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									                            GIS Steering Committee
                              September 13, 2007

FHWA sponsored Peer Exchange – “GIS for Planning and Environment Linkages”
ODOT will host this event October 4th and 5th at the Region 1HQ in Portland.
Attendance includes FHWA, USDOT Volpe Center and DOT representatives from
Oregon, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Idaho.
The goal is for participants to share their experiences regarding:
 Developing, managing, using and sharing spatial based and transportation oriented
   environmental data
 Developing and using GIS data in coordination with regulatory agencies
 General lesson learned
Event results will be summarized and distributed.

2007 Portland LIDAR Consortium purchase status
The Portland LIDAR Consortium comprises numerous state, Federal, and local
government agencies that are working together to obtain Light Detection and Ranging
(LIDAR) data over portions of Clatsop, Tillamook, Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah,
Hood River, Marion, and Yamhill counties in Northwestern Oregon. The Consortium is
coordinated by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries at the request
of the U.S. Geological Survey and is working through the Puget Sound LIDAR
Consortium (PSLC), which has a standing contract with a LIDAR acquisition vendor
(Watershed Sciences Inc.). The Oregon Department of Forestry is running a companion
survey through PSLC.
Total project cost is ~$800,000 with ODOT’s contribution being $67,000. This
contribution both ensures coverage of our area of interest (the Hwy. 35 corridor) and
gives us access to the remainder of the data from the project area.
An Interstate IGA is in place and initial funding transferred and the majority of the
project area has been acquired.

Project Staffing
July 2007

              Hours                                 243.00
              Percent of Project Team Hours         36.05%
              Hours                                 286.10
              Percent of Project Team Hours         42.44%
              Hours                                 145.00
              Percent of Project Team Hours         21.51%

      Total Hours                                   674.10
      Total Percent                                 100.00%
August 07

             Hours                           136.00
             Percent of Project Team Hours   25.80%
             Hours                           9.00
             Percent of Project Team Hours   1.71%
             Hours                           254.10
             Percent of Project Team Hours   48.21%
             Hours                           128.00
             Percent of Project Team Hours   24.28%

     Total Hours                             527.10
     Total Percent                           100.00%

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