Warren Road is committed to safeguarding all children


                     2011 - 2016

                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                      Vision and Summary of Means                               Page   3
                      Key Priorities                                            Page   6
                      School Targets 2008 and 2009                              Page   7
                      Developing Management – Annual Maintenance Activities     Page   8
                      Expenditure Projects – Precise Tasks                      Page   10
                      Leadership & Management                                   Page   13
                      Governor Development Plans                                Page   15
                      Finance                                                   Page   17
                      Health & Safety Action Plan                               Page   20
                      School Office Development Plan                            Page   21
                      Premises & Grounds                                        Page   23
                      Every Child Matters                                       Page   25
                      Early Years                                               Page   28
                      Inclusion/Access/Racial Equality and Cultural Diversity   Page   30
                      Communications                                            Page   31
                      Community Links                                           Page   32
                      Global Dimension                                          Page   34
                      National Sustainability Framework                         Page   35
Subject Leaders Development Plans 2010/11
                      Art/Design                                                Page   36
                      Assessment                                                Page   38
                      English/Literacy                                          Page   39
                      Environment                                               Page   40
                      Geography                                                 Page   41
                      History                                                   Page   43
                      ICT                                                       Page   45
                      Modern Foreign Languages                                  Page   47
                      Music                                                     Page   48
                      Numeracy                                                  Page   49
                      PE                                                        Page   50
                      PSHEC                                                     Page   51
                      RE                                                        Page   52
                      Science                                                   Page   53
                      Special Needs                                             Page   55
                      Gifted & Talented                                         Page   56
                      Extra Curricular and Travel Plan                          Page   58
Future Development Ideas 2010/2015                                              Page   60
                      PDL Plan for School Improvement Priorities                Page   65

                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                To be an outstanding school


Warren Road Primary School has 846 pupils on roll in January 2011 It had a successful Ofsted Inspection in March 2008 when the school was
judged outstanding. Developing creativity in the curriculum, by linking subjects was agreed as an area for the school to develop further and this
issue has been included in this plan in italics. Attendance is also an aspect for improvement.


Following a detailed analysis of academic standards, Subject Leaders draw up, in consultation with staff, draft subject improvement plans. Subject
Leaders use Performance Management Reviews in September to identify targets for future improvement. These feed into the School
Improvement Plan. Governors, parents, pupils, staff (teaching and non-teaching) are encouraged to contribute their ideas, via brown paper
exercises, through the School Change Team. Priorities for improvement for the academic year are agreed and fed back into the Performance
Management process. Funding implications are identified by the Senior Management Team and presented to the Governors’ Finance Committee,
who are responsible for ‘prioritising’ funding accordingly. Finally, the School Improvement Plan is formally approved by the Governors and
evaluated annually by the Local Education Authority.


      To help pupils acquire knowledge and skills with understanding at a level appropriate to each pupil’s age, aptitude and ability;

      To help them become balanced and independent young people, having respect for themselves and for others;

                                            WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
   To help pupils develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks and physical

   To help pupils acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life in a fast changing world;

   To help pupils to use language and numbers effectively;

   To instil respect for religious and moral values, and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life;

   To help pupils to be aware of their cultural heritage and to understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals,
    groups and nations;

   To enable pupils to use ICT effectively to support their learning and to be aware of safety;

   To instil an appreciation and enjoyment of the creative arts;

   To help pupils to appreciate human achievements and aspirations;

   To help pupils achieve these aims in a happy, safe, secure and stimulating atmosphere;

   To offer added value by providing additional facilities and educational opportunities for learning;

   To promote our concern for the community and our international educational network by expanding parental links, charity work,
    environmental work and classes beyond the school day;

   To retain and attract quality staff by extending opportunities for staff to develop their true potential.

   To help pupils learn about sustainability.

                      We are committed to safeguarding all pupils, staff and members of the school community.

                                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

Key:   Red            =       Raising Standards
       Maroon         =       Every Child Matters
       Blue           =       Leadership and Management
       Green          =       Environment

These themes permeate all other plans, including subject plans

                                                          SUMMARY OF MEANS

1.     Fund the retention and attraction of high quality staff.

2.     Finance the further development of creativity within the Foundation and National Curricula (with their assessment and training implications),
       including the revised frameworks.

3.     Sustain the building developments and repair, including the security system to ensure a well-maintained school.

4.     Enhance the office financial systems, and the monitoring and control processes linked to school improvement planning.

5.     Progress the programme for the generation of additional income.

6.     Develop the programme and resources for the rising fives, special needs children and gifted and talented pupils
       focusing on the Every Child Matters agenda.

7.     Continue to fund extra curricular activities for the children and career development programmes for staff.

8.     Maintain and extend parental and international school links, the school journey and educational visits programme.

9.     Promote the spending by the Government on Warren Road’s maintenance programmes.
                                           WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
10.   Continue to improve the learning environment.

                      This summary of means is subdivided again into precise tasks that appear later in this plan.

                                                           KEY PRIORITIES

                                                               2011 - 2012

      1.     To raise the standard of reading across the school by 3%.

      2.     To ensure all staff are confident in the use of the VLE at home and school

      3.     To improve assessment by using vertical moderation for consistency

      4.     To ensure a smooth transition for all 4 year olds for September 2011

      5.     To continue to improve attendance

      6.     To develop as a Teaching School

      7.     To continue to improve the learning environment to facilitate teaching and learning.

      All Subject Leaders have Subject Development Plans for 2011-2016, but the above six
                      priorities apply to every aspect of the school’s work.

                                     WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL


               The following targets have been agreed and formally ratified by the full Governing Body


                                                                          Target for 2011 (shown as percentage)

Percentage achieving Level 4+ in both English and maths                                   91%
English Level 5+                                                                          50%
Percentage making 2 Nat. CC levels progress in English from KS1                           93%
Mathematics Level 5+                                                                      48%
Percentage making 2 Nat. CC levels progress in Maths from KS 1                            92%
Science Level 5+                                                                          68%


                                                                          Target for 2012 (shown as percentage)

Percentage achieving Level 4+ in both English and maths                                   87%
English Level 5+                                                                          54%
Percentage making 2 Nat. CC levels progress in English from KS1                           91%
Mathematics Level 5+                                                                      55%
Percentage making 2 Nat. CC levels progress in Maths from KS 1                            91%
Science Level 5+                                                                          68%

School Absence Target (percentage)                                                      4 % (2012)

                                      WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

THE DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT - Annual Maintenance Activities

                                  SUMMER                               AUTUMN                                  SPRING

ORGANISATIONAL   Review status (Community, Foundation)   Review Health and Safety Matters     Review Management Policy Documents
                 School Profile                          Update staff handbook                Confirm Reception Intake for next year

                 Update staff handbook                   Review Business Links and policies   Update staff handbook

                 Update Hazard and Risk Assessments      Update School Website                Update Health and Safety Policy

                 Confirm dates for following year        Pursue Extended School Services      Examine effectiveness of International
                 Publish School Prospectus               Review SEF and SIP
                                                                                              Embed Network Links
                 Pursue Every Child Matters agenda       Complete National Sustainability
                                                         Framework                            Review SEF and SIP
                 Review SEF and evaluate SIP

EDUCATION        Confirm classes and Teachers for the    Review Curriculum Guidelines         Review teaching and learning
                                                         Review P.E.                          Support Peer mentoring
                 Update Short Term Planning Diary
                 Dates                                   Analyse Children’s Test Scores &     Subject Review
                 Update Children’s reports and scores
                                                         Set Targets
                 Review impact of educational visits
                                                         Subject Review
FINANCE          Close Budget Accounts for previous      Review Pay and Conditions            Prepare CFR Report for LBB
                 year                                    Document
                                                                                              Review Service Level Agreements
                 Submit CFR Reports to LBB               Review Whole School Policy
                     WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                                           Prepare Budget Accounts for Governors
Open Accounts for New Year                Audit School Fund Accounts

Prepare Budget Accounts for               Audit School Journey Accounts
Governors; confirm budget for following
year                                      Prepare Accounts for Governors

                                       WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                SUMMER                                 AUTUMN                             SPRING

STAFFING          Examine & Cost Staffing needs for new   Submit staffing proposals to        Review Temporary Staff Contracts
MATTERS           Educational Year                        Governors
                                                                                              Review Classroom Assistant Contracts
                  Review Management Structure             Confirm Job Descriptions with all
                                                          staff                               Review Classroom Support Contracts
                  Undertake Staff Development Reviews
                                                          Amend & Confirm Management
                  Performance Management Reviews          Structure

                  Complete NQT assessments                Confirm Staff Pay Assimilations
                  Review Governors’ Building & Security   Review Health & Safety Matters      Check Security Features
MATTERS                                                   Review Gov’s Building & Security    Review Gov’s Building & Security
                  Review Fire Risk Assessment             Policy                              Survey

                  Review LBB’s Building & Safety Survey   Plan, Review & Cost New Projects    Review Energy Saving
                  Review Cost Effectiveness of Building

                  Seed Challenge Bid

                                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                    Expenditure for Key Projects above the Normal 2011 – 2012
                                                          Precise Tasks

                           TEACHING AND LEARNING                    TOTAL Priority                CURRICULUM, ASSESSMENT & MONITORING              TOTAL Priority

1 Additional TA support                                                500    1       1 Assistance for Years 2 to 6 during SAT's Assessment         3,200    2
                                                                                        After analysis, agree Tgt Setting with Staff, Govnrs and
2   Retain Two Non Class Based Deputies                             35,000    1       2 Inspector                                                      50    1
3   Fund Additional Reading 0.3, plus another if funds allow         8,600    1       3 After analysis, agree Individual Target Setting for Pupils    250    1
4   Release of Senior Staff for Class & Staff Monitoring             8,600    1       4 Develop use of Year Group Planning and Assessments            200    3
5   Fund the Off Admin Struct for Expanding School                     600    1       5 Review effectiveness of SAT's Standardised Assessments        300    3
6   Fund for P/T ICT technician & F/T Management Structure           9,600    2       6 Expand Info & Commun Tech to the Classrooms - laptops 30,000         1
                                                                                        Extend further Pupils' and Staffs' Self Evaluations &
 7 Retain Mid-day Supervisors at 4+ Establishment                   12,600    3       7 Assessments                                                   350   2
 8 Maintain 6 Teaching Task Assistants                              60,000    1       8 Maintain SIMS Attendance & Equipment registers                300   1
 9 Fund 2 F/T Caretakers                                            18,000    2       9 Develop SIMS Curriculum & Assessment Modules                   50   1
10 Prepare Offices for School Expansion to 840 children              4,400    1      10 Target SAT's Data Analysis Software                           365   1
11 Fund Part Time Librarian                                          2,500    3      11 Parentpay costs                                            1,000    1
12 Fund FLS, ELS, ALS & Booster Programmes                          90,000    1      12 Develop HCSS SIP package                                   3,000
13                                                                                   13
   TOTAL                                                           200,900              TOTAL                                                      40,565

                  ENVIRONMENTAL, MAINTENANCY & SECURITY             TOTAL Priority                     OFFICE SYSTEMS & PROCESSES                  TOTAL Priority

                                                                                        Continue to Upgrade Software and Licences on all
 1 Re-floor kitchen                                                    5900   3       1 computers                                                   2,200    1
 2 Refurbish Store room                                              15,000   2       2 Continue to Support the cost of the photocopying            2,200    1
 3 Plan to maintain Year 6 Playground with Safe Activity Area           500   1       3 Continue Training Deputy Heads in LRM Financial Planning      300    2
 4 Replace carpets in two Infant Classrooms                           1,600   3       4 Review Governors' Standing Orders & Financial Procedures      100    3
 5 Upgrade and enrich the Year 6 Play Area                            2,000   3       5 Assessment Manager                                            290    1
 6 As school expands, purchase more walkie-talkies for deputies, etc    500   1       6 Develop further the PLASC System in Office                    500    1
 7 Provide more seating to playgrounds and field for 840 children     1,000   1       7 Develop further the Borough's Database System in Office       500    1
 8 Repaint Mn Playgrnd with goals, markings, seating, skipping areas 1,000    1       8 Develop and Enhance Website - Allocation of Input time      1,500    1
 9 Upgrade behind swimming pool                                         700   2       9 New servers for Admin & CC                                 13,000    1
10 Upgrade and Provide Security for the Nature Area using PTA           900   1      10
11 Continue to improve new Play Area for Years 3/4 & 5                2,000   1      11
                                                          WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
12                                                                                       12
13 TOTAL                                                                 33,800               TOTAL                                                         12,590

