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            AFRICAN UNION                        UNION AFRICAINE

                                                 UNIÃO AFRICANA

7 – 11 MAY 2007

                                                         AU/MIN/ Pl.Ac. (III)

                                PLAN OF ACTION

                                  2007 – 2010
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                                                                                                                    AU/MIN/ Pl.Ac. (III)
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The present Plan of Action adopted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 11th May 2007 by Ministers responsible for air transport, during
their third Conference organised by the African Union Commission, was elaborated for the period 2007 to 2010 and complements
the one of Libreville whose implementation is ongoing.

The main purpose of this Plan of Action is to define activities that will enable the attainment of African Union objectives, within the
framework of air transport development, currently plagued by numerous challenges linked to the exigencies of the industry, notably
questions specific to security and safety.

This Plan of Action gives the main activities identified for the attainment of these objectives, as well as the elements of control, the
lead bodies as well as the institutions involved.

Thanks to the proposals contained in this Plan, the lead bodies have a solid base to conduct the necessary discussions with
different development partners likely to support Africa in its development efforts in air transport.

Within the context of achieving this Plan of Action, the role of the African Union will remain central at the continental level, in order
to facilitate its implementation.
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                                                                                                             AU/MIN/ Pl.Ac. (III)
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                                                                       SOURCES OF         LEAD        STRUCTURES
N°            OBJECTIVES                ACTIVITIES AND ACTIONS                                                         PERIOD
                                                                       INDICATORS      INSTITUTION     INVOLVED
 1    Implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision of 1999
1.1   Operationalisation of the  Resolution       of   legal,         Operational        AUC        AFCAC, RECs, 2007-2008
      Executing Agency of the      institutional and financial         documents                      ECA, ADB,
      Yamoussoukro Decision        issues                              elaborated                      NEPAD,
                                                                                                     Member States
                                       Launching of the Executing     Report of the
                                        Agency                          Executing
1.2   To put in place competition Finalizing the studies on              Reports          AUC           RECs,         2007-2008
      rules for the African air harmonisation of competition                                           Monitoring
      transport industry and a rules and dispute settlement                                          Body of the YD
      framework      for   dispute mechanism
1.3   To put at the disposal of Elaboration of Guidelines on           Documents          AUC          Monitoring     2007-2008
      Member States evaluation evaluation criteria for the                                            Body of the
      criteria       for        the implementation       of     the                                   YD, Member
      implementation      of    the Yamoussoukro Decision                                               States
1.4   To        evaluate        the Study on the constraints to the    Study Report       AUC          Monitoring     2007-2008
      implementation      of    the implementation       of     the                                   Body, States
      Yamoussoukro Decision          Yamoussoukro Decision
 2    Common African Civil Aviation Policy
2.1   To put in place a Common  Organisation of a meeting               Meeting          AUC        RECs, AFCAC,       2007
      African     position       for    of experts on a common           Report                      AFRAA, ECA,
      negotiating     air   service     African     position      in                                  ADB, NEPAD
      agreements with European          Brazzaville                                                  Member States
      Union States
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                                                                                                          AU/MIN/ Pl.Ac. (III)
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                                                                        SOURCES OF      LEAD        STRUCTURES
N°            OBJECTIVES                ACTIVITIES AND ACTIONS                                                    PERIOD
                                                                        INDICATORS   INSTITUTION      INVOLVED
                                       Adoption and dissemination        Report        AUC        RECs, AFCAC, 2007-2008
                                        of the Common African                                      AFRAA, ECA,
                                        Position                                                    ADB, NEPAD
                                                                                                   Member States
2.2   Development of sustainable Cooperation with all interested          Report        CUA        RECs, AFCAC, Permanent
      transport in Africa        parties                                                               AFRAA,
2.3   To     put    in place   a                                          Report        AUC            Member      2008
      comprehensive African civil        Drafting of the common                                   States, RECs,
      aviation policy                     civil aviation policy                                        AFCAC,
                                                                                                    AFRAA, and
                                         Workshops                                                 other African
 3    Strengthening civil aviation security and safety in Africa
3.1   To    put   in  place     a Elaboration of the coordination         Report        AUC        States, RECs,     2010
      coordination mechanism       mechanism for strengthening of                                     AFCAC,
                                   civil aviation security and safety                                 AFRAA
3.2                                                                       Report        AUC        RECs, AFCAC,      2010
      To negotiate with third Negotiation with the European
      parties   concerned, the Union for transit of tax free
      development      of  non articles coming from Africa
      aeronautic   sources   of
3.3   To ratify the international   Sensitisation of concerned            Report       States       AUC, RECs,       2010
      legal instruments dealing     states for membership                                             AFCAC
      with security
3.4   To improve the search and     Organisation of training and          Report        AUC        RECs, AFCAC,      2008
      rescue operation services     rehearsals on search and                                          States,
      in Africa                     rescue in Africa                                                 AFRAA,
                                                                                                               Annex 3
                                                                                                      AU/MIN/ Pl.Ac. (III)
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                                                                  SOURCES OF         LEAD       STRUCTURES
N°           OBJECTIVES              ACTIVITIES AND ACTIONS                                                     PERIOD
                                                                   INDICATORS     INSTITUTION    INVOLVED
 4    Strengthening inter African and international cooperation
4.1   To increase the number of Strengthening of international    Reports,           AUC        CER, ICAO,    2007-2010
      development         partners cooperation                  Protocols, etc.                 ATAG, etc.
      (financial and technical)

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