Global Media, Regional Conflicts, and Media Diplomacy

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					              Global Media, Regional Conflicts, and Media Diplomacy

                            Dr Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi
                   Institute for North American & European Studies
                                  University of Tehran
                              Telephone: 0098 21 66945246
                                 Fax: 0098 21 66945247

Digitalization, Convergence and Deregulation, latest developments in the recent
decades have furthered the process of globalization of electronic media. Tendency of
the electronic media from having national coverage to international one, have
transformed it from a national nature to global one.

Due to historical reasons and also the regional states' focus on identity in the form of
race, language, territory and religion for the purpose of gaining regional interests, we
are currently witnessing the increasing trend of regional conflicts in which regional
alignment and conflict play a major role.

While covering the regional conflicts and producing the objective reports on them,
global media manufacture, manipulate, manage, and drive the conflicts. In other
words, if not covered by the global media, some regional conflicts might take
different directions.

Media diplomacy as a new means of diplomacy in international politics concerns both
elements of media as the means and the crisis or conflicts as the objects of coverage
for working towards the resolution of conflicts or taking opposite direction towards
the expansion of crisis.

Examining the major distinct features of regional conflicts and analyzing the
underpinning elements of global media and media diplomacy, the paper will shed
light on the potentials of global media as the means for media diplomacy in regional
conflicts and how the direction and formation of media diplomacy in covering the
regional conflicts may exacerbate the situation or heal the wounds.

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