                       DEVELOP THE GENERATION OF INCOME                 TOTAL Priority                       EARLY YEARS & SPECIAL NEEDS                   TOTAL Priority

1 Increase the Number of Lettings                                       -12,000   1       1 Further enhance the 'Foundation Curriculum'                       230    1
                                                                                            Fund Minimum Level of Classroom Assistance for
2 Increase the Number of Evening Classes                                -15,000   1       2 Reception etc                                                  20,000    1
                                                                                            Upgrade & Repair Early Years External Apparatus &
3    Actively seek Industrial Sponsorship & Business Initiatives        -15,000   1       3 Equipment                                                         400    1
4    Use Funds generated by the PTA                                     -12,000   1       4 Purchase more IT Equipment for SEN eg 'Dream Writers'             500    1
5    Advertise Evening Leisure Classes more widely                        4,500   2       5 Support Baseline Assessment Procedures                            200    2
6    Additional Attendance Allowance Provision                            3,000   1       6 Provide supply cover for efficient use of IEP's                   630    1
                                                                                            Develop Infant 'Home/School' Reading System &
 7 Promote sale of school photographs and videos                         -1,200   3       7 Resources                                                         100    2
 8 Apply for Seed Challenge Funding                                       8,000   1       8 Increase EAL Resources                                            350    1
 9 Apply for additional Capital Funding                                   2,000   2       9 Increase outdoor provision for Year 1                             250    1
10 Apply for additional Sports Funding                                   -5,000   1      10
11                                                                                       11
12                                                                                       12
13                                                                                       13
   TOTAL                                                                -42,700             TOTAL                                                          23,660

                    EXTRA CURRICULAR & STAFF DEVELOPMENT                TOTAL Priority                PARENTAL, COMMUNITY & INTERNATIONAL LINKS            TOTAL Priority

1    Support Extra Curric Activities eg German, French, Orchestra etc    1,500    1      1    Expand Information & Communications Contracts with Parents      300    2
2    Support Hockey, Dance, Swimming, Table Tennis, Lacrosse etc           100    1      2    Provide education for parents in Curriculum Development         650    2
3    Support School, Borough & County Representation                       500    4      3    Review Written Reports to Parents                               300    1
4    Year 5 full Games Coaching Scheme to incl lacrosse & basketball     1,600    1      4    Monitor 'Home/School' Reading Schemes & Procedures              500    2
                                                                                              Develop 'Curric Newsletter' for Parents (eg using School
5 Support Healthy Schools Scheme: Life Educ Caravan, Drug Educ           1,700    1      5    Website)                                                        250    1
                                                                                              Develop Educ Links with French, USA, Swedish & Spanish
6 Support Staff Training for Quality Assurance                             700    2      6    Schs                                                            150    4
                                                                                              Support Internat Exchange visits with Grundeschule,
7 Extend Children's Responsibilities through School Council                 50    4      7    Germany                                                         500    3
8 Develop further the 'Top Sport' and 'Top Play' Schemes                   700    2      8    Support Children for the Educational School Journey             600    1
                                                                                              Review School Journey and its effect on the Sch
9 Support Staff Training on Assess, Target Setting & Data Analysis         840    2      9    Curriculum                                                      150    5
                                                    WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
10 Continue Staff Training in Info & Communication Technology      1,500    3       10 Expand Website and Internet Links                                  150    5
11 Review Induction Programme for NQT's and New Staff              2,500    1       11
12                                                                                  12
13                                                                                  13
   TOTAL                                                          11,690               TOTAL                                                             3,550


 1 Extend Video Camera Security                                    5,000        1    1 Provide Details for Governors & Officers of needs of School       20      1
 2 Funding for store room                                          6,000        1    2 Expand Safe Routes to School Project (Walking Bus)               250      3
 3 External lighting and security                                 36,000        1    3 Replace Curriculum Server                                      3,000      1
 4 Create additional group teaching room                          16,000        1    4 Decorate Music room                                              500      3
 5 Maintain interactive whiteboards in all classrooms (Capital)    3,000        1    5 Tree maintenance                                                1300      3
 6                                                                                   6 Art room and groups rooms                                     28,000
 7                                                                                   7
 8                                                                                   8
 9                                                                                   9
10                                                                                  10
11                                                                                  11
12                                                                                  12
13                                                                                  13
   TOTAL                                                          66,000               TOTAL                                                         33,070

  Priority Levels 1-5                                                                 Success Criteria
  Highest                                                              1              Completed                                                      C
  High                                                                 2              Enabled                                                        E
  Medium                                                               3              Funded                                                         F
  Low                                                                  4              Retained                                                       R

                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
Not essential                                                    5        Started                                           S


                Action         Timescale               Who                    Funding        Success Criteria      Evaluation and
                                                                                               Monitoring              Impact
   To introduce the ITP        Start April     Assistant Headteacher       From existing        Successful        Positive feedback
   programme                     2011                                      supply budget      assessment by         from external
                                                                               £800            Ravenswood             monitoring
                                July 2012                                                    Positive feedback
                                                                                               from course
   To introduce the OTP        Start April     Assistant Headteacher       From existing        Successful        Positive feedback
   programme                     2011                                      supply budget      assessment by         from external
                                                                               £800            Ravenswood             monitoring
                                July 2012                                                     Positive feedback
                                                                                                from course
   To support outreach          On-going           Headteacher            Consultancy NLE        To have a         Monitored by LLE
   work with Biggin Hill        from July                                       fees             successful       and Bromley LA via
                                   2011        Assistant Headteacher       £450 per day if   outcome at Ofsted.    monitoring visits
                                                 for Outreach work           available                              and evaluation
                              Interim termly                                                   For attainment          reviews.
                                 reviews                                                     standards in core
                                                                                              subjects to rise.
                              To complete
                               July 2012
   To embed role of            Start Sept      Assistant Headteacher                Nil      Assistant HT able     Monitored by HT
   Assistant Headteacher in      2011              for ITP / OTP                              to demonstrate       via observation of
   teaching and learning                            programme                                 organisation of     plans and feedback
                                          WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
improvements for the        On-going                                                    support is working          from course
fulfilment of the role                                                                     day to day.                delivery.

                                                                                         Positive feedback
                                                                                         from NLE advisor
To further embed role of    Start Sept      Assistant HT for Data          Nil           Assistant HT able        Monitored by HT
Assistant Headteacher         2011                                                         to demonstrate         via data analysis
for Data and assessment                                                                          deep                 reports and
by ensuring appropriate     On-going                                                      understanding at       evaluated by Govs
training is given                                                                        Govs CC meeting          following input at
                                                                                            Autumn Term            Govs Meeting.
To further develop the      Start May        Headteacher and           Costs to be      Business Manager         Evaluated by B &
role of the Business          2010           Business Manager        negotiated with       to have had an        F Committee of the
Manager in outreach                                                  National College          impact on         Governing Body via
work though the NLE         Finish July                                                     increasing the         termly reports.
programme.                     2011                                                     financial stability of
                                                                                          a linked outreach
To support middle           Start Sept     Headteacher and Deputy          Nil          Coaching sessions           Monitored by
leaders by providing          2011              Headteacher                                   completed           Assistant HT for
leadership opportunities                                                                                             INSET and
for those who wish to      To finish May                                                 Middle Leaders           evaluated in May
apply for the Leading           2012                                                    having ownership          2012. Outcomes
from the Middle NCSL                                                                       of specific               reported to
course.                                                                                   Performance              Governors via
                                                                                          Management               report in June
                                                                                            Projects                    2012.

To ensure SIP and SEF      SEF updated         Headteacher                Time            SIP and SEF              Monitored and
link and reflect main      by Oct 2011              and                                   published and          evaluated by Chair
aims of the Governing       and again        Business Manager                               meeting               of Governors via
                                         WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
Body                       Feb 2012                                                     requirements of        examination of
                                                                                          new Ofsted           documentation
To ensure Governors        On-going         Leadership Team              Nil               Meeting or        Evaluated by HT in
and staff are focused on                                                                   exceeding         July 2012 following
prime objective to raise                                                                  challenging         SATs results for
academic standards                                                                    academic targets             Year 6.
further                                                                              for 2012, especially
                                                                                        in mathematics
To meet needs of LSA       Start Sept.     Headteacher and            £800 from        Install new fire in   Pupils and staff to
staff                         2011         Business Manager        premises budget       Infant Library      have safer access
                                                                                                               to the library
                           Complete                                                    Install blinds in
                           July 2012                                                   Year 4 area for       Pupils able to see
                                                                                       better vision for      resources more
                                                                                         group work              effectively

                                                                                     Continue to work to         Reduced
                                                                                          improve            comments about
                                                                                      communication          communication at
                                                                                            links            next Brown Paper

                                            WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL


          Action                Timescale           Who                    Funding          Success Criteria      Evaluated and
                                                                                              Monitoring             Impact
Leadership Key priority
To re-confirm the vision for   September      Chair of Governors        P.T.A. AGM time   Common vision         Clear vision agreed
the school                     2011                                                       understood by all     through SIP and
                                                                                                                published Sept
To ensure the emergency
                               By 19.9.11       Headteacher              Meeting time     Practises to show
plan is easily available and
understood by all new staff
                                                                                          clear understanding   External Health and
and Governors.                                                                            by all                Safety inspection
                                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
To maintain a                  Termly           Chair of Governors             Nil        Effective meetings    See minutes
representative on the                                                                     with clear outcomes
School Change Team

To review the Committee
structure of the Governing
                               Termly            Governing Body            Meeting time   Committee             Evaluated by
Body, the annual work                                                                     Structure and         Governing Body
programme and procedures                                                                  process working as    during reviews
for monitoring outcomes                                                                   planned and           termly.
                                                                                          providing excellent
                                                                                          support to
                                                                                          Governing Body via

To ensure policies are         Termly          Business Manager      Nil                  Policies updated,     Evaluated by Chair
reviewed and updated                                                                      agreed and            of Governors via
regularly                                                                                 published             observation
Management Key Priority        Start 6.9.11
3                                                                                         Governors’            Evaluation by full
Governor Review Days                           Chair of Curriculum   Nil                  monitoring            Governing Body in
linked to new SIP priorities   Complete by     Committee                                  proformas             Summer Term
for 2011/12
                               30.6.12                                                    completed to show     2010.
                                                                                          link with SIP
Fire Safety - to address all
the issues                     Start 17th      Site Manager          £200 from SBS        Headteacher’s         Governors
Key Priority 2                 September                                                  report to Governors   Premises
                               2011                                                       to show progess on    Committee by
                                                                                          H&S each term         walking the site
                               Complete 1st                                                                     termly to check
                               Dec 2011                                                                         outcomes from
Health and Safety – to         On-going        Health and Safety     £400 from SBS as     Headteacher’s         Governors’
                                        WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
address all the issues                     Staff               required           report to Governors   Premises
Key Priority 2             Complete 31st   Representative                         to show progress      Committee via
                           Dec 2011                                                                     termly observations
                                                                                                        and feedback from
To review work of the PR    December          Chair of PR                 Nil     Meeting to be held    Governors at
Committee                     2011            Committee                           to inform SIP         Spring Meeting
Governor Training            On-going           Governor       £660 INSET budget LA training package    Evaluated by full
                                             responsible for                     purchased and          Governing Body
                                                 INSET                           providing good
                                                                                 value for money for    Feb 2012.

