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					Marketing Management

     29th of June 2011
Personal Selling and Sales
 The Nature of Personal Selling
• Personal Selling: Personal presentation by a firm’s
  sales force for the purpose of making sales and building
  customer relationships
• Salespeople are no longer the typical sales people
  stereotypes we used to think
• Today, buying is about more than the transaction
• Sales is about building customer relationships through a
  focus on differentiation and linking these to customer’s
  realisation of value
• Salespeople vary from order takers, to order getters, and
  relationship builders
   The Role of The Sales Force
• Advertising consists of non personal communication
  whereas personal selling is interpersonal
• Personal selling involves interpersonal interactions
  between salespeople and customers
• Personal selling allows the opportunity to probe and
  adjust marketing to fit customer needs
• Personal selling varies from different companies
• In services orientated companies, sales team works
  directly with customers
• In FMCG environment, sales team is more behind the
  scenes and works with intermediaries
  The Role of The Sales Force
• Linking Company with Customers
  – Sales force play a critical part of the above
  Sales force represent the company to the customer
  – Develop new customers and communicate information about
    products and services
  – Present products, negotiate terms and prices, closing sales, and
    handling objections
  – Carry our market research and intelligence
  Sales force represents customer to the company
  – They champion the customer’s interests and manage
  – Communicate customer concerns about products
  – Develop greater customer value after assessing wants and
  – Sales force is the company to the end customer
The Role of The Sales Force
  The Role of The Sales Force
• Coordinating Marketing and Sales
  – Sales force and all marketing functions should work
    together to create customer value
  – Unfortunately “feet stuck in the mud” – sales and
    “heads stuck in the clouds” – brand marketing
  – Actions to bring sales and marketing together:
     •   Increase Joint Communication initiatives
     •   Joint Assignments involving both parties
     •   Joint Objectives and Rewards systems
     •   Appoint Marketing and Sales Liaisons
     •   Marketing Executive to oversee both – Chief Customer
The Role of The Sales Force
      Managing the Sales Force
• Sales Force Management: the analysis,
  planning, implementation, and control of sales
  force activities. It includes:
  –   Designing Sales Force Strategy and Structure
  –   Recruiting and Selecting Salespeople
  –   Training Salespeople
  –   Compensating Salespeople
  –   Supervising and Motivating Salespeople
  –   Evaluating Salespeople and Sales force Performance
Steps in Sales Force Management
  The Personal Selling Process
• Selling Process: the steps which a salesperson must
  master including:
   – Prospecting and Qualifying: identifying qualified potential
   – Pre-approach: learning as much about the prospective customer
   – Approach: meeting the customer
   – Presentation and Demonstration: selling value and solutions to
     the customer
   – Handling Objections: clarifying and overcoming objections
   – Closing: asking for the order
   – Follow-up: ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business
• The above steps are transaction orientated
The Personal Selling Process
  The Personal Selling Process
• Personal Selling and Managing Customer
  – Sometimes companies seek to win and keep
  – The aim is to build profitable customer relationships
  – These sales people work with customer teams to
    improve products and processes
  – The initial sale is only the beginning of the longer term
  – These sales people practice value selling –
    demonstrating and delivering superior customer value
  – Also involves capturing fair return on value for both
    the customer and the company
 The Personal Selling Process
• Personal Selling and Managing Customer
  – Value Selling Involves:
    • Listening to customers
    • Understanding Customer Needs
    • Carefully co-ordinating company efforts to create
      lasting relationships based on customer value
  – The aim is not to just make a sale transaction
  – The aim is to establish and to build an
    enduring relationship between the companies
                 Sales Promotion
• Sales Promotion: short-term incentives to encourage the
  purchase or sale of a product or service.
• Factors which have contributed to rapid growth of sales
   –   Pressure to increase product sales
   –   More competition and less differentiation
   –   Decline in advertising efficiency
   –   More deal and value orientated consumers
• More promotion clutter similarly to advertising clutter
• Companies have to come up with means and ways of
  breaking the clutter
• Sales Promotion programmes have to have proper set
  objectives and the right tools to fulfil the objectives
                Sales Promotion
• Sales Promotion Objectives
   – Sales promotion objectives vary widely and may be used for
     short-term or to enhance involvement
   – Trade Promotion Objectives:
      • Retailers carrying new items and new inventory
      • Buying ahead and more shelf space
   – Sales Promotion Objectives:
      • More sales force support for current or new products
      • Getting sales force to sign up new accounts
   – Sales promotions are usually used with advertising , personal
     selling, direct marketing and other mix tools
   – Sales promotions should be reinforce the product’s position and
     build long-term customer relationships
   – If executed well short-term excitement and long-term
     relationships are achieved
              Sales Promotion
• Major Sales Promotion Tools
  – Consumer Promotions: Sales promotion tools used
    to boost short-term customer buying and involvement
    or to enhance long-term customer relationships
     • Samples, coupons, refunds, premiums, POS displays, event
  – Trade Promotions: Sales promotion tools used to
    persuade resellers to carry a brand, give it shelf
    space, advertise it and push it to consumers
  – Business Promotions: Sales promotion tools used
    to generate business leads, stimulate purchases,
    reward customers, and motivate sales people
     • Conventions and trade shows as well as sales contests
Sales Promotion
Sales Promotion
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