2012 Mum Festival Bike Tour by QRvnDw


									 2012 Mum Festival Bike Tour
   Event Sponsorship Form

        Registration: Registration cut off is September 26, 2012. Late registration will
                      cost $5 more per rider and be available the same day of the event.
                      The ride will be limited to 600 riders. No refunds after September 24 .

        Check In:     9/30/2012 - Registration starts at 7:00 AM at Tippecanoe
                      High School, 615 E. Kesslar-Cowesville Road in Tipp City, Ohio.
                      Course maps will be provided and riders must be finished
                      with their rides by 5:00 PM. Rides will begin at 7:30 AM.

        Support:     Maps will be provided the day of the ride. Rider support will be provided
                     on every course. It is recommended that you carry a cell phone during
                     the ride in case of emergency. Phone numbers will also be provided. All
                     routes will be clearly marked before, during, and after each turn.

        Rest Stops: Hydration, snacks, and fresh fruit will be provided at every rest stop.

        Routes:       The 100 mile endurance ride (7:30 AM), 60 mile enthusiast (7:45 AM)
                      30 mile sport ride (8:00 AM), and the 15 mile family ride (8:15 AM).

What is included for sponsoring this event?
 1.   Company name and logo will appear on the Mum Fest website
 2.   Company name and logo will appear on all of the cycling t-shirts
 3.   Company name and logo on registration for the event
 4.   Company name and logo on all route maps
 5.   Company name will be announced at the beginning of the event
How can we sponsor this event?

□ Basic sponsorship (website, shirts, registration, maps, announcement)   $100

□ Sponsor a rest stop with all of your own company branding    $250

□ Personal table at registration, start/finish line   $250

□ Sponsor the event by giving a non monetary donation
Company Name            ____________________________________________________

Company Address        _____________________________________________________

Total Sponsorship      _____________________________________________________



• Make checks payable to: Shifting Gears Cycling.
• Send artwork for your company logo to: byram.jason@yahoo.com (937) 469-4399

Signature of Sponsor: ___________________________________Date ______________

Signature of Shifting Gears Cycling ________________________Date ______________

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