                                           WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
       Action        Timescale          Who                           Funding             Success Criteria           Evaluation and
                                                                                            Monitoring                   Impact
Closely monitor all          On going        Business Manager   Within working hours     Resources used            Headteacher
expenditure and income                                                                   effectively to support
                                                                                         the learning process.     Budget & Finance
                                                                                         Balanced outturn          Committee
                                                                                         figure achieved.
To consider additional       Autumn Term     Headteacher and    To be costed by SBM      Finance Officer able      Headteacher and
Administration hours to      2011            Business Manager   and put before the       to support the SBM in     SBM through the
support increased Academy                                       Budget & Finance         a wider capacity to       Performance
workloads of the Finance                                        Committee                establish individual      Management
Officer and SBM                                                                          career progression,       process.
                                                                                         and ultimate
                                                                                         succession planning
                                                                                         of the SBM
To continue to use the new   Autumn Term     Business Manager   £455 in budget           The provision of a        Budget & Finance
Orovia package when it has   2011                                                        five year budget          Committee
been updated to                                                                          forecast to assist
accommodate Academy                                                                      accurate and
GAG returns                                                                              stringent monitoring
                                                                                         thereby effectively
                                                                                         resourcing the
                                                                                         learning process
To fund Admin hospitality    Autumn Term     Business Manager   £200 within the          Admin staff no longer     SBM through control
through the SBS Office       2011 onwards                       existing Office budget   having to fund            of the Admin budget.
budget                                                                                   hospitality of the
                                                                                         many visitors to the      Budget & Finance
                                                                                         school                    Committee
To seek Advanced status      Recognition     Business Manager   £2500 in OHL budget      Highest level             Leadership Team
for our Quality in Study     during Summer                                               achieved for our OHL      Budget & Finance
Support                      Term 2012                                                   provision                 Committee
To support application to    Autumn Term     Business Manager   Project to be            Application financially   Budget & Finance
become a National            2011                               externally funded        supported to develop      Committee
Teaching School                                                                          our CPD programme
                        and Outreach work   Full Governing Body

                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
   Concern                                                        Action                                                     Completed by
1.   A fire risk assessment is required in accordance with the    Another Fire Risk Assessment will be required in May
     Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety)                        2012
2.   To implement all the recommendations from the Fire           Site Manager to report progress at weekly premises
     Risk Assessment report dated May 2010. See separate          meetings.
     action plan below.
3.   The number of issues relating to the Disability Access       To implement the recommendations of the Disability
     report received Oct 2009.                                    Access Report. (See separate action plan)
4.   To ensure all safeguarding procedures are updated and        Update Job descriptions, recruitment paperwork,
     known by all staff                                           induction procedures and training opportunities .
5.   To monitor the cyclical maintenance plans to ensure all      To be evaluated at the weekly premises meeting to
     appropriate annual checks are made for gas, water,           ensure value for money.
     electricity, fire hydrants, gym equipment, play equipment,
     boilers etc.
6.   Communications during inclement weather                      To review procedures for communicating with both staff
                                                                  and parents to ensure that more than one method is
7.   To ensure the processes for educational visits are up to     For Teacher in charge of H & S to attend EVC training
     date                                                         in September 2010.
8.   To ensure appropriate facilities are in place to meet        For hearing loop to be installed in Infant Hall and in 2
     needs of pupils with special requirements.                   classrooms fro Sept 2010.

                                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

    Concern                                                         Action                                                       Completed by
1.   Pupil artistic displays throughout the school are at a level          To train staff on Inset training day and at staff
     that is causing concern.                                               meetings and to raise their awareness of this
     HIGH PRIORITY                                                       Keep displays away from curtains, light fittings
                                                                            and heaters
                                                                         To limit the use of crepe paper and other
                                                                            flammable materials.
                                                                         Treat displays with fire retardant spray
                                                                         Ensure displays do not obscure or obstruct
                                                                            escape routes.
                                                                         Ensure adequate fire extinguishers in close
                                                                            vicinity of displays.
                                                                         Careful consideration given to size and location
                                                                            of displays.
2.   Automatic Fire Resistant Shutters in Canteen                   Automatic fire resisting shutters are to be installed
                                                                    during the Summer holiday break 2010. This is to be
                                                                    linked to the fire detection and alarm system; and a
                                                                    quote for the provision of an automatic heat detector in
                                                                    the kitchen has been sought and will be incorporated
                                                                    within this installation process.
3.   Difficulty in identifying Fire Action Notices and Fire              Checking these notices is to become part of the
     Evacuation Route plans against background display                      maintenance and testing regime of the Site
     material.                                                              Manager and Caretaker.
                                                                         Staff to be trained and reminded not to impair
                                                                            the visibility of the Fire Action notices in their
                                                                         Fire Action and Evacuation Route plan missing
                                                                            from the location marked C on the Fire Risk
                                                                            Assessment Plan.
4.   Ensure adequate signage is maintained at all times.            Checks to be made in September 2010 following
                                                                    decoration and building work taking place during
                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                      Summer holiday break. Ensure that all signage meets
                                                      the criteria laid down in the Fire Risk Assessment Plan.
5.   Review Fire Safety training for new staff        Monitor staff changes to ensure that school always has
                                                      a core group of staff who are confident and able to use
                                                      fire extinguishers. Agenda item for Staff Training Days
                                                      at the beginning of a new term.
6.   Maintenance and testing of fire doors            Ensure staff are aware of the role and importance of the
                                                      fire doors; and are encouraged to report any
                                                      maintenance issues to the Premises staff. This is to be
                                                      monitored weekly through the school premises
                                                      meetings and termly by the Governors of the Building &
                                                      Sites Committee.

                                            WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL


          Action               Timescale            Who              Funding            Success Criteria           Evaluation and
                                                                                          Monitoring                   Impact
To re-assess all Job          Autumn Term    Business Manager   Within working hours   Workloads shared          Leadership Team
Descriptions of Admin Staff   2011                                                     equitably and
following Academy transfer                                                             effectively               SBM through

To purchase new furniture     Spring Term    Business Manager   £3,000 Capital         Enhanced storage to       Budget & Finance
and carpet for main Office    2012                              Budget                 remove unsightly          Committee
                                                                                       clutter. Enhanced
                                                                                       efficiency. of main
                                                                                       school office
To redecorate and refurbish   Spring Term    Business Manager   £5,000 Capital         To complete Medical       Budget & Finance
Medical Room including        2012                              Budget                 Room following            Committee
purchase of new bed.                                                                   removal of shower
To purchase pigeon hole       Spring Term    Business Manager   £300 Furniture         To remove safety risk     Headteacher
cabinet outside HT’s office   2012                              budget                 with existing provision
To purchase photo board of    Autumn Term    Business Manager   SBM to seek quote      Members and               Budget & Finance
Governors and Staff           2011                              from School            Directors of new          Committee
following Academy transfer                                      Photographer           Academy clearly
                                                                                       identified for parents
To consider the purchase of   Autumn Term    Business Manager   £1000 Furniture        To provide a clear        Headteacher
a trophy cabinet outside      2011                              budget                 celebration of our
HT’s office                                                                            success

                                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
       Action        Timescale      Who                                Funding      Success Criteria Evaluation and
                                                                                      Monitoring         Impact
To investigate additional     Spring Term      School Business   Capital funding        Enhanced provision       Budget & Finance
space for National Teaching   2012             Manager                                  of training sessions     Committee via
School                                                                                                           observation
To install a canopy over      Start Summer     School Business   Capital Funding plus   Early Years pupils       Governors of Budget
Reception                     2011             Manager           insurance quote        using the space for      & Finance Committee
                                                                                        learning                 Via observation on
                              Complete by                                                                        Review Day
                              October 2011
To decorate classes 6P and    Summer           School Business   Maintenance budget.    Colour differentiation   Premises meetings
3D in the holiday             holiday break    Manager           Quote being sought     as part of disability
                              2011                                                      access requirements
To refurbish the facia        November         School Business   Capital Funding        Reduction in water       Budget & Finance
boards on the 1938 building   2011             Manager/Site                             penetration              Committee
To investigate solar panels   By Jan 2012      School Business   Competition led        To promote               Budget & Finance
for Year 6 roof                                Manager           funding                sustainable energy       Committee via termly
                                                                                        sources to pupils        HT report

                                                                                        To reduce heating
                                                                                        costs and energy
To replace gas boiler in      Spring Term      School Business   Capital Funding –      Greater efficiency       Budget & Finance
swimming pool                 2012             Manager           cost to be advised     and reduced costs.       Committee by

                                               WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL


          Action                 Timescale             Who                 Funding          Success Criteria              Evaluated and
                                                                                             Monitoring                      Impact

                                Start Jan 2011                                                                           School Council
      BE HEALTHY                                  Leadership Team          £200 for    Pupils able to explain what a   review and report to
                                  On-going                                 posters      healthy meal consists of.      Governors May 2012.
       Food and drink
 To promote healthy eating        Review                                               To make healthy choices at
   by reviewing the menus       Autumn 2012                                                   lunchtime
offered and promoting water

                                  On-going                                              All pupils to have received    Governors on Review
       STAY SAFE                                 School Travel Team          Nil        briefings from junior road      Day June 2012 by
    (See Travel Plan)            Talks April                                                  safety advisers.         asking the pupils for
  To promote road safety           2012                                                                                     their views
                                                                                       Pupils able to explain how to
                                                                                          cross the road safely.

  ENJOY AND ACHIEVE             Review termly     Leadership Team      Planning time   Pupils able to demonstrate        Subject Leader
        (See Target 1)                                                                 the planning and making of       curriculum review
To refine the curriculum in       On-going                                              links between subjects for         documents
 response to pupils’ needs                                                                 example through ICT,
by linking subjects together.                                                          cookery, drama or the arts.

     CONTRIBUTION                 Started            Eco Team                Nil        To meet 2% reduction by           Evaluated by
                                 September                                                       2012                   Business Manager
                                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
    Energy and water           2007 so on-                                                                           July 2012
                                going until
To seek to reduce energy          2012
and water consumption by
   10% over 5 years by
 promoting education and
     target to pupils

    To improve school
attendance by introducing     January 2012        Headteacher           Nil       To meet attendance targets.       Chair of Gov’s
      new methods.                                                                                               through HT’s report
                                                                                                                    Autumn 2012

  To encourage Year 5 to      January 2012        Headteacher           Nil       Positive feedback from new     Gov’s PR Committee
take ownership of parenting                                                                  parents              by seeking views.

To promote the work of the      On-going         Subject leader     £300 School      Pupils environmentally       Gov’s by seeking
 Ecoteam and the Green                            Environment          Fund            aware and able to           views at Gov’s
       Flag award.                                                                  demonstrate knowledge        Review Day Spring
                                                                                      about green issues.            Term 2012


  Purchasing and Waste        January 2012      Business Manager        Nil       Business Manager to identify   HT to monitor and
   To continue to pursue                                                                   savings               evaluated by Gov’s
 savings in purchasing and                                                                                        B&F Committee
reduce waste by promoting
  competition and recycled

                                          WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
  To develop enterprising      On-going       Headteacher       £100 from      For Year 5 and 6 pupils to         Gov’s Curriculum
   behaviour through an                                        School Fund    demonstrate their knowledge        Committee through
 enterprise project, KIVA                                                       and understanding about            presentation at
  following profits raised                                                      enterprise and to reflect           Spring Term
through Warren Road Has                                                        upon the outcomes of the           assembly 2012.
        talent Show                                                             project. To know how to
                                                                                budget effectively and to
                                                                                       save funds.

 To continue to promote      By Spring 2012   Family Worker     £250 from       Parents able to confirm         School Change Team
   parenting classes                                           Community         improvements to their            via feedback from
                                                              Area 6 Budget   parenting skills as a result of   evaluations by Family
                                                                                      the training                 Worker Summer
                                                                                                                     Term 2012.

                                           WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                          SUBJECT:       EARLY YEARS
      Objective                  Action            Timescale        Who            Funding         Success Criteria         Evaluation
                                                                                                     Monitoring             and Impact

To review and adjust Greater focus on Phase 1      Aut term    EY practitioners                 Phonics tracker sheet
planning for Reading                                                                            highlighting progression
development based on Class based phonics           Aut & Spr                                    termly.                      EY leader
Letters and Sounds                                  terms        MDMS staff                                                     HT
programme                                                                                       Assessment of Phase 2
                     Targeted phonic groups        Summer                                       & 3 by March 2012           Assessment
                                                    term                                                                   DHT to analyse
                        MDMS staff involved                                                     EYFS profile results for      results.
                                                    2011-12       EY leader       £500 + £350   LSL and Reading reflect
                        Purchase Information                                        per day     progression from            For 3% more
                        books related to reading                                   moderator    baseline by June 2012      pupils to attain
                        scheme                                                      funding                                Scale point 9 in
To ensure all single      Undertake parent and       Start       EY Leader                      Positive feedback from     Feedback from
intake 4 year olds        child interviews.        SEP/OCT     Class teachers                   parents.                      Parents
experience a positive     Parents Evening            2011                                       Positive Parent Voice        meetings
start to schooling        meeting.                                                              Child observations
                          PSED observations        Complete                                     Notes from Parents         SENCO AND
                          School orientation,      December                                     Evening                          HT
                          places and people.         2011                           £500+       PRA’s actioned                Impact:
                          Pupil Resource                                          Transition                               Children can
                          Agreements (PRA) in                                      Funding                                  come in to
                          place                                                                                             school and
                                                                                                                           settle without

                                       WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
To train new EY staff    INSET on EYFS and        Sep - Dec   EY Leader    none      INSET undertaken                 HT &
in EYFS curricular       assessment methods                                          Assessment methods          Performance
requirements and                                                                     used by all in EY.          Management
assessment.                                                                                                       Leaders via
To update EY staff on    Year group meetings      2011-12     EY Leader                                              meeting
Tickell Review           EY Planning meetings                                        Training in place           observations
recommendations and                                                                  Planning reflects agreed        that are
outcomes                 Attend termly EY                                            Tickell recommendations    relevant to next
                         Forums at EDC                                     £150      for 2012                       steps for

To review means and      SA to attend EY                      EY leader   TBC £300   Moderator                   Bromley/ HT
methods of acquiring     Moderators
independent evidence     course.TBC               2011-12                            Sample of individual
to support EY learning                                                               evidence for all subject     EY lead and
                         Planning meetings                                           areas                       teaching staff
                         focus specified
                                                  Aut term                  TBC      Annotated photos              Positive
                         ICT program to support                                      available across all 6      feedback of
                         photographic evidence                                       subject areas               impact from

                                                            NATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY FRAMEWORK
     Objective          Action      Timescale    Who       Funding    Success Criteria  Evaluation
                                                                        Monitoring      and Impact
                                                WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
   Key Priority 1:           To call a meeting in         Oct 2011     Inclusion          None            Policy will be reviewed      Success Criteria
   To review the current     order to review and                       Manager                            and place on internet for    met. Governors
   policy                    amend the policy.                                                            all to view,                 approve policy.

