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					Ecobuild 2011 press release

Ist March 2011

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            NUDURA’s U-Value Plus thermal inserts exceed Passivhaus requirements

NUDURA Corporation has launched three new thermal inserts that improve the thermal
performance of the building envelope to meet and exceed building regulations and Passivhaus

The NUDURA U-Value Plus inserts have been engineered to combine with the company’s
Insulated Concrete Form system to provide the easiest and most immediate and cost effective
way to reduce energy costs.

By using U-Value Plus, the standard 50 mm insert achieves a U-Value of 0.17. The 102mm insert
exceeds Passivhaus standards at 0.14 and the 150mm version achieves the lowest rating at a
mere 0.11.

With NUDURA U-Value Plus inserts building designers, specifiers, and housebuilders and home
owners can customise the desired amount of insulation needed to meet the specific
requirements of the project.

The inserts are valuable in three standard sizes of 50 mm, 102mm and 150mm and customised
combinations can be created to provide further insulation value if desired. The U-Value Plus
inserts have been developed to complement the unique technological characteristics of
NUDURA form sizes which are available in core thicknesses ranging from 100mm to 300mm.

Using the U-Value Plus insert is easy. Once the desired size is chosen, the insert is simply slid into
one side of a NUDURA form unit. The form’s unique dovetail system allows each insert to be
easily positioned as construction progresses.

NUDURA innovation is four fold:
       DURAMAX TECHNOLOGY - The largest standard ICF available in the industry, Measuring
        457mm x 2438mm, NUDURA allows the construction of 1.115 m2 of wall area in one
        step. Results include faster installation times, less waste and a reduced amount of
        seams compared with other ICFs.

       DURALOK TECHNOLOGY - patented fastening strip securely locks forms into place. The
        embedded web/fastening strips run the full 457mm height, eliminating float and
        providing the industry’s best continuous fastening strip for finishing materials.

       4-Way Reversible System almost eliminates waste including left and right corners so
        that NUDURA forms can be used in twice the number of scenarios as non-reversible
        products, particularly when constructing gable end walls.

       DURAFOLD Technology - patented hinged web allows NUDURA to be transported flat
        allowing 40 per cent more per lorry load, compared with other ICFs. Costly assembly
        time is also reduced as the installer can carry 3.35 m2 of wall form in a single journey;
        and flat pack forms reduce site storage space dramatically.

       NUDURA high-tech, industry-leading forms are NHBC, LABC and Premier Guarantee
        approved and carry an ETA (European Technical Approval) through the BBA.

UK Sales & Technical Representative, Jean-Marc Bouvier said:

“ICFs have already proven themselves to deliver substantial benefits over conventional UK
building methods.
“The U-Value Plus inserts offer increased flexibility to achieve the highest ratings of thermal
performance possible.”

Interested? Call 077 66 118 711 or visit

Media contact: Julia Smith Aura PR Tel : 01636 611 774 Email:
Notes to Editors
       NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) provides design professionals, architects, home
        owners and contractors with a more efficient way to build concrete homes and
        commercial ICF structures
       Building with NUDURA Integrated Building Technology allows concrete homes and
        commercial buildings to be built stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and
        environmentally friendly.
       NUDURA ICF benefits include long term value and affordability, faster and more efficient
        building, limitless design capabilities, flexibility and simplicity, and installer friendly
        building systems.
       NUDURA provides substantial green building benefits, is a member of the Sustainable
        Building Association, and is proud to contribute to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and
        Environmental Design) Program.

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