BTEC Sport Unit 1- Fitness Testing and Training

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					                                       BTEC Sport Unit 1- Fitness Testing and Training

Assignment Brief- Fitness Testing and Training is at the heart of all sports performance whether you are a professional or
amateur sportsperson. This unit will be delivered over the whole of your programme with key ‘milestone’ assessment points where
you can show how your personal fitness has improved and how much your knowledge and understanding has grown and developed.
You will be producing information in a variety of formats that will allow you to demonstrate your understanding. This will prepare
you to produce and monitor a fitness and training programme for other students or professionals.

Assessment Guidance
         Pass                    Merit                  Distinction                             Assessment Options (student to decide).                          Deadline
P1 describe the fitness    M1 explain the                                       R – Write a newspaper report on a sports star of your choice describing and
requirements for           fitness                                              explaining the fitness requirements they need for their sport.
achieving                  requirements for                                     V – Student to observe another student performing a circuit training activity.
excellence in a selected   achieving                                            Student to describe and explain to teacher the fitness requirements needed
sport                      excellence in a                                      (student must produce written evidence, conversation could be recorded /
                           selected sport                                       video. Witness statement must be signed and dated)
P2 describe three                                                               D – Students to plan and lead an exercise circuit. (plans must be
different                                                                       retained as evidence)
fitness training methods                                                        P – Student presentation
used to achieve
                                                                                I – Student information sheet. Students focus on one sport / activity
excellence in a selected
                                                                                and produce an ‘Information Sheet’.
P3 describe four                                                                P – Student presentation
different lifestyle                                                             R – Newspaper report on the factors that can affect a famous
factors that can affect                                                         sportsman/ women performance and training.
sports training and
                                                                                PO – Information poster.
P4 carry out four                                                               L – Students to produce a log that shows the date, time and result of
different fitness tests                                                         the four tests. The log must also show a diagram of the tests and
for different                                                                   instructions on how to complete it.
components of fitness,
recording the results
P5 interpret their test    M2 explain their       D1 evaluate their test        R – Students to produce a report highlighting their strengths and
results and personal       test results and       results and personal level    areas for improvement and explain what they need to improve to
level of fitness           personal level of      of fitness, considering the   reach excellence
                           fitness, identifying   level required to achieve
                                                                                P – presentation as above
                           strengths and areas    excellence in a
                           for improvement     selected sport              V – student to discuss their results, strengths, areas for improvement
                                                                           and how they could improve their results (witness statement must be
P6 describe the effects    M3 explain the      D2 analyse the effects of   P – presentation
of                         effects of          psychological factors       V – student to produce podcast / video analysing psychological factors
psychological factors on   psychological       on sports training and      of sports performance and training.
sports training and        factors on sports   performance.
                                                                           Q – students to produce questionnaire for four fellow students and
performance.               training and
                                                                           analyse results.

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