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					                          Weapon Of Mass Destruction

     Despite the fact that they cannot reproduce themselves, there seems to be
more and more of them: homosexuals, gays and lesbians. Why?

      After many years of scientific research in several laboratories, I've come to
the conclusion that after prolonged consumption of the hormones contained in
contraceptive pills, consumed by a normal healthy woman, hormones such as
oestrogen and gestagen are being deposited in the reproductive organs and even
assimilated by the baby during pregnancy. It is obvious to assume that males
exposed to female hormones in this way, would be more likely to be sexually
attracted to other males -- almost like a life-long search for the "stolen"

      Surely, only the devil and his offspring could dream up such a scheme. In an
utterly witty mood, the contraceptive pill's Jewish inventor, Carl Djerassi,
apparently said to his colleagues in the laboratory (1951): "Double-action birth
control: well, now we have in our possession a birth control with a double

      Not just a weapon against males, as the inventor states, but a weapon
against entire human races ("Goyim"), women and children included. Today, there
is even talk of a "triple-action", because of the excess emphasis on feminine
matters (or "yin" element), at the same time as a deprecation of masculine matters
and even a lowering of sperm-count. Already, one couple out of every hundred has
to resort to artificial insemination. Through the sewers and recycling, we can find
pathological amounts of these hormones getting back into the food chain.

       They must have known it -- and wanted it to be like this -- until a time will
come when we have to fill out a triple-form to apply for a baby with the state's
official parent-hood permit and limit -- plus a waiting list of 10 years at the sperm
banks of the "Pharaohs" -- with, of course, only their own genetic material

                         Non Facit Pugnum Digito Uno
                                   By Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross


                                Pharaonic Warfare

                (a history of strategic and tactical perfection)

      The symbol which represents the Pharaonic domination of society is the
obelisk, and being phallic, it is also symbolic of their type of warfare. The carving
on top of the obelisk is symbolic of circumcision, which is also Pharaonic in origin.
Nowadays the female circumcision, in official medical terminology, is being called
the "Pharaonic Infibulation". May I conclude that their "secret landmark" is the
obelisk, which is their circumcised phallic symbol.

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      They invented the most cunning and invisible form of warfare: namely from
the inside to out like a viral infection. First, they mix with the local people until
they can't be recognised any more after only 5 generations. Then they will take
over all key positions: presidency, parliament, congress, media, army, police,
banks, monarchy, religion, schools, universities and so on, then fight their host
from the inside, like a parasite. They cause war between people by accentuating
any differences between them, whether those differences be colour, race, politics,
religion, wealth and so on.

     Here's a quote that I found as an example: "According to Coleman, Tavistock
began life, before World War One, to covince peace-loving populations of the need
to massacre each other." (Henry Makow: "How The Elite Plays God").

      John Coleman's book is a cry of despair: "The Tavistock Institute of Human
Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of
the United States of America." (2005). The book is confirmation that a financial
elite engineered every war and depression in modern history, and continues to
condition our beliefs and behaviour.

      This "interior enemy" has given rise to all wars, mass-murders, genocides,
witch-burnings, epidemics, plagues and so on. They have discovered the perfect
warfare and leave samurais, ninjas, germanic and celtic warriors (and so on)
ridiculously out-maneuvered.

      Various races and religions are persuaded to hate and exterminate each
other, sacrificing their men as cannon fodder on the battlefields, then after the
war, lands and women are taken, because that is always what war was usually
about: the men and their sons get killed then later on, the land, women and cattle
get taken.

     Hitler had his "Pharaonic gene" passed to him (unbeknown to him) from his
grandfather by the name of Frankenberger. Others state that he was related to the
Rothschild family.

      In Europe's main Pharaonic base, Switzerland, stand many symbols of the
Luciferian Secret Societies such as obelisks, buds or grains, sun-hieroglyphics,
occult symbols, statues of Isis and so on; and when any such symbol stands in front
of, or on the front of a house, it signals that an equal of mind and birth will find
help, co-operation and kindred souls on that spot.

      In one of these Luciferian Secret Societies, the Freemasons closely guard
their Hermetic, Kabbalistic and Pharaonic occult knowledge at the higher levels
(above 33rd degree or "Illuminati") with the threat of death, which Masons insist is
merely symbolic. Unfortunately, few Masons ever manage to intuit that if one
swears an oath over the Bible (Quran) while under "threat of death", then one
unwittingly becomes a "Child of Satan" (Dajjal). On reading Albert Pike's book,
"Morals and Dogma", one may see that it is the intention to deceive Masons at the
lower levels. YHVH is not a God of Death, unless one is a "useful idiot".

      One of the symbols of Freemasonry is the "G" of Gola or Golut, meaning
"diaspora" -- spread all over the world, infiltrated into every establishment,
working from underground; and probably creating total mind-controlled robots and

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gaining power and domination through war and terror. They are embedded in
society and make a "fist" from within. (Fritz Springmeier: "Bloodlines Of The
Illuminati" and "The Illuminati Formula Used To Create A Total Mind Controlled

      As an example: at God's request, Moses pleaded with the Pharaoh to set the
Israelites free. At first, the Pharaoh refused -- but not for long.


                (with one finger only, one cannot make a fist)


   "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to
preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
 to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are
  bound; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of
                                our God;" [ISAIAH 61]

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Description: Zurich Files - Weapon Of Mass Destruction --/-- contraception, and the harmful effects of hormones re-entering the food chain --/-- The Pharaoh Show; eugenics, depopulation; Luciferian Secret Societies, Freemasons, masons, illuminati, mind-controlled slaves; the parasitic "interior enemy".