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					                             JOB DESCRIPTION

SERVICE:                   Tourism Services

JOB TITLE:                 Corporate PR & Press Communications Coordinator

POST NUMBER:               TS20

RESPONSIBLE TO:            Head of Tourism Services

RESPONSIBILITY:            None


     Internal              Chief Executive Officer
                           Senior Management Team
                           Board Members
                           All Services within CDC

     External              Local and regional media
                           Marketing Agencies, Designers and Suppliers
                           Events Organisers
                           Senior and Chief Officers at Cornwall Council
                           Convergence Partnership Office
                           South West Regional Development Agency
                           Private Sector


    To assist in the development of a CDC Corporate Communications strategy
     and annual plan

    To co-ordinate corporate communications (proactive and reactive) both
     internally and externally in line with the organisations strategic direction
     and business plan

    Improve the company’s ability to utilise all forms of communication with a
     focus on developing our multi-media capability including social media.

    To ensure a professional, up-to-date website and communications systems
     at all times

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   Write, implement and review the CDC Corporate Communications
    strategy and annual plan, including internal and external communication

   To deliver the CDC Corporate Communications strategy and annual plan
    and achieve the planned outputs and outcome

   Co-ordinate and ensure consistent messaging from our various business
    units, projects and subsidiaries

   Provide briefing and support to CDC managers and staff

   Coordinate communications and media training

   Achieve positive PR for CDC by liaising with local and regional media, and
    publishing well-timed and high-quality media releases

   To organise events to promote the company and its services

   To devise and implement internal communications systems and processes
    to increase staff awareness and engagement

   To maintain and develop the company intranet, internet sites and a media
    contacts database

   To instruct and monitor the work of agencies and suppliers.

   Monitor and report on media and communications activities

   To coach and train “back up staff” in website, ecomms, press and PR core
    competencies and procedures


   Ensure the projection of a comprehensive, informed and well balanced
    communications on the extensive range of CDC activities and

   Increase the profile, recognition and perception of the CDC brand, sub-
    brands, activities, projects and its achievements

   Produce high quality, multi-media, corporate marketing material.

   Improve internal communication with staff, managers and the Board of

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    It is important that he/she is a good role model for staff and trainees
     and he/she projects a positive image to local employers

    To be responsible for his/her own self-development on a continuous

    To carry out at all times, his/her responsibilities with due regard to
     the Data Protection Act and current Data Protection Policy

    To carry out, at all times, his/her responsibilities with due regard to
     the Company’s Equal Opportunities and Environment Policies.

    To work at all times within the code of the Health & Safety at Work
     Act 1974 and related legislation.

This job description is not comprehensive or exclusive and duties
may be varied from time to time, but these will not change the
general character or level of responsibility of the job. This job
description and your performance will be regularly reviewed with

Good communication and organisation skills as well as self
motivation and self confidence will remain essential qualities to
fulfil this role.

In addition to fulfilling this specific role, you may occasionally be
required to make your abilities available to help meet related
business needs of the Company in your own or other services. This
would only be required if authorised by your line manager subject
to confirmation that precedence is given to your normal duties.

Date Last Reviewed:                  Sept 10

Approved by Manager:

Agreed with Post Holder:

Date Personnel Informed:

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                       PERSON SPECIFICATION

SERVICE:                      Tourism Services

JOB TITLE:                    Corporate PR & Press Communications

POST NUMBER:                  TS20

 ATTRIBUTES           ESSENTIAL                   DESIRABLE          HOW IDENTIFIED
Relevant         Experience of a             experience of digital   Application
Experience       marketing or PR             content, web            Interview
                 function                    technologies, social
                                             media and publishing

                                             Understanding of
                                             Cornwall’s economy
                                             and its key business

Education &      Degree in relevant          Appropriate technical   Application form and
Training         subject i.e.                qualifications and      certification
                 marketing /                 training
                 Communications /
                 Journalism / Web

                 Competent in Word,
                 excel and outlook

Special          Experience of               Understanding of        Application Form
Knowledge &      organising events           Economic                Interview
Skills                                       Development
                 Excellent writing           Services
                 skills and ability to
                 produce editorial           Understanding of
                 copy and press              European and
                 releases                    national funding
                 Good analytical
                 literacy and
                 negotiation skills

Any Additional   Confident and clear                                 Application and
Factors          communicator                                        Interview

                 Ability to work
                 outside normal office

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