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                         Market Leader Calendar Review

   1. Days off, personal events clearly labeled:

   2. 1 RGM Development Day per restaurant- 1 time per Period

   3. Daily Number Review/Calls:

   4. Thursday schedule checks:

   5. Conference calls, webinars scheduled:

   6. Night Shops – through close (1 x minimum):

   7. PNL reviews (available week 2 Friday):

   8. Development Days – with Director/VP
   9. MCG/POP Audits- no later than 2         week of promotion (1 x per Period):

   10. Marketing coupon drops noted on calendar (as an all day event):

   11. Inventory audits- 1 per restaurant per Qtr:

   12. Payroll close:

   13. High impact sales day Ops Visits:

   14. QM Deck :

   15. Training Scheduled- AST, SL, MIT, development:

   16. Centralized Orientation:

   17. New Week File:

   18. Hiring/Recruiting/Interview:

   19. RGM Schedule Review (Week 4): .


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                Market Leader Workflow Tasks

When        Tasks

Daily           Check daily business results via Radiant, MIRUS
                Analyze daily business results (day +(Week to Date):
                Contact restaurants in person or by phone (as needed)
                    o   Hold Manager on Duty discussion.
                    o   Coach on daily business goals.
                Consolidate and highlight daily results for supervisor.
Weekly          Review weekly schedule with RGM’s. Thursday’s
                Receive:
                    o   Weekly business recap from People, Profit, Performance
                        Action Plan(Includes SMG data)
                    o   Weekly schedule for following week
                Conduct Business Review with your ZDO (Supervisor) and/or other
                 Market Leaders.
                Conduct Restaurant visits: CSR/RGM Dev Days/Profit Audits (rotate
                 visits to work with different managers and shifts).
                Share restaurant visit results in every restaurant with your
Monthly         Receive/review RGM Management Planner (28 Day Book)
                Submit/review period your calendar with supervisor before period
                Conduct ZDO with ML restaurant visit with minimum of 1 time per
                Conduct Market Period Business Review.
                Review Market bench plan with supervisor and People Services.
                 Include Food Safe Certified Managers and Dev Plans.
Quarterly       Provide operational training to ensure accurate execution of all
                 restaurants’ processes.
                Develop and implement short and long-term business goals that
                 promote strategic sales and profit growth.
                Interface with all support resources to achieve company business
                 objectives and initiatives.
                Drive operations excellence including P-CAASH and guest
                Attract, select, train, develop and retain qualified and high
                 performing employees.
                Guide, monitor and drive productivity standards and career
                 development of direct reports.

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