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									                                  Curriculum 3-11 ~ September 2010 Newsletter

                            Welcome back – we hope the new term has started well for you all.
                In this newsletter you will find information on training courses for the year, starz projects,
                                  FREE Starz sessions and more….. read on

Starz Training – If you have a new member of staff or someone who needs a refresher session on Starz
then why not send them along to one of the free Blaster sessions. These are one-hour intro sessions
happening across the county in the week beginning Monday 13th to Thursday 23rd September.
Click here for more information about one of these events near you.

Little Starz – Following a development and trial period the Little Starz Learning Platform is ready for
Pre-school, Nursery and Foundation. This has been specifically adapted from the main Starz platform to
meet the specific needs of younger children. Come along and see it for yourself and decide if this will help
you to develop smarter ways of communication with parents, sharing home and school experiences and
involving children in using technology safely. Click   here for more information, dates and venues.

Starz Projects: An overview of Starz projects and activities is available here

Starz Content – Over the summer we have
revised the web content in Starz. All Starz users will
see a new activities button in their communities
listing. Click on this button to access a variety of
web-based resources and activities. Judging by the
comments from children so far (one comment made
within minutes of the new site going live!!) children
like what they find there. Make sure you point this
out to your pupils as it provides a somewhat safer
route to web resources and moderated discussion
forums. Click here and log in to see for yourself.

Autumn 2010 Training Course Programme: Training courses for TA’s and teachers in school can
be found here

Equipment Loan Boxes: We have a number of boxes of technology equipment to loan to schools at a
small charge. You can view the contents of the boxes on the ELearning team site here
Website of the Month             We have had this as website of the month once before but it is such good
fun that it’s here again ( and anyway it gives me a good excuse to include a photo of Southwold and keeps
me in that holiday mood!!) Click on the image below to visit the Tim    Hunkins website Marvel at this
weird and wacky website (that’s really what www stands for!) with cool cartoons that will have you
experimenting with food light, sound, clothes, and a whole lot more!! Hundreds of cartoon experiments
from cartoonist, broadcaster and engineer Tim Hunkin. If you have ever been to Southwold Pier then
you will have seen Tim’s mad exhibition where amongst other things you can crank a handle to generate

electricity and wake up Frankenstein….let The Doctor write a prescription for you and do a Jane Fonda
work out( not)! It’s brilliant fun but if your can’t make it this year then visit www.hunkinsexperiments.com


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