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									                  June 22, 2012

Power-One at EUSEW 2012

             Mauro Bronzi
               NPI Manager
         Power-One Italy SpA
Key Figures – Renewable Energy Division

                         - Wordlwide R&D center in Italy

                         Manufacturing, sales and service
                         in Europe, North America and
                         #2 Global supplier of PV inverters
                         - Employees:
                         global     3.300 (1.900 in RE)
                         In Italy   1.200 all in in RE

                         2011 revenue: € 850 million global
                                       € 500 million in Italy

  Growing Market Share & Shipments




          3%                                     5%

  MW                                             0%

               Market share    shipments

 Leading the Industry

      Technology                Strong Operational             Positioned
       Innovator                  Infrastructure               for Growth
 Technology leader in          Seasoned SBU              Financial Strength
  renewable energy               management
                                                           Strong profitability and
                                Design, manufacture,       cash flow
                                 sell and service in
 Broad spectrum of regional                               Investing in technology
                                 major geographies
  PV inverter solutions                                     and for growth
                                Flexible manufacturing
 Industry leading PV                                      Solid balance sheet
  harvesting yields

Broad Global Presence

                     Ontario, Canada                United Kingdom
                     RE Manufacturing               Sales & Service Center
                     Sales & Service Center
                                                                              Sales & Service Center
                                                                                                                    Shenzhen, China
                                                                                                                    RE Manufacturing

                                          Boston, MA                                                                Shanghai, China
                                          Sales & Service Center                                                    Sales & Service Center

                                                                                                                    Hong Kong, China
                                                                                                                    Sales & Service Center

                                                 France                                 WW RE R&D Center
San Jose, CA                                     Sales & Service Center                 Mfg, Sales, Mktg &
Sales & Service Center                                                                  Service Center
Camarillo, CA                                                                                                   Sales & Service Center
Corporate Headquarters

Phoenix, AZ
RE Manufacturing
Sales & Service Center                                              Spain
                                                                    Sales & Service Center

                                                                                                             Sales & Service Center

 Products That Yield Customers the Lowest TCO
   Increasing power density to meet customer needs

Ultra (700
at 1,4Mw)
                                        Trio         Uno   Micro

Energy Saving                 Public Lighting Fixtures

i-Illumination is the
smartest system that
allows a massive (>38%)
energy saving with
individual diagnostic on
each light point

                           Additional applications thanks to
                           the system innovative & granular
Blue Chip Customer Base

Thank you for your attention
                Mondo Project
June 22, 2012

Presentation of the Mondo Project

Mauro Bronzi
                               Mondo Project
Tuscany is one of the areas with greater historical value not only in Italy but also
has a very strong industrial vocation, is densely populated and suffers from
problems of over anthropic as many city in the world.
Hence the project MONDO want to overcome the barriers associated with men
Territories and friendliest cities able to adapt to modern requirements, less
polluted, less crowded, with less trouble in finding improbable car parks are one
of the carriers to improve the quality of life in the cities of the future.
The objectives :
•Develop "zero emissions“ vehicles;
•Propose news transport solutions reducing vehicle traffic (drastically
reduction of private car use);
•reduction of motor vehicles and traffic in metropolitan areas

It is envisaged the use of light vehicles (2 and 3 wheels) in an
intelligent, efficient and economical way (0,1-0,13c € / km)
operating not only at intra citizen but also in a significant range (up to
40km) to meet the needs of actual urban areas.
                         Mondo Project
    • Telematic-platform for managing users.
    • ATM-to-loan repayment of batteries and/or vehicles powered by a
       photovoltaic system, on grid connected (Smart-Grid & Smart City)
    • -Monitoring and diagnostic stations (GPS and WiFi)
•-Fast battery charging system and tracking of battery and veicles.
    • -Use of the shelters as points of arrival and departure for public
       transportation such as buses, shuttles, subways and trains etc..
       and as islands of illumination.

Every citizen can also optimize costs and vehicle in relation to
personal needs by acquiring it saving the cost of the battery pack
and access the service by simply providing it with the base
housing the batteries provided free of charge by the service.
                           Mondo Project
e-Mobility as by MONDO –VISION is based on:
    • Use of solutions of transport 2 and 3-wheel with high autonomy
      "zero emission", intelligent, efficient, economic in metropolitan
    • Using canopy-zero environmental impact
    • complete integration of the new proposed solution with modal
      public transport system

Also to be noted is the impact on travel times that may become no more a
        random prediction but predictable certainty.
It is well established that during peak hours the average travel speed in
urban areas drop below 12-15km/h (These values ​are well below the 25
km/h that is the expected cruising speed of vehicles proposed).
          Mondo Project

Thank you for your attention

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