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This guide aims to give a brief introduction to the Library's holdings on MEDIA/BROADCASTING LAW.
Please consult the catalogue and the List of Serials displayed in the reading rooms for complete
information on current titles and locations. If you require further assistance please ask the staff at
the Enquiry Desk on the 4th floor.

The Library classifies textbooks either by jurisdiction (GO13, GA2 etc.) or according to subject area,
examples of which include Comparative Law (SB), Public International Law (SG) and Private
International Law/ Conflict of Laws (SH). Textbooks on Common Law topics for Common Law
jurisdictions (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA) are shelved in a special section (SJ)

There may be further copies of Short Loan textbooks in the Main Collections on the lower floors.
Please check the Catalogue for alternative locations.
Comparative media law material is shelved at                                        SB65
Media law material for England and Wales is shelved at                              GA2.C.51
Broadcasting law material for England and Wales is shelved at                       GA2.C.71
International media law material is shelved at                                      SG51
           Please see also FOL sections for large size material

Textbooks on media/broadcasting law include:

Barendt, E.                   Broadcasting law : a comparative study 1995 SHORT LOAN

Barendt, E.              Libel and the media the chilling effect 1997         GA2.C.5 BAR
Barendt, E.              Media law 1993                                       SB65 BAR
Barendt, E.              Media freedom and contempt of court. 2009            SB65 BAR
Barendt, E.              Media law cases and materials 2000                   SHORT LOAN
Barendt, E.              Freedom of speech 2nd ed. 2005                       SHORT LOAN
Carey, P.                Media law 3rd ed. 2004                               GA2.C.5 CAR
Collins, M.              The law of defamation and the Internet. 3rd ed.      SB45 COL
Fenwick, H.              Media freedom under the Human Rights Act             SHORT LOAN
Fosbrook, D. & Laing, A. The media contracts handbook 2006                    SJ75 FOS
Garzaniti, L. & O’Regan, Telecommunications, media and the Internet:          GO1.A1.D.2 GAR
M.                       EU competition law and regulation 3rd ed.
Gibbons, T.              Regulating the media 2nd ed. 1998                    SHORT LOAN
Goldberg, D.             Media law and practice 2009                          SHORT LOAN

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Harrison, J. & Woods, L.       European broadcasting law and policy 2007             GO1.A1.D.2 HAR
Helberger, N.                  Controlling access to content: regulating             GO1.A1.D.2 HEL
                               conditional access in digital broadcasting 2005
Hitchens, L.                   Broadcasting pluralism and diversity: a               SB65 HIT
                               comparative study of policy and regulation
Keller, P.                     European and international media law: liberal         SB65 KEL
                               democracy, trade and the new media 2011
Milo, D.                       Defamation & freedom of speech 2008                   GA2.C.5 MIL
Mullis. A. ed. et al.          Carter-Ruck on libel and privacy                      SJ400 CAR
Nicol, A.                      Media law and human rights 2nd ed. 2009               SHORT LOAN

Nikolinakos, N Th.        EU competition law and regulation in the                   GO1.A1.D.2 NIK
                          converging telecommunications, media and IT
                          sectors. 2006
Ogawa, M.                 Protection of broadcasters’ rights 2006                    SB55 OGA
Reville, N.               Broadcasting law and practice 1997                         GA2.C.7 REV
Robertson, G. & Nicol, A. Media law 5th ed. rev. 2008                                SHORT LOAN
Smith, R.C.               Broadcasting law and fundamental rights 1997               SB65 SMI
Tugendhat, M. & Christie, The law of privacy and the media 2nd ed. 2011              GA2.C.5 TUG

2. LIST OF SERIALS                                    A selection of titles

COMMUNICATIONS law                                                                              SHORT LOAN
ENTERTAINMENT and media law reports                                                             SHORT LOAN
ENTERTAINMENT law review                                                                        FOL SB65.J.3
YEARBOOK of copyright and media law                                                             SHORT LOAN
YEARBOOK of media and entertainment law                                                         SHORT LOAN

If you are interested in legislation and cases concerning media law in specific countries, you will
need to consult the legislation or law reports for that jurisdiction.
Consult the List of Serials or the Online Catalogue to find the general classmark for the country you
require. Consult consolidations of legislation, digests or indexes to trace particular acts or cases.

These printed subject guides are all available on the IALS web site at the following address.

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