   Key Priority 1:           To track and monitor         May 2012     Inclusion          n/a             Children will have made      Tracking showing
   To improve the            children in reading                       Manager                            progress within the          progression –
   progress of pupils in     support groups,                                                              reading support groups.      Assessment
   reading to close the      especially FSM and Non-                                                                                   Manager

To promote                   To liaise with the Outdoor   Spring and   Outdoor Learning   £!00 from SEN   All children to have         Governors via
Sustainability and           learning coordinator in      Summer       co-ordinator       budget to       access to outdoor            termly report
Outdoor Learning             order to ensure all                                          ensure          learning and promote
                             children are able to                                         resources are   sustainability.
                             access the curriculum                                        available.
                             and extra curricular
                             To ensure call children      Ongoing      Inclusion          £200 from SEN   Lessons are differentiated   Performance
Key priority 7               are able to access the                    Manager            budget for      accordingly. All children    Management
To continue to improve       curriculum                                                   resources,      have the opportunity to      Team Leaders
the learning environment                                                                                  make progress.               through LOF’s
                             To promote the use of                                                                                     and success
to facilitate teaching and
                             the VLE                                                                                                   criteria met.


                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
           Action               Timescale              Who                 Funding            Success Criteria         Evaluation and
                                                                                                Monitoring                 Impact
To continue to develop the     On-going         Business Manager     Office time from        Paperless offices       Headteacher termly
use of ICT to reduce                                                 exisiting budget plus
paperwork both for                                                   £350 additional hours   More hits on school
curriculum and                                                                               website
administrative purposes
Key Priority 6
To respond to feedback         To be finished   ICT Subject Leader   £7,000 Capital          Impact of change        Monitored by
from ICT Mark Assessment       by January                            funding                 evident from lesson     Governor’s ICT
Key Priority 1                 2012                                  (additional)            observations Spring     Committee via report
                                                                                             Term 2012               July 2012
Promote e learning             On-going         Deputy Headteacher   £100 ICT budget         Staff and pupils        Monitored by
throughout the school                           KS2                                          regularly using         Headteacher & NFER
through e assessment                                                                         websites and
research with NFER                                                                           personalised learning
                                                                                             software (PLN)
Key Priority 6
Work with the School           Spring Term      School Change Team   £250 printing costs     School Council and      Headteacher in report
Change Team to initiate        2012                                  from office budget      P.T.A. proactive in     to Governors.
more discussions with                                                                        responding to the
pupils, staff and parents in                                                                 discussions
regard to improving
teaching and learning.
Key Priority 1,2 & 5
To communicate with the        Spring Term      Govs PR Committee    Nil                     To agree changes        Headteacher in report
PTA regarding                  2012                                                                                  to Governors
improvements to the AGM

                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

     Action          Timescale       Who                                  Funding     Success Criteria Evaluation and
                                                                                        Monitoring         Impact
Develop links through         On-going        Listening Ear           Nil                  Pupils able to recite  Headteacher via
Childline                                                                                  phone number           discussions with
                                                                                                                  pupils and staff
Local Plans                                   Headteacher             Specialist Status    Children and staff     Governors’ ICT
Key priority 1,2 and 4        On-going                                funds                collaborating across a Committee via termly
Links with St Olave’s                                                                      wide network of        report
Grammar School to develop                                                                  schools
ICT and mathematics. The
continuation of maths
teaching for most able Year
5’s and a Saturday morning
ICT club.

School Journey and Visits
Support School Journey to     Start 1.9.11    School Journey          Parental donations   Safe, enjoyable         Headteacher and
IOW                                           Leader assisted by                           educational             Chair of Governors’
                                              Business Manager                             experience for all      at review meeting
                                                                                                                   July 2011 and 2012

Annual Visits Plan in place   Autumn Term     School Visits Co-                            Feedback from visits    Headteacher and
and approved by Governors     2011 and 2012   ordinator                                    shows how               Governors’
                                                                                           worthwhile they are     Curriculum
                                                                                                                   Committee via report

To develop link with Harris   Spring Term     Headteacher             Nil                  Pupils engaged in       Govs PR Committee
Hospice                       2012                                                         projects with Harris
Parental Links

                                            WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
Extended website to provide    On-going          Deputy KS 2        Website Manager’s        Positive feedback       Headteacher via
more information for parents                                        salary £3,000 staffing   from parents through    observation
                                                                    budget                   AGM
Newsletters on line                              Website Manager

                                                                                                                     Headteacher via
Demonstration of website to    On-going          Deputy KS2         Nil                                              observation

Business Links
 - Encourage increase in       On-going          Business Manager   Nil                      5% increase in          Headteacher through
    sponsorship from                                                                         sponsorship funds       budget monitoring
    parents and the school
 - Encourage expansion         Start July 2012   Business Manager   Nil                      5% increase in          Headteacher via
    of School Link during                                                                    lettings income from    budget monitoring
    holiday periods                                                                          School Link during
                                                                                             holiday periods from
                                                                                             21.7.11 to July 2012.

                                               WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                NATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY FRAMEWORK
          Action                  Timescale       Who           Funding                 Success Criteria        Evaluation and
                                                                                          Monitoring                Impact
International Plans
Promote exchange visits to      Sept 11 and     German Exchange   Self-funded and      Positive new           Gov’s Curriculum
Germany – bi-annual so          May 2012        Organiser         P.T.A.               relationships forged   Committee via
maintain internet links.                                                               by pupils, staff and   observation
Establish new relationship      September       Headteacher       Nil
with Herr Lowe’s successor      2011                                                   Communication Link     As above

Continue sponsorship of         Feb 2012        Headteacher       School Fund £250     Positive feedback      Leadership Team
Arturo                                                                                 from Costa Rica        June 2012
Promote links with China        October 2011    Headteacher       Postage £30 Office   Pupils exchanging      Governors’
and maintain links with India                                     Budget               emails and             Curriculum
                                                                                       powerpoints            Committee via
                                                                                                              Review Days
To review progress against      Autumn Term     Headteacher       Nil                  Additional aspects     As above.
new DfE objectives              2011                                                   added to SIP for
To hold an International        Autumn Term     Deputy HT         Nil                  Raised esteem of       Leadership Team
event to celebrate the          2011                                                   black community        Dec 2011
cultures of our school
community                                                                              Positive feedback
                                                                                       from parents

                           WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL


            Criteria                              Location                               Targets
1        Food and Drink           See Every Child Matters Development Plan    Reduce lunch packaging by 5%
                                                    p25                               by July 2012

2       Energy and Water          See Every Child Matters Development Plan    Reduce energy consumption by
                                                    p26                             5% by July 2012

3       Travel and Traffic               See School Travel Plan p60           Increase Park and Stride by 4%
                                                                                       by July 2012

4    Purchasing and Waste             See Office Development Plan p22        Increase number of recycling bins
                                  And Every Child Matters Development Plan           to 3 by April 2012

                                                                               Enter Green Guardian award
5     Building and Grounds         See Premises & Grounds Development               Increase electronic
                                              Plan pp23-24                     communication by 5% by July
                                       Green Governor: Nick Webb                           2012

6   Inclusion and Participation   See Inclusion/Access/Racial Equality p30   Gain Inclusion Mark by April 2012

7       Local Well Being           See Community Link Development Plan             Develop a Farm Shop
                                                                             Increase international participation
8       Global Dimension          See Global Dimension Development Plan         via KIVA by 20% increase in
                                                   p34                                    donations

                                               WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                             SUBJECT:            Art
   Objective         Action       Timescale                          Who    Funding           Success Criteria            Evaulation and
To promote             Source a range of              Start Sept   Art         £250 from   Pupils able to use a          Evaluated by
reading via            reading materials for          2011         Subject     PTA         wider range of                Leadership
research for           research purposes and                       Leader      donation    resources and                 Team via
artists, projects      encourage pupils across        Complete                             encouraged to share           observations of
and competitions       the school to access           May 2012                             their findings with each      art club and
                       them                                                                other.                        lessons. Impact
                                                                                                                         to raise reading
                                                                                                                         ages by 3%
To promote art         Art co-ordinator to meet       Aut/Spring   Art co-     nil         Impact of art as a teaching   Art linked to more
across the             with subject leaders to                     ordinator               style to enhance childrens    areas of the
curriculum linking     discuss the impact of art in                and                     learning within the whole     curriculum to be
all areas with art     their subject areas                         subject                 diverse curriculum            monitored and
                                                                   leaders                                               evaluated by
                                                                                                                         Leaderhip Team
                                                                                                                         via planning
                                                                                                                         review and impact
To promote art         Art co-ordinator to liaise     2011/2012    Art co-     nil         Artworks displayed as part    Updated displays
within specialist      with subject specialist                     ordinator               of the special learning       that impact on
teaching weeks eg                                                  and                     weeks                         pupils enthusiasm
music and outdoor                                                  subject                                               for learning.
learning                                                           leaders                                               Evaluated by
                                                                                                                         Govs at Review
To promote visits to   Art co-ordinator to research   All year     Mrs         nil         Ch encouraged to visit art    Ch’s knowledge of
art exhibitions in     art events in the London Art                Greisen                 exhibitions with their own    works of art
London                 galleries                                                           families                      improving
To encourage ch at     Mrs Greisen to research        All year     Mrs         nil         Ch become excited about       Ch’s self esteem
                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
both key stages to    and promote art                        Greisen             entering and producing       enhanced and
enter art             competitions for all children                              work of a high standard      reflected in
competitions                                                                                                  feedback to Govs
                                                                                                              during Review
To find funding for   Mrs Greisen to find a way of Year on   Mrs       A large   Art room will have           Ch do not have to
the art room sink     raising funds through the art year     Greisen   amount    appropriate facilities for   go to the toilets to
and plumbing          department                                                 the washing of pots and      wash out their
project                                                                          paintbrushes used in all     brushes and pots
                                                                                 art lessons.

