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The family of Jaipur International Film Festival wants to thank you for the great support to the 3 Jaipur
International Film Festival. It is essential for us to express our deepest gratitude towards you for helping
    us to successfully organize and conclude the festival. It is fully anticipated that you will avail your
                            trustworthy support in the upcoming years as well.

              JIFF looks for participation from you
                        in various ways
                              4 Jaipur International Film Festival –JIFF
                                       (27-31 January, 2012)
                             (5days long, expected visitors: around 15000)

Booth/Standee/Poster can be put up in the festival or can send the literature
which we would be able to publicize.
A booth/standee/poster space available for the promoters in JIFF 2012.
You can give advertisement in festival catalogue and daily news bulletin
5000 copies of festival booklet/catalogue to be distributed in India and abroad.
5000 copies of Daily News Bulletin (color printing) will be distributed every day
during the festival.

(For those who want to publicize film festival/production house/organization/upcoming
film/film school/company/product etc.)
Exhibitor will have to pay per page/half page/one fourth page.
The design of the standee/poster should be sent by the organization itself.

You can also participate in the Film Market. The concept of Film Market
named 'The Merchant' was introduced in JIFF2011. It was a very important
component of the festival. We planned to take “The Merchant” to the next level in
JIFF 2012.

If you want to organize any special workshop or screening, it would be our
pleasure to forward such event to JIFF. Those interested can mail the

For further details please visit our website or you call us on the numbers given

Mr. Amandeep Singh +91-141-6500601, +91-9252259601 +91-141-3953260

            Please write us for your sponsorship/query/participation at:,,

                              For general query:


                               Jaipur International Film Festival
                      Rates for registration/booking
                           Only for JIFF 2012 (after 80% discount)

Registration fees: Rs. 1000 or US$. 40                          only for films related company

Place: at main venue                        Dates: 27-31 January, 2012
There will be beautiful decorated space with stall/s and space for standees and posters.

For Booth:                Rs. 6500 per day or US$. 200
For standee:              Rs. 3500 or US$. 100 for all day’s            size: 3x6 squire feet
For poster:               Rs. 2500 or US$. 80 for all Day’s             size: 30x40 inch

Ad in festival booklet/catalogue:                    size: A4                   color

Cover page inside                  1, 50,000/-
Back cover page                    2, 00,000/-
Back cover page inside             1, 25,000/-

Inside: full page:        50,000 /-         US$. 1300
Half page:                30,000 /-         US$. 8000
Quarter page:             16,000 /-         US$. 450

Ad in Daily News Bulletin                            size: A3                   color

Cover page:               full 10,000/- or US$ 250              half 6,000/- or US$ 150
                          Quarter 3,500/- or US$ 80
Cover back page:          full 7,000/- or US$ 190               half 4,000/- or US$ 100
                          Quarter 2,100/- or US$ 100
Inside: full page:        5,000 /-         US$. 125
Half page:                3,000 /-         US$. 75
Quarter page:             1,800 /-         US$. 45

For Film Market:

TITLE SPONSORSHIP only                               3, 00,000/-

Registration fees: Rs. 2000 or US$. 80                          only for films related company

Place: at main venue and there will be separate venue
Dates: 28-31 January, 2012
There will be beautiful decorated space with stall/s and space for standees and posters.

For detail/booking and sponsorship/please write us at:

                     For booking please write us or call us:
Mr. Amandeep Singh +91-141-6500601, +91-9252259601 +91-141-3953260,,

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