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					 Chemicals Conference
                                                                                     May 12- 13 2011

Air Liquide                     AI FP       Investor Relations     Annie Fournier                                Mkt Cap
                                            Manager                                                              (USDm):
                                            Investor                                                           35,348.1
                                                                    Maurice Bastien
                                            Relations Manager
Paris, France-based AirLiquide is the leading industrial gases company world-wide. Its activities span from
engineering activities (mainly constructing industrial gas plants, and specialty chemicals and welding equipment
(around 10% of group sales) to operation of the plants to supply customers (90% of group sales) mostly under long-
term contracts. The industrial gas business (Large Industries and Industrial Merchant) includes mainly steel,
chemical, refinery and metal processing customers. In addition, Air Liquide operates BU’s serving customers in the
segments Electronics and Healthcare.
AkzoNobel                       AKZA NA Corporate Director Huib Wurfbain                                      Mkt Cap
                                            of Investor                                                       (USDm):
                                            Relations                                                    14,506.9
AkzoNobel is the globally leading paints company, with one third of its activities being in decorative coatings, one
third in performance coatings for professional and industrial applications, and one third of its activities in specialty
chemicals. The 2008 acquisition of ICI gave AkzoNobel a 14% global market share in paints in a highly fragmented
Arkema                         AKE FP Executive Vice               Bernard Boyer                                  Mkt Cap
                                           President Strategy                                                     (USDm):
                                          Investor Relations Jerome Raphanaud
Arkema, headquartered near Paris, France, was spun-off from oil giant Total in mid-2006. Ever since, the company
has optimized its portfolio towards more and more stable earnings, for exmaple in acrylics. The one highly cyclical
activity remains PVC, which is highly geared to the building and construction industry.
Bayer                           BAYN GY Chief Financial          Werner Baumann                          Mkt Cap
                                          Officer                                                        (USDm):
                                          Head of Investor                                                  60,346.90
                                                                 Dr. Alexander Rosar

Bayer is one of Europe's leading health care companies (50% of its portfolio), but also is head-to-head in competion
with Syngenta in innovative agrochemical solutions (20% of its portfolio; 20% global market share), and is the global
leader in polyurethanes and polycarbonates (MaterialScience, 30% of Bayer's portfolio), products that are in high
demand because they help making car bodies lighter and are perfect insulation materials (PUs) for housing.
DSM                           DSM NA Chief Financial            Rolf Dieter Schwalb                          Mkt Cap
                                          Officer                                                            (USDm):
                                              VP Investor           Hans Vossen                                  9,584.10
Heerlen, the Netherlands based DSM is focused both on specialty chemicals as well as on food and feed ingredients
within ther life science products activities. A large bulk of conventional chemical activities has been sold over the
past several years, with the company concentrating on higher value-added activities.
Fuchs Petrolub                  FPE3 GY Chief Financial             Dr. Alexander Selent                         Mkt Cap
                                              Officer                                                            (USDm):

 Chemicals Conference
                                                                                    May 12- 13 2011

Fuchs Petrolub is the leading global specialty lubricants producer. Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, it has a
global reach with products finding their ways into vehicles, mines, the railway industry, etc. The company has found
a niche for its products where "Big Oil" is too big to move with its generic lubricants.
K+S                               SDY GY Investor Relations Catherine Schuh                                    Mkt Cap
                                             Manager                                                           (USDm):
                                             Investor Relations Kai Kirchhoff                                   13,946.6
Kassel, Germany-based K+S is active in potash and salt mining. Post the 2009 acquisition of Morton Salt (from
Dow), it is the world's biggest salt company, with activities in Western Europe, North- and Latin America. The recent
acquisition of Canada-based Potash One makes K+S less dependent from its Germany-based potash mining
reserves. Potash is one of the three essential fertilizers that are needed to improve crop yields.
KWS Saat                         KWS GY Head of Investor             Georg Folttmann                         Mkt Cap
                                             Relations                                                       (USDm):
                                             Investor Relations Anne Schulze Lammers                              591.60

KWS Saat of Germany is specialized on developing and breeding seeds across a broad spectrum of crops. It has a
leading edge in sugar beets, corn, potatoes and weed. With a free float of 30%, the majority of its shares is held by
three private families.
Lanxess                           LXS GY Investor Relations Joachim Kunz                                       Mkt Cap
                                             Manager                                                           (USDm):
Lanxess was spun-off from Leverkusen, Germany based Bayer AG and at its start in early 2005 formed the pool of
chemical assets that Bayer did not want at the time. Management has done an excellent job ever since focussing the
company on specialty activities, predominantly rubber chemicals.
Linde                            LING Gy Head of Investor            Thomas Eisenlohr                          Mkt Cap
                                             Relations                                                         (USDm):
                                             Investor Relations Dominik Heger                                  24,268.90

Linde is focused on industrial gases but also has sizable (plant) engineering activities. The 2006 acquisition of British
BOC made the Munich-based Linde one of the leading gas providers, providing pure gases like oxygen or hydrogen
to the steel and chemical industries, but also to hospitals, welders, and restaurants.
Solvay                           SOLB BR Chief Financial             Bernard de Laguiche                       Mkt Cap
                                             Officer                                                           (USDm):
                                             Investor Relations Patrick Verelst                                 8,872.40
Solvay is one of the leading specialty chemical firms in Europe. Having sold its pharma operations in 2010, the
company intends to invest the €3.5bn net proceeds into stable chemical operations.

Syngenta                       SYNN VX Chief Operating            John Atkin                                   Mkt Cap
                                       Officer                                                                 (USDm):
                                          Head of Investor      Jennifer Gough
Syngenta is the world's biggest agrochemicals company with roughly 20% market share. 80% of its activities are in
conventional - innovative - agrochemicals, while 20% of business is done in seeds (fruit, vegetable, corn, soybeans).

 Chemicals Conference
                                                                                   May 12- 13 2011

Yara                            YAR OS Senior Vice                Torgeir Kvidal                              Mkt Cap
                                       President Investor                                                     (USDm):
                                       Relations                                                              16,062.40

Yara is the largest nitrogen-based fertilizer producer globally, and its production network has a global reach. Also
being active in phosphates, it therefore has leading positions in two essential fertilizers ("N" and "P"), being the
world's second largest buyer of potash ("K") to deliver customized solutions to the global farming community in all
three essential fertilizers ("NPK").


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