                                               WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

      Objective                        Action                   Timescale           Who           Funding              Success Criteria               Evaluation and
To make DT cross-         Identify areas of other subjects     2011-2012        DT               Funding for     Children will be engaged in         Photograph activities
curricular                that could be taught using DT                         coordinator,     resources       cross curricular activities using   and work produced.
                          skills.                                               Subject          involved        DT skills.                          Evidence within year
                                                                                leaders          with new                                            group plans and
                                                                                                 DT activities                                       evaluated for impact.
To create large DT        Run lunchtime activities to          Ongoing.         All staff to                     Children will have learned          Work available to
projects, possibly        design and create large DT                            assess                           about designing, planning and       view in situ, either
natural link with eco.    projects possibly in the school                       opportunities                    completing large projects.          permanently or on a
                          grounds. Could use pioneering                         in their                                                             temporary timescale,
                          skills, link with outdoor learning                    curriculum                                                           to show impact of
                          in year 5/6                                           that would                                                           work for Govs on
                                                                                suit.                                                                Review Days.
Engage boys with DT       Survey boys’ thoughts about          Begin Sept 11    DT                               Improved engagement with            Teacher feedback
to support learning and   DT and their interest. Create        Assess           coordinator or                   curriculum as a whole.              about improved
enthusiasm in other       clubs like Air fix/model making      effectiveness    other skills                     Boys engaged in team and            behaviour and
subjects.                 club.                                every half       staff to                         group work to complete              enthusiasm.
                                                               term.            participate.                     projects.                           Improved attendance
                                                                                Teachers to                      Improved self esteem.               to be monitored by
                                                                                suggest                                                              Govs (4% absence
                                                                                suitable boys                                                        target 2012)
Promote use of            Make staff aware of opportunity      Immediate        DT                               DT room time table will be full.    Check DT room use.
refurbished DT room       to use DT room for small group       start            coordinator,                     Teachers will be aware of the       Survey staff about
                          work up to 15 children.                               art teacher                      resources available in the          using the room.
                                                                                and year             non         room and use them.                  Share findings with
                                                                                group leaders.                                                       Govs via termly
                                                                                                                                                     report to show

                                                        WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
       SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                               SUBJECT : ASSESSMENT

Objective                       Action                            Timescale      Who               Funding       Success Criteria                Evaluation and
To standardize assessments      To set up Vertical Monitoring     Half termly    All year groups   Staff         1.Bank of evidence in each      Leadership
across year groups              for moderation sessions to                                         meeting       yr grp + 2 folders held         Impact = assessment
                                agree judgements in literacy                                       time          centrally.                      judgements consistent
                                and Numeracy.                                                                    2.Consistency throughout        across the school.
                                                                                                                 the school in levelling.
                                                                                                                 3. Staff feel more confident
                                                                                                                 at levelling – particularly
                                                                                                                 new staff to school or
To ensure support is in place   List the children that made a     Summer 2011    Miss Fletcher     Interventio   Children consolidate and        Senco
for pupils attaining Level 2c   2C in reading, writing and        Autumn 2011                      n grps + TA   make at least 1/2 sub           Leadership
at the end of Year 2.           Numeracy at the end of Y2.                                         support.      levels progress in Y3 – on      Impact = 2C children
                                Ensure that these children are                                                   track to make 2 levels in       make the expected
                                monitored and in focus grps.                                                     KS2                             progress in KS2.
Focusing upon reading,          Look at the results and assess    Summer 2011    Miss Fletcher     Interventio   Reduce any gaps in              Leadership
narrow the gap – FSM and        if there are gaps in FSM and                                       n grps +      reading by narrowing the        Impact = reading up 3%
SEN                             SEN. KS1 and Y5/Y6                                                 TA            APS difference.
                                Put in necessary intervention –                                    support.
                                recruit parent helpers if
Continue to develop the MLE     Speak to Fronter and set the      2011-2012      T. Fletcher       Training      90% of children logging on      Leadership
- + New web site                web site process in motion                                         TF            weekly                          Impact = better
                                                                                                                                                 between parents and
                                                                                                                                                 school with homework.
                                                                                                                                                 + improved
                                                                                                                                                 Independent learning
Monitoring impact               Continue to support and train     Autumn 2011    T. Fletcher+      Release       Coordinators beginning to       Leadership
                                Subject coordinators in Sims                     Subject           time for      track the impact of             Impact = A more
                                so they can monitor their                        Coordinators.     Coordinato    intervention grps + narrowing   coordinated approach
                                subjects performance and                                           rs            the gap.                        to assessment -
                                impact of intervention grps.                                                     Meet with coordinators after    subject leaders inside
                                Provide detailed analysis of                                                     the spring and May              intervention and
                                each year grp results – FSM                                                      assessments                     progress.
and SEN.

                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                                      WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
         SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                               SUBJECT:     English/ Literacy
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted Table   ...
           Objective                  Action          Timescale          Who         Funding              Success Criteria           Evaluation and Impact                 Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                  To reintroduce                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                  Reader of the
                                  Week across the                                                                                                                          Formatted         ...
                                  school.                                                                                                                                  Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                  To buy Rising                                                       KS 1 – Fronter page to
                                  Stars Reading                                                       display Reader of the Week                                           Formatted         ...
                                  Assessment                                                                                                                               Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                     Staff will feedback on the
                                  materials for KS2                                                   Reader of the Week selected                                          Formatted
                                                                                                                                     usefulness of these materials                           ...
                                                      Dec Interim                                     and awarded certificate
                                                                                                                                     at Christmas.                         Formatted         ...
                                                      date                                            during KS2 assembly.
                                                                       English                                                                                             Formatted         ...
To increase the standard of                           One school       Subject      Literacy          Staff will use the materials   Pupil conversations to be             Formatted         ...
reading by 3%                                         year             Leader       Budget            during Early Work.             completed by sample
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
                                                                                                      Subject leader to fully        Test to be implemented at
                                                                                                      understand arrangements for    designated time and ESL to            Formatted         ...
                                  ELS to attend                                                       administering and reporting    evaluate its success.year 1           Formatted         ...
To implement the new Year 1       literacy forum at   Jan 2012         Year 1       Staff training    results and to fully induct    teachers to evaluate its success.
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
reading test for 6 year olds      EDC for training.   staff briefing   teachers     budget            teachers concerned.
                                  Each class to be                                                                                   Staff review impact via               Formatted         ...
                                  paired with         Start                                                                          questionnaire. Pupil Survey           Formatted         ...
                                  another class.      September
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...
To increase the amount of Buddy   Buddy reading to    Review Feb                                      Buddy Reading will happen
Reading happening across the      happen at least     success and      Class                          between classes at least                                             Formatted         ...
school.                           once a month.       regularity.      Teachers                 Nil   once a month. Records kept.                                          Formatted         ...
To increase interest in reading   To audit                                                                                                                                 Formatted         ...
across the school.                classroom                                                           New books will be purchased    Pupil conferencing in the Summer
                                  libraries and                                                       and children will spend more                                         Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                     Term regarding choice of books in
                                  restock where                                     Literacy          time reading books from        their classroom and school library.   Formatted         ...
                                  needed.             Sept - July      ESL          Budget .          classroom stocks.                                                    Formatted         ...
                                                                                                                                                                           Formatted         ...

                                                          WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

        SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                             SUBJECT _____Environment___________________________

     Objective                      Action                 Timescale         Who            Funding            Success Criteria        Evalauation and
To increase the          1. To add more planters to the   Seasonal        Environment    One planter        Vegetables harvested and   Environment
amount of vegetables     established growing area on      through the     Subject        and free seeds     cooked for school          Subject Leader to
and fruit grown at       the field.                       year.           Leader and     from reward        lunches. Any excess sold   evaluate via
school.                  2. To grow autumn/winter                         EcoTeam        supermarket        to parents.                observations.
                         crops.                                                          vouchers.                                     Impact to be
                                                                                                                                       measured via
                                                                                                                                       success of the
                                                                                                                                       harvest and pupils’
                                                                                                                                       attitudes to growing
                                                                                                                                       their own.
To establish new links To find partner schools            December        Environment    None required      Children sharing           Environment
with schools in Asia.  through the Global Gateway         2011            Subject                           knowledge and ideas, on    Subject Leader via
                       network.                                           Leader                            sustainable issues         feedback from
                                                                                                            through letters and        Local Sustainability
                                                                                                            PowerPoint.                Forum
To apply for our third   To complete application forms    Application     Environment    None               Green Flag awarded.        Environment
Green Flag               and supply evidence ready for    to be sent by   Subject                                                      Subject Leader –
                         inspection.                      September       Leader                                                       Impact – national
                                                          2011.                                                                        recognition of
                                                                                                                                       school’s eco work
To strengthen links      To arrange meetings on school    Each term       Environment    Nil                Good practice shared       Environment
with local schools to    premises at least once a term.   2011-2012       Subject                           and/or joint projects      Subject Leader to
discuss sustainability                                                    Leader and                        undertaken.                receive feedback on
issues and share good                                                     Eco Team                                                     impact from Eco
practice.                                                                 members.                                                     Governors on Gov
                                                                                                                                       Review Day
To obtain one source     Research companies offering      By July 2012    Environment    Through            Solar panels or turbine    To be evaluated by
of renewable energy      free installation of panels.                     Subject        competition        installed.                 HT following study
from solar panels or     Enter competitions which                         Leader and     prizes or grants                              of energy costs May
wind turbine on          offer prizes of equipment or                     Business       for renewable                                 2012.

                       WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
school site.   cash.          Manager        energy.

                                        WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                  SUBJECT:          Geography
          Objective                  Action         Timescale         Who   Funding      Success Criteria        Evaluationa and

To introduce a new map         To liaise and       Sept – Feb    Subject    Nil       The children will be     Books to be
reading unit to Year 3         explain to Year 3   2012          leader               able to recognise        monitored at the end
                               how the unit                      + Year 3             features on a map an d   of the unit by the
                               works.                            teachers             read 6 figure co-        subject co-ordinator
                                                                                                               showing a
                                                                                                               development in
                                                                                                               children’s work..
To have a Geography week       Children to learn   Sept – Feb    Subject    £100      All children will have   Each teacher to
in KS1 and Foundation          about a country,    2012          leader               an understanding of      evaluate the learning
Stage.                         taste food, make                                       food and a feature of    in the class and SL
                               a model of a                                           the country studied.     through talks with
                               feature.                                               Recycling of tubes and
                                                                                      newspapers will have     Photos of models
                               SL to review                                           taken place.             taken showing cross-
                                                                                                               curricular learning.
To continue promoting the      Liaise with Staff   Yr 2 Autumn   Subject    Nil       Changes, if necessary,   Subject co-ordinator
use of all the new resources   and gain feed       Yr 3 Spring   leader               will be made to the
and Units that have been       back on how new     Yr 4 Sum                           master pans of the       Yr 2,3 & 4 will show
introduced in the past two     topics are going                                       topic.                   any changes in their
                                                                                                               planning. Impact:
years.                         now they have
                                                                                                               Children will receive
                               had chance to                                                                   a higher QofT.
                               test them.

                                            WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                       SUBJECT:          History

           Objective                     Action          Timescale          Who   Funding      Success Criteria         Evaluation and Impact

To develop independent             To purchase          April – July   Subject    £350      Books to be bought.       Pupils will show through
learning at all levels about the   books so that        2012           leader               Staff in Year 5 will      questioning a wider
Greeks.                            each class has a                                         encourage pupils to       knowledge of the Greeks.
                                   variety of books                                         learn different aspects   Their reading vocab will be
                                                                                                                      increased through use of
                                   about the Greeks.                                        about the Greeks
To develop role play in            To purchase          Sept – Dec     Subject    £100      Staff will use /adapt     Staff will take photos
history.                           books on plays       2011           leader               plays to develop cross    as evidence.
                                   related to History                                       curricular work.
                                   topics. To liaise                                                               Impact: The role play
                                   with Staff and                                                                  will have improved
                                   explain new                                                                     pupils learning and
                                   resources and                                                                   understanding
                                   how to use them.                                                                Evaluated by Govs
                                                                                                                   CC on Review Days
To follow up requests              To purchase the      Jan – April    Subject    £500      Staff who requested    A range of items will
received from Years1, 2, 4, 5      items Staff have     2012.          leader               new resources will use have been purchased
and 6 as a result of last years    requested to aid                                         them.                  to ensure all pupils
assessment of the use of           their teaching and                                                              have access to the
artefacts.                         improve learning.                                                               curriculum.
                                                                                                                   Pupils enthusiasm for
                                                                                                                   the subject and their
                                                                                                                   own understanding
                                                                                                                   will be increased
                                                                                                                   which the teachers will
                                     WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                                                                      build upon.
To continue the development   To understand       December   Subject   Nil   Staff will develop the   Pupils will continue to
of the use of timelines       how a time lines    2011       leader.         use of time lines.       develop their understanding
                              CD rom works and                                                        of time and be able to order
                              then impart this to                                                     events and objects which will
                                                                                                      be assessed by teachers.

                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL


Objective             Action             Timescale       Who                Funding   Success Criteria        Evaluation and
                                          WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
To assist in the      Promote use        Dec 2011        Literacy Subject   N/A       Raise Reading        Assessment Co-
raising of reading    of Lexia,                          Leader and ICT               Levels across        ordinator
standards via the     Promethean                         Team                         school
use of ICT            Phonics and
                      Word Shark
To promote reading    To purchase a      Dec 2011        ICT Subject        TBD       Pupils have the      Literacy Subject
through the use of    set of Kindles                     Leader                       opportunity to use   Leader
ICT                   or similar                                                      as a stimulus to
                                                                                      promote reading.

