7th Grade Language Arts�GATE by 0JvAHr


									                                  7th Grade Language Arts—Week 3

Weekly Objectives & Standards Met:
    Grammar-Continue with Parts of Speech-LC 1.3 Identify all parts of speech.
    Reading: Continue PLOT Structure, SQ3R, and finish “Rikki Tikki Tavi” and begin “Empress
       Theodora” -R 3.2 Identify events that advance the plot and determine how each event
       explains past or present actions; R 3.3 Analyze characterization; R 3.5. Point of View and
    Vocabulary Lesson 2: “Empress Theodora” vocabulary enrichment 2 -R 1.3 Clarify word
       meaning through context clues.
    Writing: W 1.3 Use strategies of note taking, outlining and summarizing

Daily Agendas:
Monday, September 6:
     Holiday
Tuesday, September 7:
     Finalize Reader Writer Notebook
     Grammar
     Plot Line Rikki Tikki
     Hw: read, finish Grammar
Wednesday, September 8:
     Rikki Tikki Quiz
     Grammar
     Begin SQ3R for Empress
     Vocabulary for Empress
     HW: read and finish grammar
Thursday, September 9:
     Finish SQ3R/2nd reading of “Empress Theodora”
     Grammar
     HW: read, finish grammar
Friday September 10:
     Weekly Test
     Begin “Hippodrome”

Writing Warm-ups:
Tuesday- In “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”, the main character must face internal and external conflicts. Please
define both types of conflicts and detail at least two examples of each type of conflict.
Wednesday: How can a person’s strengths when facing difficulties help others?
Thursday: How might the empire have been affected if Theodora had given up when faced with a
difficult situation? Explain.
Friday: Look for the main ideas in Theodora’s speech. Why does she say Justinians should stay in the
city? What does this speech suggest about her relationship with Justinian?

1. Remember, AR Test 2 is due Friday, September 22, and it is worth 100 points.

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