UNIPOWER�S Position Statement Concerning REACH by AYizsq


									      UNIPOWER’S Position Statement Concerning REACH

The European Union Regulation EC 1907/2006, entitled “Registration, Evaluation
and Authorization of Chemicals” (REACH), entered into effect on June 1, 2007.
The new regulation was issued to protect human health and the environment by
controlling the use of harmful substances within the EU region.

UNIPOWER Corporation is a leader in high-density, low profile and hot swap
power solutions for telecoms, datacoms, network equipment, servers, data
storage, industrial and medical systems. These products are considered as
”articles” in the REACH directive and therefore Unipower is considered as a
”downstream user”.

UNIPOWER’s products do not contain more than the 0.1% weight by weight of any
of the chemicals listed in Annex A: Candidate list published by ECHA 28 October

UNIPOWER does not import more than 1 ton of the said chemicals per year and as
such is not required to register.

The products that we supply are solely non-chemical products and the content of
SVHC (substances of very high concern) is below 0.1%. Under normal and
reasonable foreseeable circumstances of application, UNIPOWER products will not
release any harmful substances, as defined by REACH.

For more information on REACH, please visit:

UNIPOWER acknowledges its responsibility to advise “downstream” users of UNIPOWER products in
relation to the REACH directive, and will continue to monitor information received from its suppliers.

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