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									Earn Money Online With Social Networking Site Zurker
This is another opportunity for on-liners to earn money
easily. www.zurker.com is giving opportunity to become the share holder or a Co-
Owner of zurker . Yes, this is true and I am also now an share holder and Co-
Owner of zurker.I never had a dream that one day I will become Co-Owner of a
social networking site.

To become Co-Owner or to get shares (called as vShares) of zurker you need to
make other people register on zurker. I.e. refer people on zurker.
You Can Follow the Following steps to get referals on zurker :

#1 Click to referrals which is in the last tab of features column as shown in the pic

#2 You are provided the steps how to earn share . A unique URL is given which
you you can share everywhere and help you in getting shares.
#3 This URL redirects the new user to registration page with message
" You've received an invitation to join Zurker from " XYZ ". Our members love
spreading the word about Zurker... because they own it! "

           All the best for your shares and if you are a new users register
                  with http://www.zurker.in/i-197408-dxsvfgozpt this URL


 #1 You will get 2 shares for 1 referral in first 24 hours later on it will reduce to1
             per referral. So try to invite many in the first 24 hours.

#2 The amount of 1 vShare is 50 INR currently which may increase later on.

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