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					                                                                                  Castle Project
                                                                                       Ms. Ryan
                                                                                  Social Studies

   Assignment: Students will build a model of a real castle from Feudal Europe or Feudal
   Japan, or use known castle features to construct an imaginary one. Other required parts of
   the project include a coat of arms with an explanation of included elements, and an oral

   Materials: Any materials (except perishables/food) are acceptable. No castle kits or Legos
   may be used (printable castle patterns included). Do not feel obligated to buy supplies. Many
   items can be located around the house.

   Partners: Each student may partner with another (1) student from my classes on the castle
   model only, or you may work by yourself. However, it must be understood that castles done
   by two students will be graded more strictly.

   Size: The size of the castle base may not exceed*:

         No Partner- the size of half a desktop (12” x 9”)
         Partner- The size of a desktop (24” x 18”)

*Student projects exceeding these size limitations will be counted down 5%. The base refers
to the part of your castle that sits on the desk- whether it be the bottom of the castle or the
board it sits on.

   Homework: The bulk of the work on this project is to be done at home. Almost no class time
   will be available for students to work on this project.

   Grade Scale ***

      Castle              200 points

      Coat of Arms        50 points

      Presentation        15 points

      Total               265 points

   ***Projects not submitted by 5/10/10 will incur a 5% grade deduction per day late.
Part One: Model***

  Each European model must include at least ten of the following features:.

  bailey, moat, motte, barbican, crenellations, keep, drawbridge, gatehouse, portcullis,
  machicolations, concentric walls, forebuilding, postern gate, Great Hall, wall walk, arrow
  loops, buttress, wooden palisades, iron window grilles, and watchtower.

  Each Japanese model must include at least ten of the following features:

  donjon, low-roofed walls, stone walls, arrow/gun loops (sama), moat, corner watch
  tower/storehouse (yagura), rock chutes, wall-top covered firing gallery, main gate, back
  gate, high-walled rectangular courtyard, main bailey, second/third bailey, decorated gable,
  pagoda roof, roof tiles, narrow windows and bridge.

Part Two: Coat of Arms/Japanese Crest

  Finally, each castle must be accompanied by a Coat of Arms/Japanese Crest representing
  YOURSELF (copying a family crest is not acceptable), relating to your own experiences or
  family history. These will be colored neatly using pencil. Each should include at least 5
  components. Please note- students making a European castle MUST create a coat of arms.
  Students making a Japanese castle MUST make a Japanese crest. 5% deduction applies to
  all students failing to create the appropriate coat/crest.

  An explanation (written in paragraph form) of the Coat of Arms/Crest and each symbol,
  described in heraldic terms, must also be included on a separate piece of paper. Each
  student must submit a separate and original Coat of Arms/Crest if the castle is
  constructed by two students.

  Ex: I have included a silver eagle on my crest. Eagles are symbolic of strength and bravery.
  I exhibited strength last summer when I built a tree house for my little sister and me. The
  boards were quite heavy but I managed to hoist them up in the tree myself. I am a little
  scared of heights so this was also an act of bravery. Silver represents peace. I colored my
  eagle silver because my sister and I can enjoy peace and quiet in our tree house.

  Each student will present their castle (coat of arms/crest included) to the class during the
  week of May 10, 2010.

    ***Parents are encouraged to work with students, but cautioned that this should be
               student work. Please contact me if there are any questions.
   Need ideas?               Links are available on our class website.

               Japanese Links                                             European Links

                    Castle Features                                            Castle Features

                    Japanese Crest                                              Coat of Arms            


                                 Email Ms. Ryan at

   I have read and understand the terms of this castle project with my child. I understand that
   any assignments turned in after its due date will be marked with a 5% penalty for each day late.

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