To continue to        Create a           December 2011   ICT Subject        N/A       Task sheets used     Assessment
improve the           assessment                         Leader                       for assessment of    Coordinator
learning              board showing                       (Maybe ICT                  ICT
environment to        expectations                       Shadow!)
facilitate teaching   of each year
and learning          group
Develop and           Pupils and         Dec- 2011       Assistant Head     N/A       Children able to     ICT Subject Leader
promote the MLE to    staff to receive                   Teacher                      log on and           and Assistant Head
encourage pupils to   training to                                                     interact with MLE    Teacher.
access homework       enable them                                                     at home. Increase    All staff to have full
                      to work                                                         the use of the       access and to pupil
                      confidently at                                                  MLE                  information to
                      home and at                                                                          monitor
                      school                                                                               e-safety.
                                                                                                           All class teachers
For pupils to                            Dec- 2011       Assistant Head     N/A       Increased pupil      ICT Subject Leader
access homework                                          Teacher                      interaction with
over MLE                                                                              MLE
Promote Activ         Training given     Dec-2011        ICT Subject     N/A          At least one class   Year Group Leaders
Expression            to enable staff                    Leader, Team,                per year group to
                      to use the                         Year 5 and Year              be confident in
                      voting system                      2 teacher                    using it and to
                      confidently                        initially                    assist other
                                                                   51                 classes.
Developing video      Training given     July-2012       ICT Team and    TBD          Classes to be        ICT Subject leader
conferencing linked   to year 5                          Andrew Ferrier               able to interact
to global dimension   initially then                     with selected                with other schools
                      roll out to rest                   classes.                     and other
                      of school                                                       agencies.
                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2011/12                      SUBJECT Modern Foreign Languages

    Action / Objective           Timescale           Who                   Funding            Success Criteria             Evaluation and
To purchase bilingual and       April 2012    MFL subject leader    £500                     Children have a             Feedback from year
French reading books.                                                                        range of books to           group leaders and
                                                                                             access and French           class teachers.
                                                                                             phonic awareness
                                                                                             has increased.              Pupil feedback via
To organise a French week       Summer 2012   MFL subject leader    £25                      Children have an            SLT
for KS2 with cross curricular                 and Year Leaders                               increased awareness
work.                                                                                        of French history and       Questionnaire
To provide further training     Summer 2012   MFL subject leader    Nil                      Staff are more              Feedback from staff
for class teachers to                                                                        confident and have a        on lessons taught
increase confidence and                                             SL to lead meetings      range of skills and         and lesson
skills.                                                                                      ideas to apply to their     observations carried
                                                                                             French lessons.             out to assess
                                                                                                                         improvements in
                                                                                                                         attainment at staff
To visit Germany and            April 2012    MFL subject leader    3 days release for 2     A successful trip will      Impact of visit
organise the return visit of                  with HT and English   teachers                 have taken place and        highlighted by
the German families.                          SL                                             the itinerary will be       children’s
                                                                                             set and booked for          presentation to Govs
                                                                                             the return visit.           and school Oct 2011
To organise a day trip to       Summer 2012   MFL subject leader    Nil – children to self   Children are able to        Improved levels in
France to add purpose to                                            fund £300 recee          use their language          MFL – children more
their learning.                                                                              learning in a ‘real life’   enthusiastic about
                                                                                             environment.                learning.

                                                  WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                                      SUBJECT :         Music
      Objective                      Action                  Timescale       Who        Funding        Success Criteria            Evaluation
                                                                                                                                   and Impact
To develop cross-        Survey and analyse current         By Aug 2012   Music Co-   TBC         music books and packages        Improved
curricula links to       use of music across                              ordinator               Evidence in planning of         planning
music.                   curriculum.                                                              music being incorporated into   Leadership
                         Source and implement                                                     all curriculum areas
                         learning aids that link into key
                         CC areas.
                         Purchase music books + ICT
To set up a VLE          To create a Music room within      By Sep 2011   Music Co-   Nil         - Room created within           Assistant Head
subject area for Music   Fronter with links to sites of                   ordinator               Fronter                         90% of children
                         interest                                                                 - Sites collated                in KS2 log on
                                                                                                  - Pages created                 once every 2
                                                                                                  - Room made live
                                                                                                  - Links made from year group
Raise Standards and      To create a reference page for     By Jan 2012   Music Co-   Nil         Collect examples of             Leadership
consistency in           staff and TTAs, ISA’s, HLTAs,                    ordinator               assessments for subject         Staff more
assessment.              etc to use in assessing pupil’s                                          leader file.                    confident at
                         understanding and file with                                              Staff meeting lead.             assessing
                         examples of levelled work
                         Lead staff meeting
Raise the standard of    To offer a wide range of           By Aug 2012   Music Co-   TBC         - Increase number of children   Leadership
music and                exciting music clubs to                          ordinator               who regularly attend school     Participation in
performance across       children; including Glee Club,                                           music groups by 20%             music activities
the school.              Orchestra/Big Band, School                                               - Perform in assemblies and     increases by
                         choir                                                                    external competitions
                         To hold an open day with all
                         music teachers to allow
                         children to try different

                         Find more suitable times for
                                                   WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                          rehearsals in order to attract
                          children to attend and
To further develop the    To promote the use of ICT in     By Aug 2012   Music Co-   Nil   - Evidence of increased use      By Leadership
use of ICT in music       music through staff training                   ordinator         of ICT in Music planning; I.e    25% of music
                          and inset. To monitor planning                                   digital cameras for              lesson to
                          for evidence of increased use                                    performance, Sing Up             involve some
                          of ICT in music lessons.                                         website, music software for
                                                                                                                            sort of ICT
To create an              To provide a display in the      By Sep 2011   Music       Nil   - Display themes decided         Leadership
interactive display on    music room for each key                        Co                - Display created and            90% of children
Music for KS1 & 2         element of music.                              ordinator         displayed in relevant area of    in pupil survey
                                                                                           school                           to have seen
                                                                                                                            and used
To continue to             To monitor the learning         Termly        Music       TBC   - Evidence of displays and       Head teacher
improve the learning       environment during learning                   Co                resources in classrooms and      95% of children
environment to             walks to find evidence of                     ordinator         music rooms being used to        in pupil survey
facilitate teaching and    support for children meeting                                    support pupils to make           to have seen
learning for Music         expectations in Music                                           progress in Music
                                                                                                                            and used
                           To purchase resources to        Ongoing                                                          instruments in
                           improve the learning                                                                             pupil survey.
                           environment to support
                           children’s learning in Music.
To Raise the standard     To provide staff with an         By Aug 2012   Music Co-   Nil   - Staff survey distributed and   By Music Co-
of music teaching.        overview of the NC, as well as                 ordinator         collated                         ordinator and
                          practical ways to structure a                                    - Suitable training and          year group
                          music lesson for the non-                                        resources provided               feedback
                          specialist. To offer an INSET                                    - Sessions held
                          session covering key elements                                    - Evaluate effectiveness of
                          of music education                                               sessions

                                                   WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
     SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                 SUBJECT :  Numeracy
     Objective           Action         Timescale                              Who    Funding             Success Criteria              Evaluation and
To improve the          Staff meetings on achieving         Termly        SL         Maths          * 87% of children make 2 Nat       Leadership
progress of pupils in   progress, monitoring of plans etc                            budget,        CC levels progress from Yr2.
mathematics             To track pupils marks from Year     Annually      SL         minimal as     * 55% of children achieve          Monitoring by SL
throughout the          2 and focus on those not making                              in house       Level 5+                           Termly
school.                 the expected progress.                                       training and   * 91% of children achieve L4+
                        To run booster classes for those    Spring term   SL         SL led.        in Year 6 SATs.                    Governors – termly
                        below L4.                                                                                                      reports. Impact –
                        To use analysis of SATs results     September     SL                                                           Success Criteria
                        to focus on areas that are                                                                                     met.
                        More extension work for the +av.    Daily         Staff
Key Priority 1          Give teachers bank of ideas and     September     SL         None,          * Standard of reading raised       Leadership
To increase the         skills they can use within their                             training led   across the school.
amount of problem       class for problem solving.                                   in house.      * Amount of MA1 increased in       Monitoring by SL
solving and using       Staff meeting on maths lessons      Autumn        SL                        planning evident.                  Termly
and applying in         and value of MM skills.             Term          SL                        * Weekly problem solving up
maths, therefore        Have weekly problem solving         Weekly                                  and running around the             Governors – termly
developing reading      questions for the whole school,                                             school.                            reports.
and understanding       where they have to use their
skills.                 reading and understanding                                                                                      Impact – Reading
                        skills.                                                                                                        raised by 3%
Key Priority 2          Year group leaders and              Termly        Staff      In house       * Classes have a page of           Leadership
To increase the         teachers adding a maths section     changes on               training by    mathematics on their
amount of maths         onto their web pages of the VLE.    VLE                      AH.            webpage.                           Monitoring by SL.
games and activities    Games and activities available                    SL                        * Games and activities are
on the VLE for each     for children to play and are                                                available online for children to   Impact – children
year group.             being used.                                                                 use.                               meet or exceed
                                                                                                                                       maths targets

                                                                                                                                       Children more
                                                                                                                                       enthusiastic about
                                                                                                                                       maths in

                                                   WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
Key Priority 3          Staff meetings held where           Termly        AH and SL      Minimal       * Vertical assessment being       Leadership
To improve              vertical assessment is available.                                copying       used to help TA.
assessment by using     Use of MM tests for teachers to     Weekly        Teaching       costs         * MM tests being used by KS2.     Monitoring by SL.
vertical moderation     use as assessments.                               staff                        * MA1 investigation carried out
for consistency.        Whole school MA1 investigation.     Spring term   SL and staff                 and assessed.                     Impact – TA
                                                                                                                                         assessment closer
                                                                                                                                         to SATs results
Key Priority 6          Excellent teachers used for         Fortnightly   Some staff     Minimal       * Teachers have been              Leadership and
To develop as a         external teachers and NQTs to                     and SL         school        observed by external teachers     Gov body
Teaching School,        observe.                                                         costs, may    or NQTs
especially in maths.    SL observed by external             Fortnightly   SL             bring in      * SL observed
                        teachers and NQTs.                                               money to      * Training for NQTs has been
                        Develop maths training for          Autumn        SL and D-      the school    delivered.
                        NQTs.                               Term          Head
Key Priority 7          Class targets given to each         Termly        SL and staff   £100 for      * Targets are being displayed     SL
To continue to          teacher.                                                         posters and   in all classrooms.
improve the learning.   Photograph and audit classroom      Termly        SL             display       * Audit carried out with          Done by SL, give to
environment to          displays termly.                                                 equipment     photographic evidence.            Gov
facilitate teaching     Provide posters for those who       Termly        SL                           * Posters up in classrooms.
and learning.           need the.

