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					 How you Benefit as a SMS Member
 ◊ UWG Howl Towel, and SMS t-shirt
   (with active membership)
◊ Notification when industry guest speakers will be on
◊ Opportunities to learn about internships and jobs in the
   sport industry directly from employers
◊ Special trips to off-campus conferences and events
   available exclusively to SMS members
◊ Opportunities to serve in leadership positions and build
   your resumé for future employment and grad school
◊ Opportunity to develop relationships with those who
   share the same passion as you do – the business of
         Georgia Southern
   Sport Management Conference
   Sport Management
    Society members
attended the 18th Annual
Georgia Southern Sport
     Conference in
     Savannah, GA.

   This conference is
   specifically geared
toward students seeking
employment in the sport
                WOLVES Can

 Canned food drive
   to support the
Carroll County Food
Bank sponsored by
      the Sport
    Sport Management Society

  Martha Vital (UWG
  Sport Management
   Major) and Cathy
 Dekmar (KSU Sport
 Management Major)
working as volunteers at
  the Chick-fil-A Bowl
         Sport Management Society
          Members volunteered to set-up for the
AWANA Olympics at North Point Baptist Church in Carrollton, GA.
       Special Olympics

Sport Management Society members volunteered at the
           2008 Special Olympics.
Sport Management Society Speaker Series

                                                               Chris King, Associate AD
       Anna Barton                                                Univ. of Alabama
      ISP Sports, Inc.
                            Darryl Smith, Executive Director
                              Newnan Boys & Girls Club

                                      Sue Gerten                  Dr. Linda Buchanan
      Jason Penry                    Atlanta Braves               La Grange College
 POSSE Executive Director
 College Football Preview Luncheon
Sport Management Society Officers
  at the College Football Preview
 Luncheon hosted by the Atlanta
          Sports Council.

                                    Dr. Laura Hatfield meets Lee
                                    Corso, ESPN College Football
                                      Analyst, at the Luncheon.
College Basketball Preview Luncheon
    Sport Management Society
 members at the College Basketball
  Preview Luncheon hosted by the
      Atlanta Sports Council.

                                     Rae Young and Chris Renfroe,
                                       SPMG Majors, pictured with
                                           the Naismith Trophy
                                          awarded to the NCAA
                                        Division I Men’s Basketball
                                           National Champion.
     Georgia Tech vs. Gardner-Webb
             Football Game
   Sport Management
   students and faculty
  attended the Georgia
Tech vs. Gardner-Webb
 football game courtesy
     of Dean Buchan,
Georgia Tech, Associate
AD for Media Relations.

Mr. Buchan was a guest
  speaker in Dr. Laura
 Hatfield’s SPMG 3665
Communication in Sport
          SMS Officers for 2009-2010

Candice Brown, Christina Powell, Mariana Sanchez, Jamie Kramer, Elena Perrotta
  SMS Officer Duties and Advisors
• Mariana Sanchez, President
• Elena Perrotta, External Events
• Candice Brown, Communication/ Marketing,
  Event Planning
• Jamie Kramer, Internal Events/Special
• Christina Powell, Financial
                  Faculty Advisors
• Dr. Laura Hatfield lhatfiel@westga.edu
• Dr. L.C. Hatfield lanceh@westga.edu
    SMS Meetings 3rd Thursday’s
• August 20th from 7pm-8pm in 108.3 in the
  Campus Center Gym
• September 17th from 7pm-8pm in 108.3 in the
  Campus Center Gym
• October 22nd from 7pm-8pm in 302 in the
  Campus Center Gym
• November 19th from 7pm-8pm in 302 in the
  Campus Center Gym

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