Sponsors Options Benefits 2010 Revised by 0JvAHr


                                                       Sponsorship Options and Benefits for 2010
                                                               Diamond                Platinum            Gold           Silver            Bronze     Affiliate
   Product/Business Placement
                                                               $10,000                 $5,000           $3,000          $2,000            $1,500      $1,000
   Print Media
      Brochures (15,000)                                   Premium Placement
      Posters                                              Premium Placement
      Event Flyers (15,000)                                Premium Placement
      Event Tickets
      Press Releases
   Radio Advertisements
      4 Radio Stations with approximately 120
      60 second Spots per month

   Internet and Email List *
   GenerationXMiami.com Website
      Company Logo and Link                                Premium Placement
      Email List Promotions                                Premium Placement
   Pre-Carnival Events
      Monthly Events
      VIP Tickets
      Gen X T-Shirts
      Signage/Banners                                      Premium Placement
   Carnival Parade
      Banner on Music Truck ***
      Banner on Drink Truck ***
      Sponsor's Logo on Section Banner
      Sponsor's Logo on Main Banner
      Signage/Banners in Parks**                           Premium Placement
      Carnival Costume ($170 value each)                             4                      2                1
      VIP Parade Passes
*15 other Affiliate Websites ( Millions Of Monthly Hits)    **Diamond Sponsors:Banner in the Park on Carnival Day   *** Sponsor must provide Banner

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