                                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                           SUBJECT          PE
       Objective                     Action              Timescale     Who       Funding            Success Criteria           Evaluation and
To encourage reading       To purchase a range of        January     PE        £500           Higher attainment of reading    Feedback from
through cross curricular   sporting non-fiction          2012        subject                  in school and more children     class teachers
books.                     books for use throughout                  leader                   interested in a range of        and year group
                           the school.                                                        sports.                         leaders.
                                                                                                                              Impact – Success
                                                                                                                              criteria met
To embed a second          Subject leader appointed      January     PE        Release time   Increased attendance at         SLT
subject leader in to the   and individual roles          2012        subject   where          extra curricular clubs and
role.                      allocated. SN to mentor                   leader    necessary      staff working together to       Impact – Success
                           and support second                        (SN)                     support PE within the school.   criteria met
                           subject leader.                                     £180 per day
To celebrate the           To organise events and        Summer      PE        £200           Children given Olympic          Class teachers
Olympic Games in 2012.     activities for the children   2012        subject   Resources      passports and opportunities     and year group
                           to complete as an                         leader                   to complete them for            leaders.
                           Olympic passport each                                              homework.                       Pupil
                           term.                                                                                              questionnaire –
                                                                                                                              before and after.
                                               WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                   Impact – children
                                                                                                                                   have raised
                                                                                                                                   awareness of
                                                                                                                                   Olympic Games –
                                                                                                                                   towards sport
  To maintain and            Detailed plans to be         July 2012   PE            Release time   Each year group will have       SLT and
  improve high quality       written for each half term               Subject       £180 per day   clear and detailed games        Governing Body
  teaching and learning of   unit of work in games.                   leader                       plans for the academic year     to review
  PE.                                                                 (SN)                         and staff will be more          completed plans.
                                                                                                   confident and able to deliver
                                                                                                   units of work.                  PE observations

                                                                                                                                   Impact: Improved
                                                                                                                                   progression of
                                                                                                                                   children’s skills
                                                                                                                                   KS2. Raised
                                                                                                                                   standards in the
                                                                                                                                   teaching of PE

  SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                                           SUBJECT PSHEC

Objective                    Action                 Timescale         Who        Funding            Success Criteria                  Evaluation
                                                                                                                                      and Impact
                                                        WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
In order to encourage    To purchase books for each        By Aug        Subject        £200   - Possible book titles found                By subject
cross-curricular         class on PSHE&C areas             2012          leader                - Staff offered a given quantity of these   leader and year
reading, books based                                                                           titles for their classroom                  group feedback
on feelings/                                                                                   - Order collated and sent
behaviour/                                                                                     - Order distributed                         Reading
multicultural issues,                                                                                                                      attainment
etc to be purchased                                                                                                                        increased by
for reading corners                                                                                                                        3% or more
To set up a VLE          To create a PSHE&C room           By Oct 2011   Subject        Nil    - Room created within Fronter               By subject
subject area for         within Fronter with links to                    leader                - Sites collated                            leader and Ass
PSHE&C                   sites of interest                                                     - Pages created                             HT
                                                                                               - Room made live
                                                                                               - Links made from year group pages          Raised
                                                                                                                                           awareness of
                                                                                                                                           PSHEC topics
To provide               To create a reference page for    By Jan 2012 Subject          Nil    - Information collated                      By subject
information for staff    staff and TTAs, ISA’s, HLTAs,                 leader                  - Present to staff in meetings (teaching    leader and
on how to assess a       etc to use in assessing pupil’s                                       staff, TAs)                                 head teacher
child’s emotional        understanding                                                         - Collect examples of assessments for       Emotional
intelligence                                                                                   subject leader file                         intelligence
                                                                                                                                           assessed by
                                                                                                                                           teaching staff in
                                                                                                                                           mark books at
                                                                                                                                           the end of the
To create an             To provide a display for each     By Feb        Subject        Nil    - Display themes decided on                 By subject
interactive display on   key stage on PSHE&C               2012          leader                - Display created and displayed in          leader and
PSHE&C                                                                                         relevant area of school                     foundation, KS1
issues/topics for                                                                                                                          and 2 leaders
foundation, KS1 and                                                                                                                        Raised
KS2                                                                                                                                        awareness of
                                                                                                                                           PSHEC topics.
To continue to attend    To attend meetings                Once a term   Subject        TBC    - Course booked                             By CPD co-
PSHE&C subject                                                           leader                - Course attended                           ordinator
leader forums                                                                                                                              New ideas
                                                                                                                                           generated and
                             disseminated to

                                                        WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                                             SUBJECT RE

      Objective                       Action                Timescale      Who           Funding              Success Criteria                  Evaluation
                                                                                                                                                and Impact
In order to encourage      To purchase books for each       By Aug        Subject        £200      - Possible book titles found                By subject
cross-curricular           class on RE areas                2012          leader                   - Staff offered a given quantity of these   leader and year
reading, books based                                                                               titles for their classroom                  group feedback.
on religion for reading                                                                            - Order collated and sent
corners                                                                                            - Order distributed                         Children
                                                                                                                                               reading variety
                                                                                                                                               of books and
                                                                                                                                               standard raised
                                                                                                                                               by 3%
To set up a VLE            To create a RE room within       By Oct 2011   Subject        Nil       - Room created within Fronter               Evaluated by
subject area for RE        Fronter with links to sites of                 leader                   - Sites collated                            Assistant HT to
                           interest                                                                - Pages created                             check raised
                                                                                                   - Room made live                            awareness and
                                                                                                   - Links made from year group pages          interest in RE
                                                                                                                                               through pupil
To provide information     To create a reference page       By Jan 2012 Subject          Nil       - Information collated                      By SLT and
and examples for staff     for staff and TTAs, ISA’s,                   leader                     - Present to staff in meetings (teaching    head teacher
on how to assess RE        HLTAs, etc to use in                                                    staff, TAs)                                 who will monitor
                           assessing pupil’s                                                       - Collect examples of assessments for       that RE is
                           understanding and file with                                             subject leader file                         assessed
                           examples of levelled work                                                                                           accurately and
                                                                                                                                               teachers are
                                                                                                                                               with the
To create an interactive   To provide a display for each    By Feb        Subject        Nil       - Display themes decided on                 By subject
display on RE              key stage on RE topics           2012          leader                   - Display created and displayed in          leader and

                                                     WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
issues/topics for                                                                       relevant area of school                foundation, KS1
foundation, KS1& 2                                                                                                             and 2 leaders
To continue to develop    To buy more religious           By Aug   Subject        TBC   - Current artefact level assessed      By SLT and
the artefacts available   artefacts for use in RE         2012     leader               - Gaps highlighted                     head teacher to
for teaching RE           sessions                                                      - Additional artefacts purchased       see impact of
                                                                                                                               RE in creating
                                                                                                                               interest and
                                                                                                                               enjoyment with
                                                                                                                               the children.
To offer an INSET         To provide cultural taster      By Aug   Subject        TBC   - Key information obtained             By year group
session on the key        sessions with staff on key      2012     leader               - Community links made where           feedback via
features of the 6 major   aspects of the 6 major faiths                                 appropriate                            discussion at
religions to all staff                                                                  -Artefacts and resources collated      SMT
                                                                                        - Sessions held
                                                                                        - Evaluate effectiveness of sessions


                                                WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
  SUBJECT LEADERS DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                                SUBJECT:         Science
    Objective                Action              Timescale         Who           Funding      Success Criteria         Evaluation and
Raise reading         Purchase a set of non     Autumn 2011           TF         Science   Books to be read during     Head of Y5 and
result by 3%          – fiction science based                                    budget    grp reading –as grp books   Head of Y6
                      books for Y5 and Y6                                        PTA -     Evidence in reading         95% of children in
                                                                                 £150      records.                    Y5 and Y5 to have
                                                                                                                       read the books.
Raise profile of      Run a Stem club           Autumn/Spring         TF         Science   Successful Stem club        Impact = children
gifted and talented   Y6/Y5                                                      budget                                in club attain Y5
                                                                                                                       5CY6 = 5A
                                                                                                                       Linda White – out
                                                                                                                       of hours learning.
Continue to           Ensure that each Yr          Half termly   Teachers        Science   Children complete the       Leadership
promote               grp is carrying out an                                     budget    activity – evidence in      Impact = Constant
independent           assessed AT1 activity                                                books                       assessment
enquiry and half      at the end of units.                                                                             across both key
termly                Ideas provided by                                                                                stages
assessments.          science coordinator.
Develop the link      Darrick wood students        School        TF              Science   Successful stem club and    Leadership
between Darrick       to help run a stem           year 2011-                    budget    links between Darrick       Impact = strong
wood and              club. + A science day        2012                                    Wood maintained.            Community links
Warrenroad.           at Darrick wood each                                                                             with Darrick wood.
                      year that we attend.
Science Mark          Apply and achieve a          2011 -        TF              £600      Achieve Science Mark        Impact =
                      Science Mark                 2012                                                                Confident position
                                                                                                                       to deliver inset for
                                                                                                                       other schools.
Promote               Continue to develop          2011 -        TF              None      Successful page             Leadership
independent           the Science pages on         2012                                                                Impact =90% of
learning.             the MLE.                                                                                         children log onto
                                                                                                                       the science rooms
                                                                                                                       once a week. –

                             pupil survey.

                                                WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

SUBJECT LEADERS DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                                 SUBJE CT:        Special Needs
       Objective                     Action               Timescale         Who         Funding           Success Criteria             Evaluation
                                                                                                            Monitoring                 and Impact
To raise the standard of      To monitor the reading      Autumn 2011   SENCO and      School          SEN children’s standards        Leadership
reading in SEN children       in SEN children across      – May 2012    any relevant   Action,         are raised.                     Team +
by 3%                         the school by liaising                    Teaching       School Action                                   Assessment
                              with Assessment                           Assistants     Plus,           Observe the teaching and        Co-ordinator via
                              Manager.                                                 Statemented     learning environmet of the      analysis of
                                                                                       and PRA         intervention groups.            results to show
                              Ensure the relevant                                      funding.                                        reading up 3%.
                              children are targeted for
                              reading support,
To develop SEN in MLE         For SENCo to become         Autumn and    SENCO          None at         SENCO to use VLE as a           VLE being used
at home and school            familiar with the VLE       spring                       present         regular way of                  by children and
                              system at home and at                                                    communicating to Staff,         parents.
                              school.                                                                  parents and pupils              Monitor
                                                                                                                                       systems for
                              Use VLE to promote                                                       Staff, parents and pupils are   responses. LT
                              SEN provision at school                                                  able to navigate their way      through
                                                                                                       successfully in using the       questionnaires
                              Use VLE to                                                               SEN area of VLE.                to parents
                              communicate effectively
                              with parents, staff and
                              pupils (add effective
                              resources on the
To ensure all teachers take   To monitor the SEN          Ongoing       SENCO          None            For all staff to take           Head teacher
ownership of their orange     folders within the                                                       ownership of the SEN files.     and SENCO
SEN files                     classroom.
                                                                                                       Files in good order.            LOFs show files
                              Ensure provision maps                                                    Teachers to have good           in good order –
                              (class and individual)                                                   overview of SEN in class.       evaluated by LT
                              are updated on a termly
                              basis and given to
                              parents to sign.

                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
To increase the use of the   To become more aware    Autumn   SENCO   None (other     For all staff to be aware of the   SENCO
new PRA (Pupil Resource      of the PRA system and                    than training   PRA system.
agreement)                   pass on the relevant                     if provided)
                             information to staff.

                                              WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                            SUBJECT Gifted and Talented
     Objective              Action                    Timescale                  Who               Funding        Success Criteria       Evaluation and

                   To provide extension          Available from the       G and T               £300 from G &T    -Staff understand        Year Group
1. To update       activities for each Key       start of the academic    co-ordinator              budget       how best to support        Leaders
   resources       Stage.                        year.                                                           and challenge G&T
   so that staff                                                                                                   learners in class
   can             To share new initiatives      In staff meetings                                                and the resources
   continue to     and research                  (when appropriate)                                              that are available to
   extend the      developments with staff                                                                               them.
   most able       to implement with their
   pupils in       G&T children.

                   To continue with              Available from the       G and T               £150 from G&T    - Able pupils being     Verbal evaluation
2. To expand       lunchtime clubs for Years     start of the academic    co-ordinator and         budget        extended and              from staff and
   on the          4,5 and 6 and develop a       year.                    staff who have                         challenged.              pupils involved.
   current         lunchtime club for KS1                                 volunteered to help
   provision of    pupils. The focus for                                  run the clubs.
   extension       these clubs will be on
   groups          extending and
                   developing higher order
                   thinking skills by studying
                   philosophy and ethics.
                   Children to enter national
                   competitions.                 Pupils identified by     Supported by
                                                 Class Teacher            St Olave’s/
                   To continue the St.           according to maths       Newstead pupils
                   Olaves/ Newstead links        results and given        and staff.
                   to extend the most able       Maths enhancement
                   KS2 pupils in maths.          activities on a weekly
3.   To further    Class teachers to return      From September           G and T                    NA          - Staff aware of          Headteacher

                                       WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
update the   information for central    2011       co-ordinator     pupils in new class
G&T          data base.                                             who are on the G&T
register                                                            register.

