feelings          5525
                                                                                       Thought you or someone else were
 Do make as many daily decisions as        Pastoral Care Services                     going to be seriously harmed
  possible to return your sense of          School Counsellor                         Earthquake, Hurricane, Fires, Flood
  control                                   Someone You Trust                         Terrorism
 Keep a journal; write your way
                                                                                       Community wide disasters
  through those sleepless hours
                                                                                       Observed any of these traumatic
 Don’t make any big life changes

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