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									                                                               European Union

                                              VICTIM EMPOWERMENT PROJECT
                                                    GRANTS COMMITTEE
                                                Grant Application Evaluation

Grant Application Number:

Name of Organisation(s) submitting grant application:


District CSO is based in:

Priority rural, township or district location:

Target group is: Women, men, youth, children, peoples with disabilities, older persons etc

Date of Registration (NPO):

Audit, certified financial statement or six months of bank account statements submitted:
NPO compliant:

Total Amount Requested:

Duration of Grant:

                                Criteria                                        Indicator for Verification     AVERAGE
                                                                                                             TOTAL SCORE
    I.    NATURE AND SCOPE OF SERVICES                                                                         Out of 10
Proposed project is relevant and in line with VE Project                   Proposed priority areas
priority area(s)                                                           Proposal
Project theme is innovative and represents needs of the VEP                Proposed priority areas
in South Africa                                                            Proposal
Organisational structure and activities are in line with the               Grant application
protection of human rights, promoting fairness and justice,                Pamphlets
and encouraging equality through support to previously                     Field assessment
disadvantaged groups
   II.    TARGET GROUPS                                                                                       Out of 10
Target groups are victims of crime and violence                            Proposal – Beneficiaries
Project addresses the actual needs of victims and will likely              Proposal – Problem
have the proposed impact                                                   Analysis/Rationale
Project addresses needs in rural areas and/or of previously                Proposal – Location
disadvantaged groups
  III.    PROJECT OBJECTIVES, OUTCOMES AND OUTPUTS                                                             Out of 5
Objective is realistic and relevant                                        Proposal – Objective
Outcomes are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and                Proposal – Project
time bound                                                                 Description and Logframe

VEP2009. Grant Application Evaluation Criteria                                                              1
                                                               European Union

Activities are feasible and consistent with outputs                        Proposal – Project
                                                                           Description and Logframe

Indicators are measurable and correspond with outputs                      Proposal - Logframe

 IV.    WORKPLAN                                                                                          Out of 5
Work plan is detailed and feasible.                                        Proposal - Work plan

  V.     TECHNICAL CAPACITY                                                                               Out of 10
Organisation has demonstrated expertise and experience in                  Application – Organisational
VEP issues                                                                 Profile and Capacity
                                                                           Field assessment
Organisation demonstrates that it can comply or is taking                  Proposal – Minimum
steps to ensure that it can comply with elements of relevant               Standards S
policy documents, such as the Victims Charter, Shelter                     Field assessment
Strategy, Minimum Standards etc
Organisation has capacity to deliver project to meet                       Application – Organisational
contractual obligations with UNODC                                         Profile and Capacity
                                                                           Field assessment
  VI.    STAFF CAPACITY AND PROFILE                                                                       Out of 10
Organisation’s management has necessary skills to oversee                  CVs
the financial and technical implementation of the project                  Organogram
                                                                           Field assessment
Organisation has adequate staff with necessary and                         Application – Agency
appropriate skills to implement the programme or has clear                 Structure
plan for recruiting required staff                                         Field assessment
Organisation has effective capacity building/staff                         Proposal - Capacity Building
development programmes and competent coaching staff for                    /Staff Development Plan
continuous improvement of management and operations of
 VII.     DIVERSITY                                                                                       Out of 5
Diversity of the community is reflected in the composition of              Field assessment
the staff, management and the board.
VIII.     FINANCIAL MATTERS/CAPACITY                                                                      Out of 5
Proposed budget is detailed, feasible and cost effective                   Budget

Budget contains a favourable ratio of administrative versus                Budget
programmatic costs
Procedures are in place for recording and reporting of                     Field assessment
financial information

VEP2009. Grant Application Evaluation Criteria                                                          2
                                                               European Union

  IX.    FINANCIAL HEALTH CHECK                                                                            Out of 10
Financial Health Check                                                     Field assessment
Organisation has effective financial management and                        Audit reports, past financial
administration for accounting for funds, including ensuring                reports
the provision of adequate controls in partner organisations’
accounting and management systems.
   X.    MONITORING, EVALUATION and LEARNING                                                               Out of 10
Organisation has clear and feasible M&E plan                               Proposal – M&E

Organisation has mechanism in place for beneficiary                        Proposal – M&E
  XI.    SUSTAINIBILITY                                                                                    Out of 10
Services will likely be sustained after the withdrawal of                  Proposal – Sustainability
 XII.    COORDINATION                                                                                      Out of 10
Organisation has incorporated into proposal effective plan                 Proposal – Civil
for greater civil society engagement with government,                      Society/Government
especially participation in VE forums                                      Exchange
TOTAL SCORE (TOTAL OF AVERAGE SUBTOTALS out of 100)                                                          /100

VEP2009. Grant Application Evaluation Criteria                                                           3

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