                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL


          Action                 Timescale            Who                  Funding            Success Criteria           Evaluation and
                                                                                                Monitoring                   Impact
Support Teaching Task           On-going      School Change Team     £2,000 from School     TTA providing              SENCO via
Assistant with responsibility                                        budget                 balanced programme         observations of
for extra-curricular                                                                        for all and involving      sessions
organisation Key Priority 5                                                                 older pupils in the
Support extra curricular                      Headteacher            Supported by           Activities thriving and    Governors’
activities e.g. Spanish,        On-going                             school until           pupils accessing new       Curriculum
French, orchestra, chess                                             numbers are            opportunities for the      Committee termly via
etc. Key Priority 4                                                  sufficient for class   first time.                HT reports
                                                                     to be self-funded
Continue to develop Quality     September     School Business                               Out of Hours clubs and     School Change Team
in Study Support (QiSS)         2011– July    Manager                Cost of Admin          activities continuing to   and School Council
through enhanced Out of         2012                                 hours                  thrive. Enhanced           through feedback
Hours Learning provision                                                                    provision of Study         from student, tutor
and go for outstanding.                                                                     Support                    and teacher
Key Priority 5                                                                                                         questionnaires. Plus
                                                                                                                       resubmission to QiSS
Support coaching sessions       On-going      PE Subject Leader      £1600 SBS              Coaching sessions          DHT Key Stage 2 via
in hockey, dance,                                                                           occurring regularly for    feedback to
swimming, table tennis,                                                                     pupils                     Leadership Team
lacrosse etc. as appropriate.
Key Priority 4
Support school, Borough,        On-going      PE Subject Leader      £300 School Fund       School participating in    Evaluated by HT
County and National                                                                         wide range of sports up    through report to
representation Key Priority                                                                 to national level.         Governing Body
4                                                                                                                      termly.
Extend children’s               On-going      School Council Staff   Nil                    Lower and Upper            Ht through feedback
responsibilities through                      Representative                                School Councils            to Governors termly.
School Council to influence                                                                 making an impact on
the work of the school Key                                                                  teaching and learning
Priority 5

                                             WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

NATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY FRAMEWORK                                              SCHOOL TRAVEL PLAN 2011/12

          Action                Timescale             Who                Funding             Success Criteria       Evaluation and
                                                                                                Monitoring               Impact
To implement the full         By July 2011    Headteacher          Nil                    To meet 80% of the      Evaluated by LBB via
School Travel Plan for                                                                    targets identified in   School Travel Team
2011/12                                                                                   the plan and agreed     meetings
                                                                                          by LBB
Increase Park & Stride        Spring          Head Teacher         Free CD Rom from       Statistical evidence    School Travel Plan
uptake & reduce car use       2011and on-                          Bromley LEA            from WOW figures        Committee via
                              going                                                                               meetings
Continue to address parking   Termly          Headteacher          N/A                    Police active in        School Travel Plan
issues by involving local                     Road Safety Car                             pursing repeat          Committee via
police and communicating                      LBB Parking                                 offenders               communication and
with parents about U-Turns                    Department                                                          education of pupils
Monitor parking on zig-zag    Summer Term     School Travel Plan   Nil                    Parking offences        School Travel Plan
lines by Warren Road          2012            Committee                                   reduced.                Committee via
entrance and refer to                                                                                             observation
Bromley LA.
Increase cycle awareness      Summer          Road Safety Unit     n/a                    5% increase in pupils   School Travel Plan
continue with Cycle           Holidays and                                                taking cycling          Committee
Proficiency                   agreed dates                                                proficiency courses
To pursue funding for         By August       School Travel Plan   Transport for London   Additional funds used   Governing Body via
improvements:                 2012            Committee                                   to enhance              feedback in
     Paint to demarcate a                                                                educational provision   Headteacher’s termly
        scooting area for                                                                 and safer transport.    report
        little ones to
        encourage them to
        walk to school
     Resurfacing areas of
        the playground for
        safer walking

                                  WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

Future Development Ideas for 2012 - 17

  Development Area                          Future Plans                           REVIEW

Leadership and         Develop further Outreach work, including role of Business
Management             Manager
Governors              Governor Mark
Finance                Find cost savings to protect staffing position
Premises and Grounds   Develop area behind swimming pool
                       Develop storage in the swimming pool
                       Sustainable Building development
Early Years            Develop role of Subject Leader.
                                      WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
                           Increase toilet facilities by removing shower cubicles.
Inclusion/Access           Respond further to DDA report Oct 2009
Communication              Increase use of VLE and phone texts
Community Links            Extend involvement in Bromley music events and embed
                           links with elderly in community
Art/Design                 Install sink in art room
                           Look at funding sponsorship? Bathstore? April2011
Design & Technology        Continue to develop resources.
                           Make more use of D.T room in main corridor.
Environment                Extend outdoor learning
Literacy                   To build a sustainable open space room – for drama
Geography                  Develop resources for Year 2 about islands unit.
                           Geography week
History                    Continue to develop resources for independent learning.

ICT                        Introduce active voting
                           Developing video conferencing linked to global dimension
                           To develop ICT links via laptop availability
Numeracy                   Improve Focus Groups
PE                         To be involved in preparations for the Olympics
                           To have our own mini Olympics
                           To introduce Olympics curriculum
PSHEC                      Revamp Playground Pals.
RE                         More visits to religious sites
Science                    To include visits to Science Museum
                           APP in science
Special Needs              Costed provision mapping
Extra Curricular           Extend use of premises during holiday periods
Travel Plan                Increase use of public transport through educational visits
CPD                        Maintain CPD Gold Mark
                           Develop as a National Teaching School
Office Development         Monitor and consider expansion of Admin Department to
                           accommodate possible changing educational environment.
Gifted and Talented        Mastermind Challenges. Supertutors and Buddy writers.
Modern Foreign Languages   To make links with a school in France that could then
                         WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
              become a school residential visit.
Travel Plan   Increase use of public transport through educational visits
              Scooter racks – small grant scheme

                                                 WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL

SUBJECT LEADER’S DEVELOPMENT PLANS 2011/12                           SUBJECT: CPD Training

        Objective                           Action               Timescale              Who     Fundi       Success Criteria          Monitoring and
                                                                                                 ng                                    Evaluation
To create or deliver          Staff Training Days                                               £500     Data analysis seen by       SL reviews of
learning opportunities for    1st Sept 2010                                                              year groups and used to     planning.
staff to use and improve.     - Data analysis and standards in   Autumn           Core SLs               inform planning.
Specifically:                 core subjects.                     term.
KP1 - To raise the            - How to raise reading standards                    Literacy SL            Reading standards raised    Literacy coordinator
standard of reading across    - Vertical moderation of writing   Termly                                  by 3%.                      and analysis of
the school by 3%.             January 2010                                                                                           reading results.
KP3 - To improve              - TBC                                                                      Teachers confident in
assessment by using           Easter 2010                                                                levelling childrens work.
vertical moderation for       - TBC
consistency                   July 2010
                              -Curriculum planning and
To create or deliver          Teacher Training                                                  £3000    SL Forums attended          SMT and Govs
learning opportunities for    Subject leader briefings           Termly           SLs           from                                 through Govs report
teachers to use and           Health & Safety courses            Termly                         budget   Health and Safety
improve.                      Specific inset related to          September        Staff                  courses booked and          Headteacher
KP1 - To raise the            performance management                                                     attended
standard of reading across    SEN training                       Year             SEN SL
the school by 3%.             Reading training                   September        Literacy SL            Perf. Man. checked and      SLT and perf.
KP2 - To ensure all staff     VLE training                       Half termly      Ass. Head.             individual needs            mangement
are confident in the use of                                      Termly                                  allocated training.
the VLE at home and           Foundation stage leader meetings   EYFS             EYFS leader
school                        on new transitions.                Forums           and                    Teachers confident on       Evidenced in VLE
KP7 - To continue to                                                              headteacher            VLE.                        pages and teachers
improve the learning                                                                                                                 confidence.
environment to facilitate                                                                                Smooth transition of four
teaching and learning.                                                                                   year olds                   EYFS leader and
KP4 - To ensure a smooth                                                                                                             SLT meeting
transition for all 4 year

                                                  WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
olds for September 2011
To continue to create or      Support Staff Training                                                £1000    Courses attended            Evaluations of
deliver learning              Termly training sessions              Termly           Headteacher    from     Training days planned       courses
opportunities for support     Specific courses related to role in   Throughout       CPD leader     budget   and delivered               ICT used in support
staff to use and improve.     school                                Year             to book                 Raised confidence in        staff sessions
KP1 - To raise the            ICT training                          Fortnightly      Ass. Head.              support staff
standard of reading across    Reading training                      September        Literacy SL             Reading standards raised
the school by 3%.                                                                                            by 3% in support groups
To create or deliver          Midday meals supervisors training     Termly           Head teacher   £300     Courses attended            Leadership
training for midday meal      Termly training sessions              training                                 Training delivered
supervisors.                  Sept training on four year olds and   September        Headteacher             Monitoring of midday
KP4 - To ensure a smooth      lunches at school.                                                             meal staff
transition for all 4 year
olds for September 2011
To create or deliver          Bursar + Admin staff                  Termly           INSET          £500     Courses attended            Head teacher and
training for the bursar and   Courses and updates provided by       forums           Coordinator             Updates carried through     Bursar reviews
admin staff.                  EDC                                   Sims             book courses
KP5 - To continue to          Sims training                         training         Linda White
improve attendance.           In house training with Academy        Govs and
                              Status                                bursar
To create or deliver          Site Managers                         Courses          INSET          £200     Courses attended            Headteacher
training for the site         Courses and updates provided by       booked           coordinator             Safety updates carried      meetings with site
managers.                     EDC                                   when             to book                 through                     managers.
KP7 - To continue to          Safe practise updates                 needed           courses
improve the learning                                                Nov
environment to facilitate
teaching and learning.
To create or deliver          Governor Training                     All year         Chair of       £660     Governors using package     Clerk to governors
training for governors.       Purchase LEA package                                   Governors               to access courses.          at annual review
                              Academy Status updates                                                         Governors confident with
                                                                                                             transition into academy
To develop NQT training.      NQT training & cluster partnership                                    £1000    NQT training carried out    Mentor evaluations
To provide mentor training    Give NQTs more of an opportunity      Throughout       Ass. Head.              at several schools giving   and observations.
for any mentors.              to watch leading teachers within      year                                     a broader knowledge
To develop OTP and ITP        school.                                                                        base.
                                                WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
training.                   To provide subject training for       Autumn            Ass. Head     Leading teachers           Good practise seen
To provide training to      NQTs with cluster partnerships        Term              and cluster   observed by NQTs.          in lesson
other schools in areas of   Mentors attend EDC meetings                             CPD leader                               observations
particular expertise.
KP6 - To develop as a       OTP and ITP Training                  Autumn            TF and TG     OTP and ITP sessions       SLT observe impact
Teaching School             Trained leaders to present training   and Spring                      taken by trainers.
                            for rest of staff.
                            Sessions from OTP and ITP                                             Two teachers trained and
                            delivered in staff meetings.          September         LP and SP     delivering internal
                            Two more teachers trained on                                          training sessions.
                                                                  Throughout        SLT
                            Other courses                         year
                            Provide fliers for other schools                                      Fliers made                Evaluations by other
                            advertising our areas of expertise.                                   Courses run for other      schools given to
                            Run courses.                                                          schools.                   SLT


                                         WARREN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL
Audit – Management Action Plan                                                                       From FMSiS Audit May 2010

Finding No.         Recommendation                Priority Management Comment                        Responsibility    Agreed Timescale
         1.         The school should have an              Declaration of interest has always been
                    agenda item for the              2     on all Full Governor Meeting agendas.     Business          Immediate
                    declaration of interests at            This has now been expanded to the         Manager/Clerk
                    all Budget & Finance                   Budget & Finance Committee meetings       to Governors      Actioned
                    Committee Meetings                     as recommended.
         2.         The Controls Assurance                 This was put before the Full Governors
                    Statement is reviewed by         3     again (it had already been signed at      Business          June 2010.
                    Governors at their next                their meeting on 16th March 2010) at      Manager/Clerk
                    meeting and then approved              their meeting in June 2010 and was        to Governors      Actioned
                    and signed in agreement of             signed by the Chair of Governors, the
                    the year ending 31 March               Chair of the Budget & Finance
                    2010.                                  Committee and the Headteacher.
         3.         The school should provide              This is an anomaly within the Walton                        A ‘Weekly Meals
                    evidence to audit that           2     Samuel Dinner Money system. Weekly        School Business   Money’ report is
                    school meal debt can be                reports from each class are printed and   Manager           now printed that
                    effectively monitored and              filed to ensure constant monitoring of                      summarises the
                    provide information on the             debt. SBM to make contact with other                        balance between
                    current position.                      schools that are using the same system                      credits and debits –
                                                           to establish how they have overcome                         thereby providing
                                                           the problem.                                                instant notification
                                                                                                                       of dinner money
         4.         An order should be raised              This was an oversight. Orders will
                    on the system when the           2     always be raised on the system to         School Business Immediate
                    decision to purchase goods             identify commitments both from within     Manager/Finance
                    or service is made in                  and outside the School Budget Share.      Officer         Actioned
                    accordance with Financial
                    Regulations for Schools
                    and Colleges 5.2

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