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					                                  1920 Exchange Drive
                                  Greenville NC, 27858

                   Spring/Fall Semester Intern Job Description
The Landing is a student based luxury community in Greenville North Carolina. We
have 288 apartments available to rent and 888 bedrooms which each have their own
lease. We have two, three, and four bedroom units and offer roommate matching if
The Landing has recently rolled out a new program called The Keystone Program. This
consists of part-time employees that are attending either East Carolina University or Pitt
Community College. The Keystones are the bridge between management and the current
residents as well as prospective resident.
An intern would be required to take part in the following activities and complete the
following tasks.
Public Relations and Event Planning
    Brainstorm with Keystone team ideas for student events and prospect functions
    Planning event
    Executing event
* The Landing works with many different businesses within the community. We rely
heavily on co-vending and cross promotion. An intern would learn how to establish
relationships with fellow businesses and use them as resources to further The Landing as
well as help the participating business.
    Create marketing materials for The Landing such as: Flyers, Newsletters, Radio
      Commercial Scripts, T.V. commercial scripts, print ads.
    Networking with fellow businesses and with prospective residents.
    Promoting through direct marketing such as: football games, students events,
      residents events.
The keystone program is the cornerstone of The Landing marketing campaign. The
Keystones put management directly in touch with the demographic. Any intern would
take part in all Keystone activities and tasks and would be walked trough the process of
completing each required tasks so that they leave with a firm understanding of Marketing,
Event Planning, Networking, and Co-Vending.

The Landing Intern Program Contact: GingerBea Harvey
                                    Leasing and Marketing manager
                                    (252)-558-0039 (Office)

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