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          Publishable Executive Summary

                 Document reference: XXX
                 Issue: N
                 Date: YYYY-MM-DD
                 Pages: N (ideally 3 pages maximum)

       EDA [Project/Study] n° [B/G]-XXXX-CapTech-[GP/GC]

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                              Project SHORT TITLE/ACRONYM
                                Publishable Executive Summary
1 Introduction
This document summaries the activities and results of the project XXXX… carried out by the
consortium XXX.

This project was managed and funded by [list of contributing Member States] in the frame of
the Project n°[B/G]-XXXX-CapTech-[GP/GC] of the European Defence Agency. It was
hosted in the CapTech XXXX [- CapTech identification]

[2 Acronyms (if necessary)]
It is generally recommended to limit the use of acronyms in the executive summary in order
to increase readability.

3 Objectives
The objectives of the project are as follows:

4 Project organization
                        Entity                     Country             Point of contact
             [Company] (leading entity)         Country                Name, email
             Company                            Country                Name, email
             Research centre                    Country                Name, email
             Government laboratory…             Country                Name, email
             SME                                Country                Name, email

5 Project Results
This section shall state clearly the potential benefits of the project in terms of improving the
level of technological readiness and/or military capabilities and/or the potential exploitation
for (sub-)system design/upgrades. Also identified (civil) spin-off may be mentioned.

 (1 or 2 pages)
Include at least one high-quality picture to illustrate the results:
    - Photograph in case of demonstration of materials;
    - Screen shots in case of simulation projects;
    - Or at least a high-level drawing.

[6 Conclusions (if necessary)]

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