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Excellence in Customer Service by S119sl3


									      Application Form
Excellence In Customer Service 2012

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General Information
Your Contact Details

Company Name

Your Name

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Select the Industry which best describes your business (Please select One)

   Fast Moving Consumer Goods
   Food and Beverage
   Financial Services
   Public Sector (Government & Non Profit)
   Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
   Technology, Media & Telecommunications
   Other – Please Specify

Your Shared Services Organisation (SSO)

Head Office of SSO – City/Country

Number of Staff (Full Time Equivalents)

Date Shared Service Operations
Started (MM/DD/YY)

Awards Previously Received for
Shared Services and related Awards

Shared Service Centres – Geographic Location

This application represents Shared Service Centres (SSC) located in the following geographic area:

   Latin/South America
   North America/Canada

Specific Country/Countries

*** Entries will be accepted for any regional award program on the proviso that either your
SSO and/or majority of recipients of your services are based in that region ***

Customer Information – Scope of SSC / BPO

For all the business units served by the SSC applying for this award:

Number of business units served

Number of Employees

Number of Countries you are

What is the strategic growth or transition plan of your SSC for the future? For Example Expansion of services to
more locations/introduction of new services/outsourcing existing services etc.

What Services do you provide in your SSC today?

                                                                   1.                        2.                   3.
                                                          Centralised Service        Is this process      Fully Automated?
                                                               Offering               Outsourced?                (F)
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Benefits and Rewards Administration
Business Performance Analysis
Business Performance Reporting
Call Centres: Employees, Suppliers, Customers
Call Centres: IT Help Desk
Cost Accounting
Customer Billing
Employee Data Management
External Reporting
Facilities and Real Estate
Fixed Assets
General Accounting (G/L, I/Co. Inventory)
Management Reporting
Purchase Order Processing
Staffing Services
Supplier Management
Tax Services
Time & Attendance
Travel Expense

Workforce Development


Do you grant IQPC the right to publish key metrics and promote Winners of Awards?

  Yes, we grant IQPC the right to publish key metrics if we become finalists
  Yes, should we win, we grant IQPC the right to promote us as award winners
  No, we do not grant IQPC permission to publish key metrics

Do you agree to participate in a presentation/discussion outlining your SSO’s achievement should you

  Yes, we will participate
  No, we will not participate

                               Excellence In Customer Service

                                                Your Story
Describe the background on why you wanted or needed to improve or make changes to Customer Service

      What was the business objectives of the change? – I.e. Improve service, enhance Customer
       satisfaction, respond to business changes, improve efficiency etc.?
      What was the pain you were trying to remove? What was your starting point or metric?
      Which process or processes were subject to this improvement?
      Please specifically describe and quantify the benefit that you were trying to achieve, whether cost
       savings, cost avoidance, roles eliminated, efficiency improvement, increase in Customer satisfaction etc.
(Maximum 400 words)

Improvement Methodologies
Tell us how you made the improvement – what you did

     What were the specific steps in the improvement in Customer Service? What change did you make?
     How long did it take? What was the timeframe and stages?
     Describe your new Customer Service philosophy and CRM model. How do you communicate, discuss
      and report with your Customers?
     Who worked on the improvement? Were consultants or specialists used?
     Technology used – What packages or technology did you purchase or use?
     Did you use an Improvement Methodology? I.e. Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean? What part did this play?
     What have you done that you consider to be innovative to achieve excellent Customer Service?
(Maximum 1000 words)

See next page for space to answer

Complexity of Change
How complex was this culture change to make?

      Was there a resistance to the change? Which area(s) did it come from and how did you overcome it?
      How big a change was this? How many employees, business units, countries etc. were affected?
      Did the change prove more complex and difficult than you had thought? Were culture changes required
       within SSC and within Customer groups?
      Describe how hard or easy it was to create Customer Service excellence? – What were the main
       leadership challenges for you and the team?
(Maximum 400 words)

Benefits Achieved/Hard Improvements

How successful has the culture creation been?

      What has been the hard improvement vs. the original objective or aim? Please quantify with clear
      What has been the Customer response to the improvement? Please detail any changes in Customer
       satisfaction or other measure of Customer feedback including impact of change on the wider
      Has the change had unexpected benefits on other areas, employees, processes?
      What has the SSC Employee response to the changes? Has a customer centric organisation evolved
       from these changes to Customer Service?
(Maximum 400 words)


Why do you consider this improvement to be Excellent?

      What differentiates your achievements over other organisations?
(Maximum 400 words)

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